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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/23/2020 12:08:36 AM

The Black man higher. Cah wise.

Black man them are friend of God, from God is Black so you see.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/23/2020 1:41:18 AM

Blessed Love Idren

IPXninja, Give thanks for the I’s Raspect. I agree about the 2 party shytstem, and why it makes sense for InI to avoid the Republican party. Especially in these times, when they choose a candidate who openly supports fascism. I man will look closer at the dealings of Russia and Putin and Tronald Dump and amerikkka. I man have sighted NUFF dirty deals going on against InI, in broad daylight, with babylon full support. GOP along for the ride for sure. Silence is violence.

I laughed when the I mentioned the game Risk haha. Yes Rasta I man love to strategize and Risk is a good game for that. Lots of chance tho. Roll of the dice. Just like real life sometimes haha.

I give thanks for the I’s careful approach and efforts for inclusivity. InI support and promote HIM Haile Selassie I as earth's rightful ruler. HIM represents a story that is larger than the limited view that western powers try to push on InI. I think it is fair to say HIM stands for a more inclusive view for all people to live in harmony on this earth, which is the opposite that white supremacy stands for, by dividing InI by race (and class, but still amplified by racial tensions). As InI know, in the english language the opposite of white is black (in terms of primary colors and language). I sight some of InI choose to use abrasive or harsh language to get their points across. I suspect as an effective measure to bring attention to the idea by inciting emotion. I know I man promote setting emotion aside in reasoning on important issues, but I man also sight that emotion is a useful way to bring attention to causes that the shytstem tries to intentionally hide from InI. Emotion is also a byproduct of the treatment from society that InI might face, and is the right for Idrens to show.

I man trying to be very careful what I say, because of course I don’t want to promote division or hatred of white people. I man saying I think the idea of “black supremacy” has absolutely nothing to do with the actions or ideas of white supremacy, regardless of the choice of language Idren choose to use. Again, I man not trying to promote division or damaging language, I man promoting freedom of speech. People of color and black people have the right to express themselves with language that may sound unwelcoming to a random white person, without worrying about if that person should feel included. I man don’t think I man teaching the I anything the I is not already aware of, I man just saying I don’t think InI need to be as concerned about the egos of random white people. Our backward president is posting videos of white people in golf carts saying “white power” and they call that freedom of speech. Maybe by seeing some of the posts here, a white person will be inspired to learn what the notion of “black supremacy” could mean, before they left this forum in misplaced disgust. Maybe they would see, despite the emotional language, “black supremacy” has nothing to do with hate. Maybe they would learn something about how the western governments prop up a ineffective and untrue world-view that benefits the 1%. For any confused white person on this forum wondering what black supremacy means, I might direct them to this post:
I won’t bother copy pasting onto this topic, but I think Garveys Africa does a good job of explaining the idea of “black supremacy” in the second post on the thread.

Black Christ in Flesh, InI don’t tell the I to keep your mouth shut.

IPXninja, I see some of the points the I argues about white power, but I feel the I does not put enough responsibility on the wealthy whites as the designers, instigators, perpetrators, and perpetuators of this special brand of white supremacy that is unique to amerikkka. Lets not forget or let them disguise where their wealth was created from: stolen land and slaves. Even new wealthy people, that were formed long after the days of slavery, owe the capitol of the system that they benefitted from to the labor of slaves and land that was taken for free. Therefore, it is simple fact that the wealthy in this country need to attempt to correct the wrongs that they have embraced since the creation of amerikkka. Reparations and land reform would be great starts.

I have read some of the I’s reasoning on how effective the rich white people were able to use poor white people for their benefit, especially in relation to keeping black people in slavery or downpression. I agree with this completely. Poor white people have been inspired to do atrocious things, in blind desire to continue to receive a paycheck. Wealthy whites weren’t hired to captain or crew slave ships, or to capture runaway slaves, or to work as prison guards. I think that is why, in order for the argument for reparations to gain ground, poor whites need to be told the truth that they don’t need to be held financially accountable. The wealthy 1% that benefits from the division and economic downpression of InI should carry the complete responsibility. In I opinion, it will become a much easier battle when we join together and realize just how much the odds are in our favors.

Redistribution of wealth should be a topic that anyone who isn’t in the 1% should be interested in. Reparations would benefit black people and white people, because it will attempt to correct the financial discrepancies of amerikkka’s past. Poor white people should be on board, since they won’t have to pay for it, and InI will be one step closer to a country that has at least attempted to heal the wrongs of its past. InI should not be shy to say that the group responsible for the cost should be the group that benefited the most from the cheating shytstem they created.

I man sight these issues might be more pressing in amerikkka or countries that are dealing with the effects of colonialism, but I man think it is a necessary step that needs to be taken before InI can truly expect this country to advance past racial divisions.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/23/2020 11:16:04 AM

BCiF: Your so called post is on my father's website. Jah Ras Tafari well derived from His Imperial Majesty's birth name, so you can't come on here disputing facts like you founded the Rastafari movement yourself.

This fact was never in question and is therefore irrelevant to this thread. THIS thread, on this website, is about exploring the possible connections between the following:

1. Racism / White Supremacy

2. Conspiracy Theories (this is the glue and primary vehicle)

3. Nazis / Fascism / Antisemitism

4. Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence

5. Donald Trump

6. White Nationalism / The Wall

7. Right Wing Propaganda masked as Conservatism

I was just talking to Geez Che, who isn't black, about how it doesn't matter what color you are and the only race is the human race and therefore Geez should be comfortable on this site. And it's because Geez was questioning why they were on this forum. See that conversation here:

And then immediately following a post by Geez in this thread, you talk about black supremacy government with NO CONTEXT or understanding of what you meant by that, allowing many people who don't understand to get the wrong impression and think that WE are all racists. And this further divides the human race, not for a legitimate reason, but because of a MISUNDERSTANDING. So did I tell you never to use that terminology? No. As I am on this site, reasoning with mostly my own community I am also on another site reasoning with a community of which the vast majority is white. And I talk to them about race and racial issues and we have an ongoing conversation as we speak about communication and things they shouldn't say, namely "I don't see color". So being that we are in mixed company here, and I want that person to feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging, what I recommended to you was to "BE CAREFUL" using "black supremacy" in relation to the government of HIM. I also said in that same response "I don't think you mean the same thing." and I also said "But I'm just saying be careful because a lot of whites do not remotely understand what we mean when we say things."

And instead of heeding this advice you got defensive, provided no context or enlightenment as to your meaning, and you took the opportunity to educate to tell me, the person who started the thread and is trying to stay on subject while protecting people who choose to participate, to "shut up". I wasn't trying to offend or disrespect you in what I said to you. I was trying to get you to explain yourself so as to not ALIENATE other people. Because racism and hate is NOT the message of one love. But if you're using the SAME EXACT language of white supremacists how is everyone supposed to know? This is a public forum. You would not need to explain yourself if I or Cedric was your only audience. I said we needed to start minding how we say things because at any point white racists can come here and use what you said to justify their own hate and convince others to join them. They could use YOUR WORDS to recruit new generations of racists. I don't think your intent is the same as theirs but I can't be the one to say it. YOU have to be the one to say it because I cannot speak for you.

Do I care if white people say to each other "I don't see color"? No. Because apparently they understand what that means. But to many of us it can sound like this statement is saying there's something wrong with our color and so they're pretending not to see it. I've been having this debate for well over a month; trying to get them to understand their good intentions may not be interpreted the same way and it can come off like the very thing they mean as saying they aren't racist, suggesting that they actually are racist. I'm trying to have a positive influence on a community of white people who have a small influence over a larger community and so on. But I'm not a hypocrite. I cannot say something to them, telling them to flat out stop using that phrase, if I sit idly by and say NOTHING to my own people in the presence of a non-black person who could easily get the wrong idea. And their being here, which I appreciate, reminds me that there are others who lurk and read but don't say anything and others who read, looking for reasons to justify their own hate. Why feed energy into that by not explaining when we know that most racism is caused by ignorance?! It's not white vs black. It is wisdom vs ignorance!

If you follow Christ then heed his words. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Did he run around telling Romans about black supremacy? You know the story. Tell me which part he did that? HIM had European allies who liked him. He was an expert statesman and knew how to practice DIPLOMACY. He was not running around telling white people he was the black God. So running around telling non-blacks this is not what he would have wanted. If you love Haile Selassie... or if you love Yeshua (I don't know what your exact individual beliefs are so I'm not assuming) then you are to follow their EXAMPLE.

Cedric is right about emotion. It has its place. But I preach BALANCE. You have to use BOTH heart and head. Where one goes the other must go because the two exist in ONE body. ONE LOVE. That's why we must reason together in love. This involves both the heart and the mind. I cannot reason with someone who is using only the heart because the mind needs to be open and receptive. Or else it cannot effectively communicate or receive communicated ideas. It's interpretation will be impaired like a drunk driver. So I see the importance of balance in ALL things. Otherwise the same way you are getting defensive at me and developing negative feelings towards me... that's the same way other people will read your words and develop negative ideas and opinions about the black God, black race, or black people in general. And you cannot lead if no one wants to follow you. No one will accept your judgment if they do not see righteousness in it. WE TAKE FOR GRANTED that we know what we mean when we say the things we say. But I'm saying that's wrong to do that in a public space, without care or caution or explaining. And I truly want to see an end to racism in my lifetime. Others may not be able to even dream of this, but it's not impossible.

Let me give you an example.

The opposition to black lives matter went from dishonest racists to even the least racist whites who didn't understand that "too" was implied. Why would we ever say that "only" black lives matter? That's ridiculous. And no I wouldn't have changed the name either but I would have made sure that everyone understood what the organization was trying to say and using each opportunity to educate in order to disabuse people of their ignorance. It is racial bias that could super impose onto such a mild statement as "Black Lives Matter", that we meant "only" instead of too. But THAT is where we are and that is what our true enemies constantly use against us. A lot of people had to distance themselves from Louis Farrakhan because of statements he made. Fair? No. But politics often isn't and he no longer has credibility to effect any change politically. All he can do is ask our community for money to support his own efforts that tend to be unsuccessful. I know this. I've gone to see him in person, heard his plan in person. I sat in a church no more than 15 feet away from the man because I was there representing my own black organization and the economic solutions I endorse. But even that, to many, would be enough to rob me of my credibility to effect change.

Even just 20 minutes ago I had a good conversation with my boss that got into politics and race and we have different ideas but still some common ground. Most people are probably more in the middle than we think but the voices at the extremes are being amplified right now and even my boss, who is white, thinks we might be headed towards an armed conflict and told me to buy a gun. I created this thread because, in my opinion, there is a lot at stake. The more we can understand these connections between the elements I named, the better we can combat the propaganda and influence that is affecting people the same way that Hitler affecting the German worker's party. This not the time and place to talk about a black God ruling the world. If you want to talk about H.I.M that's fine. I welcome it. But it should be in some relevant relation to exposing these connections and how people are being weaponized by white supremacy. You could tell me what you think WWSD (What Would Selassie Do) in response to White nationalists growing an affinity for Russia as an example of what they want their country to be like. But you have to look at his example and not just what he symbolically represents for Rastas.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/24/2020 1:05:07 AM

Ok. I'll simplify it for you. The X Government are the antichrists, the rulers of this modern world the demons and satans in flesh. While the R government for the poor and have nots stand for justice and equality internationally.

The antichrists (dragons) come up with all kinds of - isms for people to follow. Communism, capitalism, ism and ism over ism.. etc. Propaganda is their abundant fruit.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/24/2020 2:12:51 AM

Any eyes seen the interview w Bob Marley sayin something about USA and Russia being 2 f*cking brothers, the same team.
I caant remember exactly he said something like that. And is that view relevant to the eyes investigation?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/24/2020 10:20:50 AM

BCiF: The antichrists (dragons) come up with all kinds of - isms for people to follow. Communism, capitalism, ism and ism over ism.. etc. Propaganda is their abundant fruit.

Ok. Thanks for your contribution.

Evison: Any eyes seen the interview w Bob Marley sayin something about USA and Russia being 2 f*cking brothers, the same team.
I caant remember exactly he said something like that. And is that view relevant to the eyes investigation?

Well tbh yes and no. I'm not saying the view is wrong, but this being an investigation what we are interested in, in this particular thread, is the how and the why. Because technically the US and Russia are actually enemies. Trump is going against US foreign policy. And Bob saying this, assuming he said it, would have been a long time ago; before Putin who has been in power since 1999. It's very possible that previous leaders have had similar views but what I'm interested in more so right now is MODERN connections and the impacts of these underground relationships on black people.

It's like... most people believe that the government is spying on us and, according to Snowden, they are to some degree. But why? For what reason? What do they hope to gain? See... it's not that I'm against conspiracy theories. I just only support the ones that make sense to me, not the ones where they just want to oppress people for no reason or just for some sick sadistic thrill. There will not be mass detention camps for regular citizens because that would cost way too much. And who would pay for it if the citizens can't work? And some of these conspiracy theories are so old I'm like "well it's been 20 whole years since I heard this was going to happen. Why hasn't it happened already? If they have a hard on to do it so bad why don't they? They aren't getting any younger." And that's the thing. We tell ourselves stories and myths and legends and we tell them for different reasons. What if some of the conspiracy theories started simply as propaganda against a certain group of people? Even prophecies are not guaranteed to happen. People are waiting over 2000 years for things they heard in a story to happen. Even after the government the story was originally about has fallen away, we then take elements of that story and apply them to others and ignore parts of the prophecy that simply didn't come true.

I'm more interested in the story tellers. Who told the story. And why?

What was their motivation? What did they want people to do? How did they want people to react? When Yeshua came up he wasn't ignorant of the prophecy of the messiah. That means he was able to use the story as a script. They were intentionally trying to fulfill prophesy, not because they were the ones foretold but because they believed they were the ones foretold or they didn't believe it but they wanted other people to.

The prophecy of the messiah, isn't just a man, isn't just a savior. It is a KING.

Therefore, if people believe you are the prophetic messiah then they will support you and give you their power; fight for you so that you can become KING.

That's why these stories have POWER. Because they can be used as scripts people can follow. So when people believe that prophecy is happening or about to happen, they will act in a way that those telling them the story want. This happened in America in 1844-1845 with the Seventh Day Adventists led by Ellen G. White because she prophesied the return of "Jesus". This church is still big into end time prophecy but as time passes and decades go by it's like they're stuck in a loop constantly telling themselves these are the last days.

Why is all this relevant? Conspiracy theories aren't about some past event and who did it and why. Some theories concern things that haven't happened yet but that people believe will happen. When you can combine conspiracy theories with Christianity now you have a powerful tool because you're basically connecting new stories to old stories; new prophecies to old prophecies. All of a sudden conspiracy theories are being used to promote Trump as a savior. But is this what the creator of these conspiracy theories believe? Or is the creator anonymous because if we knew who it was we would instantly know their motive and wouldn't believe them?

People believe John the Revelator because Revelations is a book included in the bible (at least most versions). If it wasn't in the bible would it be believed? What if it was falsely included? What if it was propaganda? What if it was a fairy tale of all the things he hoped and dreamed and the dark thoughts of being exiled? The books of the New Testament were put together by Christians, after all. Which one did Jah tell what to include? Or did they simply decide together? And if they decided then what was the basis for the decision on each included book? Why were some excluded? What do the excluded books have to tell us about the included ones? Just something further to think about and possibly a subject for a future thread.

The point I'm getting at is we live in a new internet age where people are believing what they read on line and giving new stories credibility on par with the bible. The same way people believe the bible people are now believing a new breed of conspiracy theories that are manufactured to attack political opponents and advance the agenda of white supremacy.

The actions people are willing to take based on their beliefs in these conspiracy theories range anywhere from voting to acts of terrorism. Some are even trying to start another civil war; a race war.

But claiming that all these are connected itself is a bold claim, like a conspiracy theories themselves. So the point of this investigation is to gather more solid evidence of how these groups and people and ideas are all connected. How does it work? If it's systematic then it can be understood and its inner workings can be exposed. This is important to me because I'm seeing more black people starting to be influenced by white supremacy against their own political interests by stories that are lying to them. So I'm asking other people who are interested in this to help me dig. See what you can find and share your results here.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/24/2020 1:06:28 PM

The bible is a recollection of a people's history. There is too much evilness in the world. Truth is, all governments are one system of broad day genocide and mass starvation/poisoning. Their isms only care for their own pockets and their isms, like politics, benefit a few individuals while others sweat it out.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/24/2020 1:43:56 PM

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/24/2020 5:48:36 PM

BCiF: The bible is a recollection of a people's history. There is too much evilness in the world. Truth is, all governments are one system of broad day genocide and mass starvation/poisoning. Their isms only care for their own pockets and their isms, like politics, benefit a few individuals while others sweat it out.

I respect what you're saying but in this particular thread what I'm looking for is evidence. This is about an investigation. It's not about what we believe but rather what we can prove. There are a lot of conspiracies out there today but not a lot of proof going around. So since I started out saying I believe these connections exist the point of this thread is to try to provide as much evidence (even if it is circumstantial) as possible.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/25/2020 12:47:36 AM

We can certainly prove that heads of government are devils. With the wars they create every season so innocent people can die yet they all of them want to keep a normal family. Why haven't you asked yourself even for a moment, why America seeks to control all the OIL (petroleum) of the world? Whenever vast reservoirs of oil are discovered somewhere, America will create a situation so they can rush in and save the matter, only to end up controlling the world's riches.

Ambitious and revolutionary leaders are called traitors and executed on LIVE TV yet you want to tell me this is normal.

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