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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/4/2020 1:25:49 AM

Yeah. If you hate someone you tell it to them straight in them face. Tell them how much you hate them, and the evilest thing you'd wish happened to their family. Don't feign one love then try to disregard everything a man stands and lives for, pushing it aside as of no importance, with your aim to discredit everything a man say, that give him a sense of belonging and comfort and self esteem, so you can tear him apart and leave him like an empty shell. You're in the very least my brother..

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/4/2020 2:51:17 AM

Read Ezekiel chapter 30 king james version

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/4/2020 8:06:44 AM


I love you. Bless you. Bless your family. May you have long life, health, strength, and prosperity. And may you know love and peace.

Again, nothing I said to you was a personal attack. It is sad that you have chosen to take it that way, but I have tried to tell you otherwise. As far as leaving you an "empty shell", right now you are angry because your cup is full. But it is full of beliefs that you profess to be knowledge. Your identity should not be based on the liquid in the cup because you are not the liquid. You are the cup. Empty your cup. Don't be constrained and limited by something you prize because it is ancient. Know who you are. Find the root. Love yourself and you will never be empty.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/4/2020 8:59:21 AM



When Yeshua appeared, he said a lot of things in order to REFORM the religion of his people. Some of what he said was revolutionary. Some of what he said flew in the face of their traditions and their traditional understanding. They were taught to be good to their neighbors but defined their neighbors as only their fellow Israelites. But Yeshua told them to love everyone and told them a story about a Samaritan.

Yeshua was controversial a figure that the Pharisees and agents representing the religious leadership sought to stone him. Why? Because what he said made them uncomfortable and undermined their authority and position.

I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE YESHUA, A CHRIST, MESSIAH, ETC. I simply behave after a manner because I respect and follow him. And being more like him is simply the evidence of one's own divinity. It's not about titles or identity. It's about love and personal growth and development. God is not a person. God is a spirit. You must be emptied in order to be full of that spirit!

Ask yourself, what happened to the priesthood after Yeshua? Did the God of the bible designate Roman Catholics to become the new priests? Or was the whole system eradicated in modern Christianity with Christians electing Yeshua as their symbolic priest?

And if you believe in the reforms of Yeshua then you must believe that those of his contemporaries who opposed him did so in error, and that they sentenced him to death in error. Ask yourself why they did that.

It was because their cup was already full.

One of the only ones who wasn't was Nicodemus. (John 3)

It was to Nicodemus that he said "You must be born again". This man, Nicodemus, is described in verse 1 as a "ruler of the Jews". But he wasn't haughty or arrogant. He was humble. He didn't come at Yeshua, cursing him for daring to tell him something different. He wanted to know the truth. He came by night to protect his reputation but his mind wasn't closed. It was open. And he said "Rabbi (teacher), *we* know that thou art a teacher come from God".

In verses 9 and 10 After Nicodemus asked him how these things could be true, Yeshua questioned him saying how are you a master of Yisrael and you don't know these things. And this led up to the verse everyone knows, John 3:16. Nicodemus was the one this was spoken to.

You are free to do and be whoever you want. But I challenge you to be like Nicodemus and not like the other pharisees who thought they knew everything because they thought their knowledge and interpretation of the scriptures were... everything. I had moments in my life when I wasn't enough like Nicodemus. That's why I'm telling you not to repeat my mistakes. Don't be like them. Be like Nicodemus. Empty your cup. Open your mind. This doesn't mean accept everything you hear as if it's true. Just hear it. And then ask questions. And if you think its wrong, form an argument against it and show how its wrong. That's what we do when we reason together.

According to Isaiah 1:18 even Jah said "Come now, and let us reason together"

Is Jah not inside you? This isn't about you or your feelings. Truth is simply about truth. It is our jobs as humans to use the mind and intellect we have, whether you think it was created or whether I think it evolved, to divide truth from fiction, science from superstition, knowledge from belief. So I say man up and let us reason together. If you are right, then show me. No one is going to think you are a black Christ in flesh if you cannot handle one dude on the internet. If you have to hate me, fine. I am disappointed you're not more Christ-like but at least channel that negative energy into proving me wrong. If I'm wrong you should be able to prove it. If you can't then you simply expose the fact that you are dealing with beliefs. And if you want knowledge then you first have to accept that you're primarily dealing with beliefs so you can go get knowledge and fill your cup with science and facts and then USE that to understand mythology and legend. I'm telling you this to help you get to a higher level. Thinking you're already there is only going to keep you where you're at.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/4/2020 10:17:52 AM

This common assumption that Israelites were fond of taking wives from other foreign tribes and therefore is not a pure blood African tribe is a wicked thought. It's clearly written in the scriptures that I and I Israelites were forbidden from doing such a thing by Moses and Aaron.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/4/2020 10:57:58 AM

BCiF: This common assumption that Israelites were fond of taking wives from other foreign tribes and therefore is not a pure blood African tribe is a wicked thought. It's clearly written in the scriptures that I and I Israelites were forbidden from doing such a thing by Moses and Aaron.

Clearly written where? Are you sure you're not the one assuming? Who was Moshe married to?

Zipporah was Moshe's first wife. She was the daughter of Jethro, priest of Midian. Midianite. Not Israelite. Not even the same religion.

Numbers 12:1 also says that Moshe had married an Ethiopian woman. His brother and sister spoke against Moshe for this and by the end of the chapter Miriam was punished (v15).

Now in Genesis 34 that was different because those their sister was defiled. However there were many instances where women from other nations were taken as spoils of war and taken as wives and concubines.

This includes some of David's wives.

Keep in mind that incest was a sin and so the preference was to marry cousins but that was just a preference if suitable cousins were available. We see this in the story of Jacob and Esau where his mom wanted him to marry in the family but Esau married foreign women.

You can also look at Ruth. The problem was when the Hebrew men were so influenced by foreign women that they forsook their religion in favor of or integrated their wives religion into theirs which is most likely the reason Asherah got into the culture. But this was a problem even for Jacob because his wife Rachel snuck idols out of her father's house. Remember that?

So this was really a common practice from the very beginning. And obviously the sons of Jacob didn't marry their sisters so they would have all married foreign (non-israelite) women.


It wasn't about blood. Jacob was chosen to be the father of a nation, not just a large family. When they left Kemet it was a mixed multitude that left. And after that, other people also joined by way of conversion and so you had procedures in the law for that. That's why there was a debate between the disciples about the gentiles who wanted to be included because they weren't to be included into a "church" because this concept is more Christian, but rather they were to be "grafted in" to Israel through Yeshua acting as "the vine".

So because it was about nationality and not blood, their blood was mixed every which way imaginable. I'm sorry if this isn't want you wanted to hear but it is the truth. You can look up the wives I have named and many others. You can read about what happened in Numbers and the common practice of taking foreign women both as wives and as servants/slaves.

But this is a good thing that it isn't about blood. Because we are all humans and therefore, if we accept the same spirit we should all be able to be the sons and daughters of God regardless of whose vagina we came out of (1 John 3).

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/4/2020 11:03:52 AM

Further resources:

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/5/2020 3:15:49 AM

You probably did not understand me. For a first, Prophets, or rulers in Israel were not racist. You would be forbidden from marrying a from a alien tribe (most of their neighbours, anyway) , which means they practiced sodom and other forms of bloody witchcract. But you would be free to marry a woman of your choosing from any tribe in the ancient Ethiopian kingdom. where righteousness prevailed, and your heart would not be seduced into serving alien gods like king Solomon and die at 70 like king Solomon

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/5/2020 10:34:49 AM


You said Israelites were forbidden. How did I misunderstand? You mentioned prophets or rulers, not being racist. I don't even know what that means because races did not exist at the time. Europeans invented it. Most likely, when an Israelite encountered white skin they probably thought the person was a leper (no offense). Next you said "you would be forbidden"... is that referring to Israelites in general or prophets and rulers? It would be easier/better if you provided scripture references similar to the way that I provide them for you so that we can see where you're coming from.

If you're saying that foreign tribes practiced sodomy (not sodom, sodom was a city) you don't know that. No one can know that. When Abraham was bargaining for Sodom itself he was asking what if you find x number of people who are righteous, because he, being human, had compassion, and didn't agree with destroying a whole city and all those people because of their personal choices. But the reality is, unless you could somehow perform a test or public poll, you're not going to know who is or isn't practicing sodomy. That's something private that people do. However, if there is a shortage of women... an environment similar to prison, then of course a certain percentage of the population is going to have gay sex. I guarantee you there were Hebrews who were LGBTQ. Why? Because they had laws against it. They only had laws against things that they themselves were found to do. So to say it was only foreign nations... no. Foreign nations did the same things but not every nation tried to police sexuality and so they didn't all have to be in the closet about it. This is naturally disgusting to heterosexual men and therefore heterosexual men are much more likely to make laws against it. A much larger portion of the female population appears to be non-heterosexual and it seems much more natural for them than for us. Even though a lot of women have bisexual tendencies the law is remarkably quiet on the idea of two women sleeping together. The prohibition against men is thought to be inclusive but... who knows. The law was clearly written by men. But the point is that sodomy was everywhere.

And honestly? So was witchcraft.

When you read the story of the witch of Endor... do you get the impression that this was just so foreign that no Hebrew had any concept of what was going on? The scripture was written for other Hebrews to read so does it talk to you like you are completely ignorant? No. Like in every society you had legitimate business that was legal and public. But every society has a black market of goods and services that weren't legal and were done in secret. Hebrews had prostitutes and to my memory there was no exact law against it, beyond fornication and adultery. But when a woman wore a veil Hebrews knew what time it was. We see this in the story of Onan. Every nation had "Seers". The Israelite version of this were prophets just like the Israelite version of "magic" was called "miracles". But just because you use a different word doesn't make the action different. Israelites were practicing magic rituals. That's why the man sacrificed his daughter because she was the first one to come meet him when he arrived home. The only difference between that and regular witchcraft is that you're using Jah's name. But it's the same sh*t.

So the point is that you should never use the law to image that Hebrews simply weren't doing something. The law is simply the law. People broke the law all the time. They simply tried not to get caught. But if you're living in the country and your nearest neighbor is a mile away you could do all kinds of things without getting caught and who were the police that would catch you? Who were the sin police? There was no one riding around on a horse calling out sinners. The Israelites were extremely sinful and broke their laws all the time. That's why the prophets railed against them and called them stiff necked and that was just because of the sins they knew people were doing. Some things they specifically learned from interacting with other cultures. But a lot of things they did were simply to fulfill their own desires.

The Midianites were an Ethiopian tribe. If you study Moses and Jethro closely you may discover that Jah started out with influence from Ethiopia that was simply adopted as Hebrew because neither Moshe nor his people actually knew anything about Jah from their previous ancestors. They didn't even know his name. And they likely had multiple gods in the beginning but then consolidated into one because that makes the priest/spokesman of the one the most powerful. If they had many gods than each god or goddess could have their own priesthood and thus balance the political power of the nation. But Moshe understood this, being raised in Egypt in the house of Pharaoh. So he would have understood the balance (or the checks and balances) that existed between the king and the priesthood. So Moshe, did away with the notion of king and made himself THE priest and that's how he ruled the people. But Ethiopia was like Kemet.

They had Al-maqah and Sams and Waaq and the original religion of the main Axumite class was Astar, Beher, Meder, and Mahrem. The royals professed to be the children of Mahrem, the God of War. It was common for ruling families to claim to be the children of the gods. If you are descended from the God of war then you would be thought to be a good warrior and therefore a good king since the king's primary duty was to protect his people. This is why the idea of Yeshua being the "son of God" wasn't new to people. It was common. Every culture had practically the same idea. And they traded ideas just like they traded goods... and women.

So it wasn't that Ethiopia had a religion that was compatible with the Israelites and that's why they were allowed to marry Ethiopians. It's more like Ethiopians weren't hostile towards them and their own lineage was influenced a lot by Ethiopia. When Ethiopia went Christian that didn't mean all the previous ideas went away. They were simply integrated.

As the above article points out, even if the ruling class adopts a new religion that doesn't mean that it perfectly filters down to everyone else. And if this is regulated by force then the previous religions will find ways to express themselves inside of the forced religion. Many African people used the veneration of "the saints", as a means of protecting their beliefs from the often forced conversion to Christianity.

It wasn't necessarily about places where righteousness prevailed but rather places which could be controlled and dominated or become political allies. But if you look at the life of people like Samson (a mass murderer) you can see that the Hebrews put their own exploits on a pedestal and justified them as righteous as much as possible while demonizing other nations. Not every Israelites was running around robbing people for their clothes and not everyone in Endor was a witch. So even though you can't call anyone in this time period racist you can say there was xenophobia and deep seated prejudice. But the Israelites were just as bad.

Consider this:

If you go back to Abraham, it is reported that he had 500 servants. Therefore he had the wealth of a small nation. But you would only consider his personal actions for righteousness. When Abraham lied to pharaoh we over look that; even though the bible calls lying lips and abomination to Jah which is the same choice of words given to homosexuality. When Israel was only 1 man, his story began with the very unrighteous deception of his brother and father on his deathbed. When Israel was 12 brothers it was 10 selling 1 into slavery. That's unrighteous. The more the Israelites reproduced the more unrighteousness there was to police. There are simply no bible stories to tell all the stories of their unrighteous deeds. Especially when part of the goal is to justify them being "the chosen people".

This is why I say it's not about blood. Blood, even if it were true, is not something to brag about. White people have history books too where they justified their actions too. But what they thought was good was evil to the people who were negatively impacted by it. And now in our modern world we don't just deal with biblical morality but ethics. They thought it was biblical to enslave and oppress us. And if you go strictly by that their argument has some validity. They could say they were grafted in through Yeshua. And they could say they are allowed to beat their slaves because that's what Moshe said. And they could say they're allowed to buy slaves and take slaves from conquest. As long as they could get away with it... and as long as they claimed Jah was their God, then why is it not okay? Because they didn't let us go after 50 years? That's someone's entire lifetime!

Man, I just don't want you to think that the Israelites were somehow superior in some way. And therefore, if you are a descendant than you are somehow superior in some way. No one is superior. This whole chosen people blood line concept is a failed concept. You want the truth? Read 1 John 3.

The Israelites could only be seduced into worshiping other gods if their own minds were not convinced that their own God was real. They had a choice, whether to believe or not. You can't force people to believe. The genocide of Moshe against his own people was not enough to control their minds. We're simply assuming that they were wrong for being open minded because we chose to take Moshe's side, believing him. But perhaps they didn't believe him because he brutally killed his own people to gain their obedience. And that authoritarian strong man tactic may work for a time, but eventually the people will rebel, choosing freedom.

No one should ever tell you what you must believe because of where you were born or else you are to be executed. That's not righteous. That's just murder. It's not wrong to disagree. It's not wrong to be wrong if you are wrong about something. It's wrong to force your beliefs onto others. You felt some type of way even when I wasn't trying to push my ideas on you. Imagine if I said you must believe what I tell you or die. Imagine that. How unfair would that be? How much would you hate me then? Love requires freedom, not obligation and force. The strategy of control against the Hebrews simply did not work. They kept trying even up to the time of Yeshua. And the more they created laws the more people gave up and said to hell with it all. This is why Yeshua accused them of blocking the way to heaven and not going in themselves. And this is why he broke everything down and simplified it into love.

If you want to be righteous that is noble. But for you to be righteous your righteousness has to exceed that of the Israelites and especially the Jews who were the leaders of their religion. Yeshua says this.

Matthew 5:20
For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/6/2020 3:20:45 PM

Getting back to the subject of this thread, let's get back to Russia. We first established connections and motivations between white supremacists and Russia. However, that doesn't mean Russia has participated in the white power movement at all. So what we need to show is that Russia produces conspiracy theories. What, if any, conspiracy theories can be tied back to the Russia propaganda machine. And is this a weapon in their tool belt that they are willing to employ, for presidential elections and can we tie this to Trump?

“Russia has been the most active creator of conspiracy theories,” says Dutceac Segesten. “They have perfected their methods, and channels such as Russia Today and Sputnik have fed the idea that this is a man-made virus, created as a weapon in Chinese laboratories.”

Part of the problem with conspiracy theories, this article points out. It's that it uses ordinary people much in the same way that a pyramid scheme does. In a pyramid scheme you may never know or be introduced to the creator. It is your friends and family that often spread the message to you and it makes it more credible coming from then because it piggybacks on their name and credibility. There is a cognitive bias that is involved as well. Perhaps multiple ones. I even saw my own mother forward a conspiracy theory and people do this even if they don't take it seriously. Because in their mind they're only saying "have you seen this" but they don't realize that when they share it, just like when Trump retweets, it comes across as an endorsement.

If a foreign agency can get Americans to ENDORSE a message that just so happens to be propaganda then they don't need to go the usual route which involves finding a vulnerable American to turn and infiltrate organizations and institutions. This is high risk without much reward. The US system with checks and balances makes sure that no one person, not even the president, can completely destroy the nation. However, what he can do, is steer foreign policy in the favor of Russia.

But public sentiment is not something that one operative or asset can sway. And without public support for Putin he simply cannot have sway over policy.

“The worst kind of disinformation comes from official sources,” Dutceac Segesten tells Emerging Europe. “Lies that distort the truth about the origins of, and treatment for, the virus are far worse when they come from officials, and these are the most dangerous forms of alternative truth. Because then journalists reporting what these officials say are placed in a very difficult position.”

Understand what this means. When politicians lie, journalists have to report it. However, there is a difference between a journalist and a pundit. Where a pundit's job is to give their opinion on the news, a journalist is simply supposed to report it. They don't normally weigh in on it. The danger in this is that things that aren't true are given a megaphone and use the platform of the journalists in order to spread. This normally doesn't happen with conspiracy theories because journalists don't have to report them as news. They only have to do this when it comes out of the mouths of newsworthy subjects speaking in official capacities like politicians.

This means that the theory can hit people multiple times. It can hit people as a rumor and then be reinforced by someone in authority who also believes that rumor. Then its not just some anonymous person who said it, but rather this person who is [insert title here]. So it is easy to see how effective this could be and even though most people associate spies with James Bond, that isn't what most spies and foreign intelligence operatives actually do.

quote: We can in all reasonableness expect a vaccine against Covid-19 to go into general production by the end of this year, perhaps far sooner. In many places, a resumption of anything resembling a normal life is likely to be impossible without it. But how can governments convince people who are increasingly suspicious of what they are told that they should accept it?

This is another important quote. If you can undermine any attempt by the government to protect its citizens then the resulting instability and chaos will help competing nations. Since the company I work for sells masks I see messages every week that people try to put on our social media, attacking the use of masks. And that's just masks. Imagine if there is actually a vaccine. Millions simply wont take it and they'll attack anyone who does. Whether the vaccine ends up being pure poison or a life saving miracle it wont matter if people don't try it. Without trying it you cannot prove it right or wrong. Fortunately for Russia, conspiracy theories don't require such proof. It's all about how you can spin something into making someone look bad; like Hillary being a pedophile and operating a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza shop. The fact that you can get people to believe this is power. And the fact that Q is anonymous means that anyone can wield this power if they simply act like Q or post to Prison Planet, Infowars, or to some other conspiracy theory source.

There is little motive for an American to put out a conspiracy theory to kill other Americans, aside from being criminally insane, but there is motive for A Russian to do it on behalf of his government.

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