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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/15/2020 4:23:33 PM

I don't know how far the rabbit hole is gonna go on this one.

I'm seeing a more clearer connection between the following:

1. Racism / White Supremacy

2. Conspiracy Theories (this is the glue and primary vehicle)

3. Nazis / Fascism / Antisemitism

4. Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence

5. Donald Trump

6. White Nationalism / The Wall

7. Right Wing Propaganda masked as Conservatism

If you have seen an article you'd like to share that helps to make a connection that exposes these players please feel free to share your links and thoughts on them in this thread. My plan is to gather knowledge and information to eventually create a website to counter the conspiracy theories used by white supremacy to convince the masses to vote for their MAGA agenda.

The danger and threat of this is real and it is global. It goes beyond hate speech or violence by the police. I believe there is something that white nationalists are trying to build towards and it's up to the rest of us to stop it.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/15/2020 4:42:55 PM

The first step on this journey, for me, is here:

Because we need to understand what white supremacists want in order to see what moves they are trying to take to get there. Many of us are uninterested and I get it, but that disinterest causes us to be reactionary when they do follow through with a plan.

And if it is a plan then it will certainly have weaknesses. There will be parts of that plan that will rely on bending the will of whites, who don't believe they are racist at all, to their cause without making it look like they are supporting racism.

We're also going to talk about solutions along the way; solutions that utilize their own system to work against them.

As we read this article above...

You can start to get a picture forming about where Russia fits into the equation. It doesn't matter what Russia represents to us as a black community. What matters is what it represents to white supremacists. Then we can start to understand why certain people seem to be fond of Putin even though he is an enemy to the US and even though he interfered in our democracy. Why are they protecting him and why does Trump have secret talks with him?

It should be clear that Putin is not an ally to the US but paints himself as an ally to Europeans; especially those who believe in white supremacy.

Many of the goals of MAGA and Putin are the same. They want to take apart NATO. They want to hurt US position in the world as well as different departments. In spite of Russian aggression Trump says his own Intelligence is wrong and Putin is innocent because he said so. There has to be a motive behind this. Trump isn't known to benefit anyone other than himself so either Putin is helping him financially or Putin is... helping him financially (indirectly). Perhaps he is being forced or held hostage in some way and is being used as a puppet or perhaps Trump's desire is for Russia to become the global power of white supremacy.

Normally, Trump increasing the military budget would go against this theory but if part of their joint efforts are to make each other allies by pushing pro-Russian propaganda through the GOP on the backs of racist conspiracy theories then white people might see this relationship as the means to solidify white power and dominate the world because if the US is too squeamish to do it on the behalf of whites, Russia isn't necessarily bound by that. Russia may not want to fight the US but that doesn't mean they're not willing to fight at all. And if they can use the wealth of the US to increase the power of Russia then Russia could help white supremacists take and maintain power in the US.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 7/15/2020 4:56:06 PM

As I understand it IP, the threat that the global elites are gearing towards is to do with how to manage transhumanism and artificial intelligence, I don't think it is a racist agenda, but rather one of impending unstoppable technological progress. Within the old dialectic, Africans are seen as closest to nature, and to some extent this idea perpetuates throughout the coming technological war.

You should read The-Artilect-War-Cosmists-vs-Terrans-A-Bitter-Controversy-Concerning-Whether-Humanity-Should-Build-Godlike-Massively-Intelligent-Machines

I really think this idea transcends the concept of "race" and represents a new paradigm, but we are still stuck in the old paradigm and so those trying to manage it are working within the dialectic of nationalism.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/16/2020 4:28:18 PM

Thanks for your response, G but I don't see how this fits with both Putin and the alt right wanting to undo NATO which seems to be in the best interest of Putin and why Trump has been attacking NATO and undermining US relationships with its long time allies.

Obviously different people are going to see different agendas; most of which are probably of the global variety. There's room for multiple agendas to be in play, but I don't think Richard Spencer is too worried about AI at this point. I think he's wanting sole ownership of the United States for white people; otherwise, a succession of states from the union that may be supported by Russia.

Russia would have motive to do this (or at least promise to do it) because it would severely weaken the US and the very idea of democracy. He would be able to point to a fractured US and say to his people "look. see? It doesn't work." And that's enough to cause him to either be elected until he dies or do away with elections altogether.

Not to mention, Putin wants his money.

So maybe he creates enough pain for the US that he can tell them "I'll stop if you remove your sanctions from the people holding my money".

To me there's no question whether or not Putin would go along with this. It's a win win. The question is how much are white supremacy groups connected with Russia and what could they be planning.

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/17/2020 3:59:41 AM

Iman like child at party where adults discuss politic is somber tones.

Iman just want to run and have fun on the grass and in the trees as politic endless and suck Rasta energy like black hole.

Praise Jah and praise creation.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 7/17/2020 6:04:19 AM

IP, why do you bring it back to "colour" and not "roots and culture"?

The word "race" actually comes from the Greek word "riza" meaning "roots". The English conflated it with "running".

I think there is some truth in what you say.

I have no idea what relation "White supremacist groups" such as "Golden Dawn" have to do with Russia. I know that the first time I heard the name "Golden Dawn" was in relation to the Irish occult group for studying magik, mysticism and the paranormal started by the celebrated poet W.B. Yeats.

The Mystical groups of the British Isles talk about the "White brotherhood", but I don't think this is specifically in reference to "race" or "roots". "Black people" can be part of the "White brotherhood" too.

I don't know if any of these groups have relations to Russia, I know that the spokesperson of the Russian Space Agency was recently arrested on charges of treason.

Space, as mentioned in the document I posted, is part and parcel of modern day occult science.

I'm not trying to spin more conspiracy theories, simply saying that international politics goes beyond "colour".

In many ways there is already a one world government.

I know you are curious about international relations in the true sense of the word, as in to do with the relationship between nations, and I know you are interested in the "racial" or "roots" dynamic in terms of "colour" but I think this is an over simplification.

I do not need to tell you that the microcosms of the Earth in terms of nations are the West (America and Western Europe).

Elsewhere are looking to the West and seeing so much disharmony, even balking at the state of Cuba now, and wondering whether the international microcosms will spread throughout the world spreading disharmony everywhere.

NATO is an interesting point, which I'm still not sure about. I have an old school friend who works for NATO, though in what capacity I don't know, she was not very close to me.

However last time I talked to her she said that it was a good organisation largely concerned with stopping people trafficking.

So how that fits in I don't know either.

I think you are suffering from a U.S. mentality. If you're going to talk about international politics, you need to drop the "White" and "Black" labels. "White" means something completely different in Russian history and I think one still has cause to draw the distinction between "Russians" and "Western Whites".

Global warming is causing a massive migration from Africa and the Middle East, again, how NATO fits into this I don't know, but I can hazard a guess of a return to the splitting of Europe that we saw in the Twentieth Century.

As far as Trump goes, I remember being surprised about how many "Black" people supported him, something I still can't explain in words. Perhaps, regardless of your own position on this, you can provide some insight here?

I have for a long time meditated on the destructive self-fulfilling discourse of saying that "Black" people suffer the most. I think it entrenches oppression, and is a form of saying that "Black" people are inferior. On the other hand those who suffer the most are by and large superior. So perhaps I am mistaken here. At any rate, I think it is a mistake to treat "Black" people as the victim always, and I wonder if this is why Trump is so popular.

Like Kiwi man, I really am a kid in an adults conversation. I am useless at writing direct political hypothesis for the purpose of change, but I am quite good at interpreting.

Your thoughts are welcome.


Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/17/2020 7:33:46 AM

Wicked haffi burn. As it is written so it must be done. Discrimination of any kind has its source in jelousy and envy, pure hatred for a living soul, which is a poison of death upon humanity.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/17/2020 9:44:15 AM

Geez Che,

You are more than likely unaware of this and that's okay. However, the emphasis black people put on color is not because WE are stuck on the idea of color or "race" as in reality there is only one race which is the "human race". The reason we have to focus on color is because we have an adversary that targets us based on our color. That adversary has an agenda whether you see it or not. That adversary wants to advance their own "race" AT THE EXPENSE of "ours".

Now there are probably some people in white supremacist groups like the KKK who are happy to simply be part of a club, who feel included and cared for. Perhaps they only joined seeking friendship and comradery. Someone told them that they protect each other and they could help them get a job. Maybe some of these members are kind to animals and like several black sports and movie stars.


Harsh? No matter how I may humanize them it doesn't change the FACT that they joined an organization based on hate. It doesn't change the history of that organization, the people they lynched and tortured, nor the families terrorized with burning cross or confederate statues. It doesn't change what it is.

These groups have been trying to rebrand themselves like Chucky saying "I'm just a doll baby for kids". And the whole point of the rebrand is to normalize this idea of "White Nationalism" and cause the white masses to defend it, while at the same time the organizations under this banner promote racism, antisemitism, sexism, and hate. I don't want to be a "brother" to that. It has nothing to do with me. I am an intelligent person. My color doesn't matter in that. There is no way, as an intelligent person, I'm going to buy into some notion of white brotherhood being a good thing. It's not.

What you need to understand is that black people didn't start this whole business of color. But since it started we can't ignore it. We can't go about our days ignorant to the dangers and threats we face. If you were in a scary movie with Jason and Freddy living in your neighborhood, drinking tea on their porches during the day and killing people at night, it would be stupid for you to ignore that. Most people in America lock their doors and doors come with locks built in because people who make door knobs for front doors are not ignorant to the dangers that are out there. White people typically are the biggest advocates of self defense and gun ownership. Anything they are afraid of they actually will arm themselves against. And if they aren't enough by themselves, they'll join groups of people who are afraid of the same thing(s).

This is all okay when white people do it. However, and this is no disrespect intended towards you, it's simply part of a very long pattern, and not an isolated incident, but when black people recognize the threat from racism and white supremacy white people be like "why can't you get beyond color and race?"

We don't have the same threats. And a squirrel is not being a victim when it recognizes the threat from a predator. White supremacy is a predator because it has "power". And when Trump supports chant "WHITE POWER" they're not talking about some tea sippin social club or the latest 9 iron in their golf bag. They are talking about white people's power to dominate other races. A video of a such a supporter doing exactly that was retweeted by the current president of the United States. I don't know where you live, but I live in a country where racists are taking off their masks now and gunning down black people in churches because they want to start a race war.

So forgive me if I don't see race or color as an "oversimplification". No, it's actually quite simple. As long as there is an inclination among whites to dominate and destroy us there will always be a reaction to that. And that reaction will eventually grow to be equal and opposite. Right now we are still trying to figure out if that equal reaction is violence or whether it will be equal and opposite which is love. So we, although not a monolith, are trying to figure out how to respond in a way that helps to end the threat that too many whites ignore because it's not a threat to them.

And I have to differ with this assertion that is used over and over about "victims" and how that's not going to help us. If we continued talking about slavery and Jim Crow and nothing else was happening to us, that would be one thing. However the common denominator of slavery and Jim Crow is racism and white supremacy and those things are still present and still being used as weapons against us. These weapons are employed in every area of life from economics, jobs, education, justice, health, etc. etc. And all the time we have to fight just to be believed as white people ignore it because it is convenient to do so. I appreciate your long time meditation but the suffering of black people at the hands of white people is not a thing that makes black people inferior. It is a thing that questions the morality of those that seek to cause us to suffer because of the color of our skin. When there is a serial killer you don't look at the victim and ponder how it was their fault. And you don't discount them. Counting them is how you know that you're dealing with a serial killer. Blaming the victim is a tactic used to help the predator escape responsibility for who and what they are. Whether successful in the attempt to oppress me or not, that doesn't excuse the attempt or the number of attempts beyond measure that have succeeded or failed. It says more about THEM then it says about us.

You should read the article I posted.

When it comes to Russia I did NOT say Putin was for white supremacy. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't. I don't think there's enough black people in Russia for anyone over there to really see them as a threat, rather they may or may not be influenced by white America's racial biases the same way that Asians are because whites taught Asians to fear black people. This we know. But whether or not Putin believes in white supremacy is irrelevant. He knows he can USE it to his advantage. He knows he can use it against the United States. Supporting racists means supporting division among the American people.

It should be surprising when whites support Vladimir Putin, but what we can clearly see is that they don't care if he's a friend or foe as long as there is some alignment in their common interests. The same can be said for black Trump supporters. First of all, there are very few. You can literally see the same black guy at several Trump rallies and pick him out of the crowd like Where's Waldo. Because there's not that many. A Daily Show correspondent when to a rally and asked where all the black people were and the white people literally looked around. Why did they look? Because they hadn't noticed. That in itself says a lot. Black support for Trump is fake news. About 99% of the black people who support Trump only do so because of conspiracy theories. And these conspiracy theories are the reason this thread exists. The company I work for has started getting numerous posts on our social media from conspiracy theorists because we're selling masks. And it is AMAZING what they have to say and how they have been mobilized into tiny weapons. Do you think that's a coincidence? It's not.

This is the power of propaganda. And government intelligence agencies use propaganda against their enemies. The US does it. And Russia does it. So Russia doing it to the United States shouldn't shock or surprise anyone. The fact that we're falling for it, should.

Americans are used to being untouchable. Americans are arrogant in their approach to the world. They never imagined anyone other than their own government would lie to them; as if everyone else in the world likes them. And so it wouldn't be hard for Putin's Intelligence Agency to pose as Q anon and make white supremacists in America feel like they have Russian support as long as they can work together to take down NATO and other oppositions to Russian power. Again Putin doesn't have to be a racist but the fact that he's comfortable using racism to further his own agenda doesn't remove the context of black and white from the discussion. And typically it is only racists who are comfortable using racism because they don't care about the race being targeted or hurt in the process.

Instead of defending white brotherhood I suggest you try to see beyond the innocent veneer. We've pretty much ignored these groups for years. Now that they have a president they are gaining power, resources, and recruiting at record pace. If we continue to ignore the people who are trying to maintain white supremacy then we shouldn't complain about the results of white supremacy and their effects in the everyday lives of black and brown people.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 7/17/2020 10:27:25 AM

IP, I'm not questioning the relevance of colour in the West, the reason I said it was a simplification is because I thought you were posing international questions, but I haven't read the article, so I guess I shouldn't have been so hasty.

NATO is an international question and it broaches both East and West Europe which is a distinction I still think is relevant today, despite the fall of the so called Iron Curtain. The expansion into the East is perhaps why the U.S. wants out?

With regards to the States, I think you are in a much better position to assess things than I am, I have not been following what is going on there. I cannot imagine it would ever be a purely white federation, that seems like paranoia to me, but perhaps things really are that bad at the moment.

In terms of resources, the microcosms of the world are where all the resources end up which could potentially lead to a resource war with those countries that lack resources. I really think it is as simple as that.

Hate aside, and I am not a hater, though have had my fair share of paranoia about those that hate, do you really think we are witnessing the collapse of the United States? I believe some of Fidel's last words were "America is doomed" shortly after Trump won.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 7/17/2020 10:32:41 AM

Also, the relevance of the Hugo de Garis article. Transhumanism is what the elites are building towards. The alternative the terran hypothesis is a return to nature, that is what is being played out.

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