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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/27/2020 2:20:40 PM

BCiF: We can certainly prove that heads of government are devils. With the wars they create every season so innocent people can die yet they all of them want to keep a normal family.

I understand your perspective but almost any policy you put in place... its going to benefit one group of people while negatively impacting another. When you have millions of constituents there is no way you can get it right for everyone. Ask H.I.M about the realities of government; especially when it comes to the poor. You can't just give them money. You have to give them the tools to create their own wealth.

Teach a man to fish, so to speak.

But resources are finite. Good for one group of people is evil for another. After the Civil War in America it's not like the South was okay. No. The economy of the south dried up to a large extent. You can still drive by many plantations and see endless fields. But there's nothing going on there. The South was very hurt by the end of slavery. The rich slave masters may have even received reparations for their lost slaves but what about the poor whites who worked in that industry? The truth is we don't care about them because they were our direct competition and they were our enemies. But the point is that with new policy someone is always hurt.

The wars between the US and Islamic extremists is I think somewhat supported by other muslims. And obviously, muslims on one side are trained to defend themselves against muslims on the other side. While I don't disagree with you about wars innocent people dying, we have to look at why other nations step in. The middle east had conflict for a very long time. They weren't all getting along. The US, most often, takes one said of an already existing conflict against the other side. This basically tips the scales.

Now you can say "hey that's not fair" and you're right. It's not. But what if I said doing that saved countless lives? What if 2 equally matched sides could fight for the next 400 years because they were all reproducing at about the same rate and producing the same number of fighters. Over time, the fighting could get so bad that they literally forget why it started.

Nations didn't only set about to conquer the world only for their own power. Some people wanted to bring peace. We can see a similar story pop culture in one of Jet Li's martial arts movies. 2002 film called Hero where Jet Li stars as the assassin who must get within a certain distance of the King of Qin. The threat that everyone saw from the empire was justified but at the same time the king's desire was take over in order to end all the local regional conflict. In the end China was united. What is the cost of that worth? How much is it worth to unify such a large landmass? Reminds me of Buju's song Tribal War. I love the lyrics to this song. But when this is accomplished it is done by a larger power; a power bigger than all the sides who are fighting. That power will then create a system but it'll leave local representatives in charge. And instead of fighting they have rules and competition based on economics. If Babylon were to fall would people suddenly get along? They don't now so why would they then? And if there was no federal government then likely individual states would fight. Bottom line is things would not necessary better.

Innocent people, get killed sickness, tornadoes, swimming, driving, etc etc ad infinitum. The fact this is a modern reality of war is a result of where combatants are choosing as the field of battle. If they wanted to meet US troops in an open field the US would jump at the chance. But they wont because they know they would lose where the US could fully deploy its tanks and air force. So if an army is using the local population as a shield then they are at least partly responsible for those innocent deaths.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/27/2020 4:46:36 PM

BCiF: Why haven't you asked yourself even for a moment, why America seeks to control all the OIL (petroleum) of the world? Whenever vast reservoirs of oil are discovered somewhere, America will create a situation so they can rush in and save the matter, only to end up controlling the world's riches.

But that's not true. Trump complained about this during his first campaign. He didn't understand why the US didn't just take the oil as a charge for the military assistance. Because again, the US typically takes one side against the other. Now... you could argue that the side who wins now owes the US in preferential treatment but maybe they should give some deference for all the assistance that costs US tax payers billions of dollars. So if US gay prices are lower as a result I don't see a problem as long as OPEC isn't coerced or forced to do it. That being said, the US really doesn't have "control" of the oil. That country is free to buy and sell it to anyone they want and prices are more influenced by supply and demand around the world. If the US dips more into its own oil reserves, which it has, then demand decreases and price drops.

What is true; however, is that countries like Iraq can deal with multinational corporations like Halliburton for drilling. But that was more likely corruption of a few people rather than the combined will of government.

You don't necessarily have to fight for the world's riches anymore. Just buy mining rights in Africa like the Chinese. And that's the thing. It's a competition between nation states. They're all doing something to advance themselves. Even if one decided it didn't want to compete, if everyone else is competing then taking that stance would only hurt their own people who would end up bearing the burden.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/27/2020 11:14:23 PM

The mining rights thing is exactly what I'm talking about. It's foolish for African leaders to sell out African land to foreigners in the name of mining rights.Now you would find out that in Africa, only worthless metals are mined and processed by local companies, but all expensive minerals are sold out to be mined by foreigners. This is a form of financial slavery because poor people, ghetto people in the world, 3rd world countries are not allowed to control the worlds riches.

America would rather execute a righteous leader and get mining rights for one of their capitalist companies, than let poor people handle their own wealth and rise up to be free.

I sight all governments on earth work together to fulfil this New Capitalist world order.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/27/2020 11:37:58 PM

A sad state of life exists here on earth and it's where somebody's been possesssd with demons and can do nothing of his own accord but is controlled by remote. This, I am convinced, is the state of all world leaders known as presidents, politicians and bishops.

If you check out Babylon wars, they are a result of mind control, because no president or minister (politician) loses their life in the war. Only soldiers and civilians die. Why should a grown man fight another man's wars? Where is the conflict, really? Is it between the civilians, the politicians or the army? It's just an enchantment game for the leaders (master sorcerers and controllers) who cast their spell and people shed blood for their worthless cause.

It reminds me of post election violence in Kenya, ( just another sorcery game ) where people killed each other massively for the name of their preferred politician and afterwards the two political contenders shook hands like nothing had happened. It's a surprise, really amazing that the two politicians didn't tear each other apart on the spot like their followers had done to each other, inclusive of young babies.

Obeah control is bad in this hour of a satanic world order, which was already imposed a long time ago. It's just time for ones to take off their mask so we can see their real face. (wolves in sheep clothing)

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/30/2020 10:56:19 AM

BCiF: The mining rights thing is exactly what I'm talking about. It's foolish for African leaders to sell out African land to foreigners in the name of mining rights.

I couldn't agree with you more here.

I think the problem here might be one of ownership. Whose land is it? The government's or the people's? If its the governments the the government can lay claim on any precious metals found there. What they do with it then, who knows. But if it's the people's then the people can apply for mining rights and whatever they find is theirs. But the people haven't applied and the people don't own the equipment. So it's kind of like scholarships. If the government says "here, this is for you." and you don't reach out and take it... while you can complain when someone else does you can't minimize your own failure to take advantage of the opportunity provided.

And when other countries come in and apply they pitch how they will contribute to the economy, how they will use local resources and create local jobs. It's a lot like tourism in Jamaica. Jamaica doesn't own Sandals and all these resorts. These are multinational corporations. And they're taking land and building up real estates that Jamaica could have used for the exact same purpose. So isn't it foolish to let them come in and use up prime real estate for their resorts, making billions?

But that tourism does impact the Jamaican economy and there are excursions that local Jamaicans provide and local businesses that benefit from tourism. So how long should Jamaica have waited before actual Jamaicans could build all these resorts themselves? 10 years? 50 years? During that time the whole country would not be bringing in all this money and producing the same economic impact that's mutually beneficial.

The mining rights is a pretty extreme case of this but the principle may be similar. I don't like it but at the same time how long did the people have the same opportunity to own and mine that land?

And of course, obviously, if the government did it that would be communism. I'm actually not opposed to doing some things in this style. Like mining rights... I have no problem if the government does it and then divides the wealth among the banks in order to create business loans, school loans, etc. And then also to raise the credit rating of African countries, etc. It would take a more communist approach to this situation but it could be done similar to oil mining in Alaska. Besides this I don't know how they are taxing the Chinese for various things so it's a little too early to tell what future benefit we'll see from Chinese operations there. We'll have to see. Still don't like it though.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/30/2020 11:20:01 AM

BCiF: A sad state of life exists here on earth and it's where somebody's been possessed with demons and can do nothing of his own accord but is controlled by remote. This, I am convinced, is the state of all world leaders known as presidents, politicians and bishops.

I only differ with you here because I don't underestimate human capacity to take on the role of demons or Satan. In Hebrew "ha Shatan" simply meant, "the adversary", and was used in reference to other people. Power corrupts. Lord of the Rings was a fantasy film about power. In the hands of the people who knew what they could do with it, it was a great temptation. It was only the innocent one who could handle it. Innocent and simple.

I know what I could do if I had a lot of power. I can imagine it. And even though I think I would be good to the masses I would also probably be seduced to be like another Solomon. Even with the amount of money I've made I started going to strip clubs and even engaged in prostitution in the past. Was I hurting anyone? That was my only concern. And that's how I justified anything I did and anything I still do. Am I hurting anyone or is there a mutual agreement and benefit?

And sometimes, going to the dark underbelly of society you come back with new experience and understanding. Some may hate it while others love it. People do things for different reasons, good and bad, so it's best not to judge. Because people judge but do nothing to help those people live any differently. But getting back to the subject, if you look at David and what he did, you look at these biblical patriarchs and how they were wealthy with multiple wives and often concubines... and we often give them a pass to a large degree.

But if David could send a man to the front lines to be killed so that he could have his wife? That, to me, is a level I couldn't get to. But that wasn't demon possession. That him not having a sense of morality and spirituality that would make the idea impossible. He saw that it was within his power. That's it. And so when other leaders get put into that same position with power... they will often act in their own self interests. This should, to some degree, be expected. That's the reason the US developed a system of checks and balances. And since elected officials need votes the ultimate check is at the voting booth. Even though we do try to shame our US leaders into doing the right thing we don't try to check them using morality but rather the practical recompense of losing that power they abuse.

Reasons why you must have term limits!

But just like Bilbo Baggins had the ring for too long and it was starting to pervert him, power can corrupt even the most innocent and turn them into demons. That is the nature of power.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/30/2020 1:26:09 PM

Foolish talk.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/31/2020 9:47:22 AM


I have fortunately had the pleasure of studying demonology from the perspectives of Christian, Judaism, and a little Islam. From childhood I was always interested in this idea of war in heaven between Michael and his angels and Lucifer and his angels. But the fundamental basis for these beliefs is not necessarily solid or unique to the Hebrews.

You have to keep in mind that the Hebrews had a culture but cultures are always influenced by those they interact with. There's really no reason that the descendants of Eber would reject anything that came from other nations around them; especially since, through marriages, they included people who were from these other cultures.

As this article points out, the angel of Jah blocking Balaam's path was a "shatan" or, in English, "satan" (small s). But clearly, this messenger was sent by Jah. And the Hebrew word for angel just means messenger so that is often confused between a supernatural being and a person chosen to carry a message.

But you can see, in this article, the heavenly prosecutor against Job, is also called "the satan" but it means adversary. This is not an evil being here but rather someone judging humanity. There is another similar prosecutor in Zechariah.

I invite you to fully read the link above and do your own research into what the Jews (including Jesus) would have believed during their lifetime and what would have influenced them. Then you will see that it's not foolish at all. One of the many failures of Christianity is that it didn't care about the languages everything was translated from; and even the culture. So they took the religion of the Jews and put it into the context of their own culture with multiple gods and an underworld called hell/hades and so a lot of the original thought is lost on them and every time they see the same word they assume it has the same meaning.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/31/2020 11:41:27 PM

IPXninja I have had the pleasure of having my soul lifted up to heaven in a vision and seeing God face to face. I've also visited hell and other unknown places. I have roamed the bottomless pit and witnessed DISGUSTING TERRORS. I've been taught secrets unknown to man by higher powers and even the least strangest thing in my vision you know nothing about. So as much as you try to discredit my words with your big bag a bone lie. I know within myself I am true and my words, everything I say will come to pass, because God himself hath put the words in my mouth, and they're not my own invention. Only time will tell on you, IPXninja, because after coronavirus has ceased the world will never be the same again.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/31/2020 11:55:18 PM

I am also a hebrew by birth, so I discovered after studying migration patterns of ancients. So you watch your mouth for whom you're arguing Hebrew theology against.

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