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Creationism vs Evolution

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/10/2020 5:43:17 PM

rapid evolution vs traditional "slow" evolution

Debunking Creationism: "Evolution & Speciation Has Never Been Observed!"

Debunking Creationism: "Radiometric Dating Is Unreliable!"

Debunking Creationism: "Transitional Fossils Don't Exist!"

These videos, especially the last, expose the fact that a lot of Creationists are simply ignorant to all the many animal species that have inhabited our planet; many of which have died out precisely because they weren't "perfect" and therefore could only survive in their respective environments for as long as those environments could sustain their current form. The more you know about biology the more you understand how many species have leftover parts from predecessors that are depreciated in function. Giraffe's for example. Their necks weren't always so long. We know this because of their tongues. Giraffe's weren't created looking like giraffe's; otherwise their tongues wouldn't have been designed the way they are.

So with evolution, literally the proof of it is all over the place but you wont see it if you don't look or if you don't look past the surface or literal skin of different organisms.

From my perspective, it is good to seek all knowledge. Never decide something is false based on some other believe you have that you believe it conflicts with. Never decide it is false before you are fully versed, not only of what it is trying to tell you but also versed on the evidence it is based on; both historic and contemporary.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/26/2020 4:06:48 AM


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/26/2020 2:42:21 PM

If you want to call science heathenism because it disagrees with your beliefs, that's fine. But I already told you the difference between believers and knowledge seekers. You claim to be a knowledge seeker but if you can only accept "knowledge" that conforms to your biased world view then you aren't a knowledge seeker, but rather a believer looking for reinforcement of his current beliefs.

I'm a heathen to you because I challenge beliefs. I'm willing to throw out beliefs that aren't supported by facts. And this is easy for me because I don't view the bible as holy but rather a book written by humans who had their own issues and were unrighteous even by their own standards but definitely worse by modern standards.

When slavery is allowed... when men are allowed to treat women like property... you may think there's a masculine God behind all that. I don't. WE... are the ones acting in the name of God but doing our OWN will. But that doesn't sound credible coming from lil Rey Rey or Mo. So they said God personally had a conversation with them and told them what to tell/command us.

And it's not just that. I've studied the bible for many years. Much of what prevents people from studying the bible with an eye for critical analysis is that many people are AFRAID. And I'm not trying to clown them. I get it. My aunt compared me with Lucifer because I was asking tough questions and expecting logical answers. Some people just to scared to do that. But if you believe in God then believe that God gave you a brain. So why would he be mad at you for using it? And if we can say the earth's core is a billion years old... because science. And if we can say these rocks layers date back this long, these trees date back this long, etc. THEN IF ALL OF OUR KNOWLEDGE CREATES A PROBLEM FOR THE PROOF OF HIS EXISTENCE THEN THERE IS A SIMPLE ANSWER.

Tell us we're wrong.

The God of the Bible doesn't do that though so either he doesn't care or doesn't exist. Either way, I'm going to continue to use logic, reason, and critical thinking skills to reveal truth. If you have a better argument, let's hear it. If not, calling me names is a waste of time and only reveals that you don't have a real argument against what I'm presenting.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/26/2020 8:27:58 PM

I'd rather not argue about religious matters, but If I had to comment about this, This is the worst kind of Buffoonery I've ever encountered. I mean, it's written in a certain psalm: The fool says in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt and have done abominable works. IPX Ninja despite the high level of consciousness you try to portray, You're still following Babylonian (western) propaganda about the origin of life. I completely disagree with your post. I dont know why you have it in your mind that you can convince everyone to ditch their religion for your imaginations. Some of I and I don't even want to go into a discussion about this because it's plain foolishness in I n I sight. Mankind was created perfect, and that's just it.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/27/2020 9:41:21 AM

Evolution is not a religious matter. When I say it has been observed in a lab I actually mean it has been seen to be true. You never heard the phrase "Seeing is believing"?

Here's how much faith you need in order to accept evolution.


You are arguing against a thing that science has actually witnessed first hand.


You can call it buffoonery, but I'm willing to match my works against those of Moses or practically anyone else you believe was chosen by Jah. You want to talk about corruption and abominable works? Who can disagree when I point out that Moshe committed genocide against his own people? If you murder the so-called "fool" for not believing it shows you are AFRAID of that so-called "fool" because maybe that person will influence others the same way that you wish to influence people by telling them God whispered in your ear. Not theirs. Just yours.

And when you terrify people into something you are CONTROLLING THEM.

If you were to join a gang, they would jump you in to test your resolve. However, everyone knows it's more difficult to get out of a gang because you risk the gang actually killing you. But that's weird, isn't it? If they are your family why would they ever do that? Because they want to make people afraid to leave, afraid to flip, etc. It is FEAR-based CONTROL.

A lot of people are AFRAID of these conversations. They can't even necessarily follow the evidence or anything; can't think critically, because they are afraid of making some imaginary prison guard suspect that for an instant they might be questioning God.

But are you?

God didn't write the bible, bro.

Therefore at NO TIME have I ever questioned God. I question MAN. If you are too scared to question MAN then there is no help for you. If you are too scared to question MAN then a MAN can herd you like a sheep until you are ready for the slaughter. I fear no MAN.

You say this is western propaganda. Did you not know there are many creation myths in the world? The biblical story is the one adopted by western Christians. Why do you choose this story over other African creation myths?

Then Doondari (God) came and he created the stone.
Then the stone created iron;
And iron created fire;
And fire created water;
And water created air.

This actually sounds like evolution.

quote: But one day a pregnant woman was seized with an irresistible desire to eat the fruit of the Tahu tree. She asked her husband to break some for her, but he refused. But when she persisted, the husband gave in. He crept into the forest at night, picked the Tahu fruit, peeled it, and hid the peel in the bush. But moon had seen him, and she told God what she had seen.

God was so angry with humans that he sent death as a punishment to men.

An Efe story (D.R. Congo)

Once you understand all these stories you understand that the elements of these stories are symbols and metaphors and simply a logical way for them to explain and theorize on previous events that led up to their current state of living. You think you know "the" story because you've only given ear to one. But you aren't supposed to take everything literally. If you did you'd have to ask how did humans know what fire was and how to create it if they weren't supposed to do it? The answer is, that the writer already knew about fire because he or she was telling the story in HINDSIGHT.

The Yoruba say humans were created to keep Obatala company. Your bible says God had scores of angels to keep him company already. So who is right?

What about Bumba? Why is this story different? What about Modimo of Zimbabwe? He lived in the east. Is that a coincidence that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? Is it a coincidence that their understanding of God was a representative/symbol of duality? What about Unkulunkulu, the Ancient One, as told by the Zulu of Southern Africa? What about Ra or Nana Nyame who lived in the sky as told by the Akan people of Ghana? This story has a story similar to the tower of Babel except Abrewa telling her children to replace the final mortar on top with tmortar on the bottom caused the whole thing to collapse. What about Waqa, as told by the Oromo of Ethiopia? Why not believe that Waqa thought there were too many humans so he did a Thanos snap and half of them turned into animals?

You perfectly ignore all these other AFRICAN stories because it was the EUROPEAN who selected the story of the Hebrews and taught it to us as SLAVES as the story of the one true God. That's why you give this story such credibility. You can deny it all you like but the Bible would NOT EXIST without EUROPEANS printing millions of copies. They also were the ones who told you which books are to be canon; which you should treat as literal truth, and which they deemed to be false. You think the bible you read is the same set of writings that Yeshua taught? Of course not. You are being naive if you don't think the bible wasn't curated for you by white people. Most of them even think Jesus was white!

So are you really going to tell me about propaganda?? European missionaries LITERALLY used the bible as propaganda to help them subjugate many parts of the world. When Catholics converted so much of the world, where do you think all that money goes to that they collect? On what basis did European colonizers think indigenous people were savages? On what basis did a Catholic priest choose Africans to be taken as slaves?

You think mankind was created perfect because you do NOT KNOW about all of our imperfections. Can you see like an Eagle? Can you hear like a dog? Are you as strong as a gorilla? Is your skin as tough as a sperm whale? Can you live in the north pole without clothes? Can you breathe under water? Can you fly like a bird? Do you have poisonous venom? Can you navigate by natural radar? No... you are ignoring countless biological natural powers you don't have because you don't see your limitations as imperfections. Why? Because perfection is RELATIVE. Why are some humans born with tails? Answer that. Why do many humans have at least one allergy? Why are humans so easily to kill? Why don't our limbs regenerate like some animals? When you think of humans you don't think of any of those things because those things are all outside the realm of your human concept.

We couldn't fly so we made airplanes. We couldn't breathe so we created submarines. We create things out of wants and needs to overcome our limitations and adapt to our environment. But we're not magical beings. We're biological beings that have to obey the rules of physics. You want to believe in a magical God? Fine. Ask him why do we get sick regardless of religion or righteousness. And ask him to reply in an audible voice... to ME. If he can't do that then we're not the only ones who are limited. But in your IMAGINATION he is not. In your IMAGINATION he is magical. But the bible never actually explains magic because it assumes you already believe in magic. But why would you believe in magic? Why would you have superstitions? These are enabled by ignorance.

See, this isn't about MY imagination. It's about yours. But you wont go into a discussion about it, not because it's foolishness in your sight, but because you know that you need more than rhetoric to debate me and there is no evidence to support your position. I have already shared evidence. You have shared none. I come with facts. You come with feelings. I'm talking about knowledge. You're talking about belief.

I have beliefs too so beliefs are not wrong in general. I simply do not reject KNOWLEDGE. And that is what science is.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/27/2020 9:51:06 AM

Why do men have nipples? Why do women have a clitoris? Why are some women barren? Why are your testicles hanging outside your body with only a thin layer of skin as protection? We're so perfect? Then why aren't we smart enough to figure out how to live together in peace?

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/27/2020 2:27:21 PM

Imperfections are due to eating plastics. Man and woman, however, were created perfect.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/27/2020 10:25:56 PM

Since you want a miracle from God, I'd love to ask how much you are willing to pay for the miracle to be performed. At least we would know how serious you are in your quest for truth LMFAO

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/28/2020 12:19:31 PM

LOL, plastics?

Humans were imperfect long before that.

God verbally speaking isn't a miracle. You can speak out loud, right? Even most animals can vibrate vocal cords or some similar part to make an audible sound. Why is this a miracle for God to do? If he talked to people in the bible then he can talk to us today. What's the difference? If those people weren't making it up then God should be able to introduce himself, even on this very forum, without it being some kind of miracle.

So no, I'm not asking for a miracle. I'm asking for the entity/being/spirit who wants me to worship and serve him/her/it to simply say hi. I'm not asking to go to heaven. I'm not asking for eternal life. I am happy to give all that up just for a 1 minute conversation.

Relationships are 2 way streets. If you aren't loyal to me I'm not going to be loyal to you. If you don't want to talk to me then why should I want to talk to you? People make all these claims on God's behalf... "oh he loves you, he loves you" but where is God telling us "I love you"? Why is it always coming from another human being that recognizes the need for love?

I am so sure in my belief that God is simply a symbolic mask for human beings that I am willing to put my life up as collateral. If God will have a conversation with me he can use my life as a sacrifice. That's how much I'm willing to pay. I already gave him the first 30 years of my life. If he can't even say hi then why should I give him the rest?

You can say whatever you want about promises about the hereafter. Christians have been saying Jesus was going to return for 2000 years when it says that he would return "soon". 2000 years is not "soon". But they cannot stand to face the reality of that because they are dependent on the idea of eternal life. I am not. I am fully happy with my finite life as it is. I'm happy with that gift. It is enough. So everyone else can chase after this fantasy. I love mythology. I like the stories. But I treat them as fiction because humans wrote it and humans are good and evil. Humans tell the truth and they lie. Humans write stories that are true and stories that aren't, that they never even intended for people to take literally. I know people. Now that I know people I can trust them to act like people. I can trust them to manipulate others for power. I can trust them to seek power at the expense of others. I can trust them to do whatever it takes to survive. And I've read the bible.

So I've read how the same people who told you they talked to God also lied in various circumstances to protect themselves or to gain advantage. Abraham lied. Jacob lied. Moses lied. Aaron lied. But you want to believe them about their relationship with God because you want there to be a God. I do too. That would be great to have a magical ruler of the universe who personally loves me and is willing to bend reality to his will to make my life better. That's awesome. But the more people want and need that the less likely it is to be true. We are BIASED. Our wants and needs do not determine the universe. Our wants and needs do not create reality because reality doesn't revolve around us. The universe is so much bigger than us; so much bigger than the little stuff that concerns us. And most of those concerns are selfish desires. So understand this. YOU may still be at the point in your spiritual development where you need all these stories of the bible to be true because you need God to be God. I don't. And I have no interest in having reality bend around my own ego. And honestly, my life is much better now, without the belief in God, than it ever was before.

I love my life. As it is right now. I'm already in heaven. That's how much I love my life. I couldn't always say that, but now it's true.

But I would give it all up for one conversation with God to prove he isn't a figment of our collective imagination. That's how much I am willing to pay.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/29/2020 2:07:54 AM

Chemistry (source of all plastic) isn't new either. People been practicing science thousands of years long before Jesus was born.

For the miracle, I want money, because I want to perform the miracle for you.

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