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Earth Science - or - Divination?

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/8/2020 4:33:13 AM

Blessed Love Idren

As the moon travels around the earth it influences the oceans in the form of tides that InI can sight and even track through science.

I man have heard of ancient knowledge talking about the effects that the moon has with any body of water, including a body as small as a human, or plants, or even stored water in seeds.

Is this divination or science? I man reason it is science because anything that can be studied by hypothesis and trial and error with a control group can be proven or not with science. I man sight divination is based more in fantasy and can’t really be proven.

I didn’t do a very good job retaining the knowledge, but I have the book to reference.

From what I remember, it says the water in humans is influenced by the moon differently according to the waxing or waning of the moon. Fasting for 12 hours minimum of only drinking water at the new moon is promoted. While the moon is waxing and building from a new moon to a full moon, the human body is mainly storing energy and it can feel difficult to expend energy because the body wants to be “recharging”. It is promoted to eat especially healthy while the moon is waxing and it will make you less likely to get sick during the waning moon. Adversely, it can be easier to get sick during the waxing moon.

Fasting is again promoted during the full moon, but is considered less important since one’s body has “fully recharged”. While the moon is waning from a full moon to a new moon, it becomes much easier to expend energy and tasks like chores or exercise feel way less taxing on one’s body. If one worked to build health during a waxing moon, its benefits are felt during the waning moon by it being easier to stay healthy and increased energy. Do any of InI experience this?

From what I remember, they say plants work on the opposite schedule, and give specific lunar zodiac signs to be able to look up the best days to transplant, prune for health, prune for removal, etc. They say to start soaking seeds just a day or two before a new moon and almost all the seeds will sprout. That was the knowledge I remember being the most easy to prove with a control group, when I was planting. Maybe any former or current gardeners heard of this or would benefit from knowing it.

I saw Kiwiman’s post about sorcery and could see comparisons to this topic but didn’t think it fit enough. Still though, I feel InI can see how christianity and the bible destroyed nuff ancient scientific knowledge with the pretext that it was sorcery, just because their violent-ass philosophy hadn’t taught them Earth and Nature science. I think most that push a program that only they can give the answer to, like a future teller or clairvoyant, would be considered more divination. Interested to hear what InI might reason on this topic when InI have time from more important reasonings.


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/8/2020 6:08:53 AM

Geopathic stress, geopathy - unhealthy place, dowsing and earth harmony used to be interests of I. Some spots not good spot to be for too long.

I used to attend some meetings of the NZ society of Dowsing and Radionics. Dowsing was resurrected by Uk Army engineers during WW1, to secure water sources for troops. Now, Druidism is a tax deductible religion official by government.

Its something I did but never progress very far, like many things for me, just a surface overstanding. But I did find water with dowsing stick so believe its power.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/8/2020 5:17:23 PM

Often people take something that works on the macro level and form doctrines and beliefs about a similar effect on the micro level.

I don't believe this always works.

It isn't simply the moon that effects the tides. I think that would be an oversimplification. It is the moon's gravity that pulls at the water on the planet. But do you see a tide in a sink? In a glass of water?

Gravitational force is similar to magnetism. If two polar opposite magnets are close enough they can pull each other. But the effect of the force decays by distance. The earth has its own gravity which keeps the water from floating off due to the pull of the moon.

This forms a wave because you have one force pulling up and another pulling down. But this isn't because its water. If it was blood it wouldn't be any different. Of course a heavier liquid would have less of an effect.

The myth that menstruation is linked to the moon has been debunked. So if that isn't effected I would highly doubt any link between water in the body which is not "free flowing" to the moon.

The only reason water can move is because the surface is only contained by air. Our bodies are contained by much more. Besides that, small bodies of water, like likes, are affected by the moon but they are so small that the effect is much smaller. So proportionally a glass of water compared to a lake compared to the ocean, there would be no effect on the glass of water (or even a bath tub full of water) at all.

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