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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/17/2020 5:41:41 PM

My interest in NATO is mainly because I'm looking for common threads connecting 7 different things I named in my first post in this thread. I do believe NATO is very relevant and very much would like to keep it in tact. I think the only reason Putin wants it dismantled is so that he could step into the vacuum that is created and make more moves and we may not have allies to keep him in check if we alienate them.

It's a good article

because it tries to make connections between white supremacy and Russia and talks about why they may see Russia as an ally even though it is an enemy to the US. The reason I'm interested in this is because there is a tremendous amount of support for Donald Trump among white supremacists, Nazis, etc. At the same time it seems to be the same people advancing all these conspiracy theories that are also protective of Trump, protective of Putin, and very much far-right leaning politically.

These conspiracy theories are very influential because they prey on a person's distrust of the government. And most people have a healthy distrust of the government.

I believe that foreign intelligence agencies took notice of American reaction to 9/11. Yes, Americans sought revenge and that was ugly, but something else happened and got exposed. And that is a lot of Americans believed it was an inside job. Whether it was or not, this widespread reaction would have shown foreign intelligence agencies that this distrust could be exploited if they used conspiracy theories because conspiracy theories are never thought to be controversial or treasonous. Anyone can come up with a conspiracy theory and people don't expect or require proof.

Maybe a foreign intelligence tested the waters out when it came to pizza gate. Truthfully, I don't like Alex Jones but I'm more comfortable knowing he started a theory vs some anonymous Q that no one knows. Because if there is no identity attached how do you know they're even American? How do you know its not Russia?

If they're using propaganda in the form of conspiracy theories and they're using white supremacists to spread them, this could be very bad for geopolitics. Do I think there will be a race war like they want? No. Do I think a state will actually leave the union? No. But do I think it could fracture the US socially and create a hotbed of terrorist activity similar to radical Islam? Yes. People are that crazy; especially with guns. And when they kill a bunch of people they do so hoping that others will follow their lead. So is America doomed? No. I'm hopeful. But even in defeat it doesn't mean the threat from white supremacists is going to fade back into the darkness. They're out now and they can see how many others there are. That's not good. And there are even black people being influenced by these same conspiracy theories (because you don't have to believe all of them) and being led to vote for Trump.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/17/2020 9:28:56 PM

Bless Up Idren

IPXninja, Bless up and give thanks for the I’s sight of some of the issues facing InI, and specifically sighting how individually and in unison they are a real threat. I man also sight it is up to InI to be aware and work towards righteousness. I man will take the time to read the article when I man can work to fully overstand it.

Some opinions come to mind before I read it.

First and foremost, I think InI need to keep in mind and action HIM Haile Selassie I’s Isample of impartiality.

As soon as politrickall topics are embraced, it can be easy to have emotion override rationality, and can make some feel shunned into an “us or them” mentality. In this time of polarization of communities, InI need to stay extra mindful of promoting Inity and cooperation to overcome the workers of outequity. As the I knows, I man don’t excuse any form of white supremacy or the failed notions or hatred it tries to perpetuate. It is really not the fault of any InI who may have not voted, or voted Republican in the last presidential election. I didn’t do either of those things, let the record show, but I also fell into the category of people that didn’t even think it was a possibility that Tronald Dump would win, which led to my protest vote against the two party shytstem, similar to the situation the I has spoken of in other posts. I certainly didn’t have the foresight to consider what type of situation InI would be in if Dump became amerikkka’s leader.

However, I think InI are dealing less with a Bush/Cheney or puppet/master type plan, and more of a Nero imperor of rome type situation. I think Tronald Dump is infatuated with power and money and will stop at nothing to acquire more, at any cost. Dump is drunk on presidential power and wishes he could be like any other fascist dictator or like his buddy Putin who has real money and run a real program of exploitation without all the pesky inconveniences of democracy.

I think white supremacists are in essence lazy because they are uneducated and pro at playing the victim card in ways that are not even logical. I don’t think they have enough power or vision to actually enact a global plan of white supremacy. They all loving it right now because a white supremacist Tronald Dump became president of amerikkka by accident, so it looks like they have their affairs in order, but they are like roaches that will scatter or be too fat and lazy to actually start a war. Not trying to perpetuate a false sense of security, or saying there is nothing obscene or harmful that they could do to InI world or society or community. I man saying that despite the seriousness of the situation right now, I think we are seeing a lot of un”happy accidents” that led to this. Again, I sight that InI need to be aware and educated to see how foreign or “domestic” powers might benefit or incite against InI.

I have read a few articles about Qanon that concern I. The idea that fringe groups might actively try and incite another civil war based off race or utilizing race in an attempt to legitimize their program is very scary. InI can see how they move so. To answer Geez Che, yes this is a real concern that InI need to be aware of in today’s amerikkka.

A friend of I Empress is going to college (or was before the pandemic) with a major in Russian literature, but she is knowledgable about Russian history and politics. She told InI that from her perspective, Russia has no plan. Anything that undermines the U.S. or democracy in general plays into their hand of any type of power grab that might be beneficial to them.

Russia is not in the EU, which in my opinion would make it look like a “stronger” model for white supremacy than Germany. Especially since the EU has generally liberal leaning views and is idolized by amerikkkan liberals, and Germany’s prime minister practically had a crush on Obama. I could see how that would threaten the ignorant white nationalist groups and lead them to embrace any other alternative that was majority white people populated. Enter Russia, and now the idiot members of white nationalist groups are willing to overlook all the destructive violence that has been done to amerikkkan solders of many generations, just because they would prefer to be able to hate people of color than actually work for the benefit of humanity.

IPXninja, the I brings up some good points that deserve InI attention about foreign influence and how they may be using conspiracy theories to divide InI and enforce fascism or deny InI representation in government. I will take time to reason more on this subject further when I have read the article the I has shared.

An opinion article that I read that showed up on I man’s mobile phone the other day portrayed a very interesting version of a way that Tronald Dump could try to stay in power after a failed election. I’m not sure how realistic it is, because it involved Dump narrowly losing the election (and without falling into the same trap of 2016, I think InI are going to see Dump lose by large margins), but it promoted that InI should start working now to sight their moves towards power grabs so it is not a surprise when they make it, and so InI can be prepared to work against it. This post reminded me of that opinion article, so I will share it here. Sorry for linking to a babylon publication, it is an interesting opinion:

In closing for this reasoning, I man want to remain an advocate for HIM Haile Selassie I’s guidance that InI should be impartial and look at every view and opinion and choose the good. I man have a lot of Republican friends and members in I community. I support goodness and cooperation among InI and the world at large, with dignity and Love.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/20/2020 4:38:43 PM


You are wise and intelligent as always. It's always a pleasure to hear you converse on any topic.

I don't really have love for either party because I think they are both 2 sides of the same coin in most respects. The DNC is simply the 1 of the 2 major parties more likely to fight for black issues. And the fact that all the racists joined the other party, switching in order to do so, is evidence of that. In most elections I simply vote for people more likely to share my interests. If the candidate is black they are more likely but with republicans that support might take different forms. I don't count them out but when you vote with racists I have to be suspicious of you. Because we were forced to get on the boat. They weren't forced to be in a party occupied by that many racists.

Politics can, in some ways, be boiled down into "how do we treat new ideas?"

Conservatives don't like new ideas. They want to keep things as is. That's not what you want if you think there is a system of white supremacy that is oppressing a large group of people. Clinton and Biden... they're both mainstream democrats or what we could call Wallstreet democrats. They believe in new ideas but in small incremental changes like sipping a Red Strip beer instead of drinking it. So even though Hillary was in favor of universal healthcare, according to Michael Moore's documentary on the subject, she got bought off pretty early in the process. And that's the thing. If you believe in slow change then its easier to justify waiting and waiting to see which way the wind is blowing. That's what a lot of democrats do and Progressives like me, people who want big bold changes, are tired of it. Because they actually are cheating and corrupt in their cheating. Bernie should have won, but they're scared of him. So yes, I happily did a protest vote against the DNC, not just against Hillary herself. Because I wanted them to know they can't just crown people. Unfortunately, I don't think they learned that lesson in 2016 and I can't afford to teach them when it's another 4 years of Trump on the line.

My feeling is that we should all be independent voters but if you are voting for what's best for the black community then I feel like we should always oppose the white supremacy vote and voter suppression because the more people they put into office the more control they have and the easier it is for them to maintain racism. But yes, I thought the Green Party was strong in 2016 and if only elections weren't so much about money... then Jill Stein would have been a good candidate.

Back to Trump...

I was just saying earlier today how the GOP thought they could control Trump. They were wrong. Trump is in it for self and only thinks of wealth and power and since he already had wealth he went for power. Not to mention I was saying that I thought he was probably a sociopath years ago and even Mary Trump is now saying it's true. Of course people should have believed it when Tony Schwartz said it. All these people, once they know Trump they see past all the marketing hype. He's basically like Palpatine if Palpatine had brain damage.

But the problem is that there is a way to control Trump. Just one. The only thing Trump is afraid to lose, probably isn't even his family or his children. It's his money. I believe Trump is leveraged too much on real estate. It's all good when his brand is high and people want to drop $$$ to have that experience, but maybe that's why he was a democrat because he was living in New York and he was rubbing shoulders with a lot of rich people who were probably more liberal. But that doesn't mean he really ever shared that ideology. Like now, there's no real reason to believe he is a Republican. He basically hijacked the party with Trumpism.

Now this is appealing to a lot of people on the right who agree with some conservative values, like pro-life and guns, but they also don't like and don't trust the GOP. So Trump looking out of control is appealing to them.

But Trump always acts under control when it comes to one person; Vladimir Putin. He called Kim little rocket man. But Putin he will never make an insulting nickname for. Why? Because Putin controls his cashflow.

Putin isn't a fool. Publicly, your Empress is probably right. But Putin, I believe, is a deep thinker and strategist. He is like a Mafia boss, hiding wealth and power in his organization; in the "dons". So some of them help him launder money and I believe they were using Trump properties in their money laundering, to clean money for Putin. And if the US government really found that out and investigated that they could seize enough of Trump's assets that he would be ruined. At the same time time, banks were willing to lend Trump money. Whether Trump was sent a prostitute or not, I don't know. I tend to believe that he was but it doesn't matter. If Trump got loans from Russia it was probably Putin's money. Even if it wasn't Putin controls it like it is. And when Trump proposed a Trump tower in Russia they offered Putin a suite fit for a king. Why would you ever feel the need to bribe a president like that if it wasn't his money that you were seeking?

When Russia hacked our elections it wasn't a guy in his basement. It was a coordinated attack that originally made to look like the work of one hacker. But they used Julian Assange to leak whatever they had stolen. So Russia has been doing cyber warfare for a long time. This is just what was made public knowledge. And I think the only reason why it became public knowledge is because US intelligence failed to stop it and so it had to turn to Americans to warn them directly.

Putin still understands conquest. Have you ever played the game Risk? I think he's still in that mode of thinking because the more territory he owns the more taxes he collects, the more personal wealth he builds. However, NATO and the US allies stand in the way, as a checks and balance, on the world stage for any power threatening others (but mainly themselves). Every global conqueror wants to maintain their conquered territories because of taxation. So Putin annexing Crimea... that's just simply what it was and he knew Trump wasn't going to do anything because he has control over Trump's money. And when I say that I don't mean Putin could take all of Trump's money back. No, what I mean is that Trump's assets is like a house of cards that is maintained by his accountants. If his properties were doing well enough on their own they wouldn't need bank loans. But generally, investors use banks to acquire more assets than they could buy on their own. If they have a low interest rate then it creates a large amount of cashflow from all the people paying rent even though the owner could be deeply in debt. Trump has been in debt for a long time and is afraid of another bankruptcy because if Russian banks come for their money he doesn't have enough to pay them back without liquidating. And who knows how much he would actually have to liquidate to pay back what he owes.

It's possible that he ran for president in the first place because Putin wanted him to. That may be a stretch but who knows? Putin may have been confident he could help him win. But even if that's not what happened, I do think Putin, being ex KGB, is very familiar with the idea of turning an asset. At the same time, Trump is predictable and easy to control if you push the right buttons. But I also think it is possible that Trump himself thought, after someone explained it to him, that he could make a lot of money by running for office because he could ask for millions in donations and funnel a lot of it to his own foundation where it would essentially disappear in the laundry. Like other said, he may not have even been trying to win initially.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 7/21/2020 4:14:11 AM

The current state of the technology: Jabberwacky Chatbot

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/21/2020 10:37:33 PM

It was the white supremacists who overthrew the BLACK SUPREMACY GOVERNMENT of Qadamawi Haile Selassie I. So they're the illuminati, all the governments of the world, all of them done given their heart and soul to Pope Joke Paul and queen ElizaWitch. Donald Cramp is a puppet for the world bank and Pope, even though he has proved much carelessness in his task than all his predecessors.

Intergovernmental conflict is propaganda too, because in the 21st century, all governments have bow and only the leaders known as dictators and revolutionaries (because they reject AmeriKKKa's capitalist plan) are forcefully removed from power or even executed for treason.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/22/2020 10:02:32 AM

I would be careful calling the government of H.I.M "black supremacy". We do not, as a people, practice what Europeans do with their white supremacy. If you believe in or uphold the notion of black supremacy then you add legitimacy to whites doing the same. I don't think you mean the same thing. We usually say "black power" in response to the oppression of white power. But I'm just saying be careful because a lot of whites do not remotely understand what we mean when we say things. And we need to start minding how we say things and what we say so that they don't misunderstand, and instead of feeling welcome, as they should as long as their spirits are aligned, they leave feeling hopeless because they were looking for love and found hate. It's not hate. Not at all. But they don't know that unless we tell them and keep telling them. Please consider this.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/22/2020 12:07:30 PM

Qadamawi Haile Selassie I is the BLACK GOD of Africa.

Iman know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what's going on keep your mouth shut.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/22/2020 5:23:48 PM

Getting back to the meat of the subject...

We should understand that white power may be an over reaction/compensation to an underlying feeling of need or scarcity. It's not typically the billionaires and slave masters chanting white power. It's the people who worry about losing their jobs because their whole life is based on work. This sociological theory holds up on the other side as well. It is typically the most financially pained in the black community that is most outspoken and willing to fight. I highly doubt rich people were the ones lynching. Why? They're comfortable. There's no threat to that comfort. And they aren't mad enough or care enough about poor whites to get involved like that or kill what poor whites perceive as a threat. Keep in mind, which people bought slaves. They therefore saw slaves as financial assets. The only time a slave became a threat to them is if that slave was violent threat against the house/owner and their family or threatened to leave and take other slaves with them.

I have noticed that wealthy whites don't often seem to care much about race or racism because it really doesn't impact them either way. In fact, many rich whites exploit and profit off black entertainer or professional athletes. Their racism is more so based on biases built up over time and gleaned from social circles and media, rather than the sort of hatred that comes with a more direct threat to survival. The reason this is important is to understand who your enemy actually is and who might be allies. For too long we've been so defensive, myself included, that most whites just look like racists to us. And for anyone who might be white reading this, please understand... our experience in this country has been different. For us its been like boxing in a ring full of people wearing masks (or hoods) and punches are flying and we don't know which person is a boxer and which one isn't and which one is just the ref and the ref is sometimes throwing punches too. To defend yourself in the ring you have to put your hands up but putting your hands up further obstructs your view of incoming punches.

Rich whites are in the ring and they are the ones who own the ring and pay the ref. Of course they are suspect. As they should be. But that doesn't mean that every single one of them consciously contributes to the punching. They're happy not being punched themselves. And I think racism greatly benefits them just as a distraction. Instead of poor whites blaming them for not paying them enough, keeping them poor, the rich use pundits and news media and fund racists to say things for them. Whenever it suits them that redirect attention on us. "Yes, we own 98% of the world's wealth but why don't you look at black people. They're taking your jobs. Look at Hispanics. They're taking your jobs and not even learning the language." I believe rich whites benefited from slavery to make profits before the civil war and then afterwards they benefited from black consumers but at the same time used black people to get off the radar of the poor whites they were exploiting. So they made them think they were valuable because they were white even though they weren't valuable compared to black and brown people willing to work for less money.

And value is absolutely relative. White power = White MONEY. Those who don't have money are powerless in this capitalist economy. And they know it. They know that their only power is their voting power and their guns. And if voting doesn't work for them, the guns will be next. So when it comes to who is superior, that's a stupid question and argument. Every human being is valuable. Their value is mainly for their friends and family to determine because its relative to their relationships. But if you talk about your value as an employee that's different. That's based on what you can do, how efficient you are, but ultimately and honestly its about your ability to make or maintain money for your employer. That's primarily where they see your value. They may personally like you, but the value to their business isn't the same.

And there was a time when black people became more valuable than whites in BUSINESS. Slaves were more valuable to slave owners than poor whites were to them because slaves were making them money. Poor whites were not. However, how many whites were slave owners? A very very small percent. If poor whites stopped slavery it would have been the best thing they could do for their own job security. But no, they allowed it to happen and so the consequences where that black people started displacing them in regular non-plantation jobs.

Of course they wouldn't like that. Did the Germans enjoy having the Jews displace them in the work force? Of course not. Moreover, they saw them prospering and they saw these businesses that they owned and how they were good with money. It was envy and jealousy. They couldn't compete and so they resorted to votes. And then they voted for someone who was willing to use their guns. This is why we need to be careful around the world. White power is dying and it doesn't want to. So it will resort to votes and if that doesn't work, then to guns. But before the guns they'll vote for someone who fear mongers and isn't against using guns if necessary because that's how they're already thinking. They're already there. They just need a leader to tell them it's okay. Go. Some of them are even trying to provoke this command by committing terrorist acts, hoping that others will follow. They just don't want to fight the government at the same time.

The value of whites to the job market is only high when it comes to specialized skills and education that is made so expensive for this reason. So we have to understand the value of a person in the spiritual sense is different from the material sense or the capital sense. Value is relative. Value to the economy? What is that based on? Again its not about superior/inferior anything. It's about who makes the most money for the employer? The expensive person? Possibly. If no one can do the job cheaper than certainly. And they have more job security and the comfort that goes along with it. But if the job can be done by more people this is where the value really doesn't go in favor of the more expensive worker. It goest to the cheaper worker because it save the company money. And so when White people are supporting Trump, many (not all) of them feel their monetary value is being threated.

Is it?

Yes. They're right. But again, who are they told to blame? To be mad at? Black and brown people. But they're paying black and brown people less because they can get away with it, not because that's what black and brown people want. But is that racism? Or is that classism? Because who's getting the benefit? Black and brown people are getting screwed but they're getting those jobs. And rich whites are benefiting from the cost savings and wall street investors are banking of quarterly profits and capital gains. So this puts the poor white people in an awkward position of being under educated and too expensive. They're not used to living on the kind of money that poor blacks were. So they are at a disadvantage in that sense. Plus to them it would naturally feel like things are worse today than they were (before black and brown people were here to compete with).

So this, I believe is their general position. And we have to understand and consider this when analyzing how we got to this point and why these conspiracy theories and propaganda is so effective.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/22/2020 5:25:45 PM

BCiF: Qadamawi Haile Selassie I is the BLACK GOD of Africa.

Iman know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what's going on keep your mouth shut.

Bro, 1, you're on MY POST. 2. What you're saying ISN'T RELEVANT to the current subject.

Therefore 3... if you cannot add anything relevant to the subject then it should be YOU who should "shut up".


Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/22/2020 11:26:37 PM

Your so called post is on my father's website. Jah Ras Tafari well derived from His Imperial Majesty's birth name, so you can't come on here disputing facts like you founded the Rastafari movement yourself.

Black Supremacy isn't about racism. It just mean that God is BLACK. and he's the most supreme over all. A black man rule all this kingdom of heaven and earth. And one black man, out of one black man, came out all humanity including woman. And the first inhabitants of this earth were BLACK, so Black is firsr and Supreme, tell ya about BLACK MAN SUPREMACY

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