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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/2/2020 6:49:55 PM

Carter: Are you saying we should steer evolution so that men and women have all the same traits?

Should humans stop using tools? She humans only be allowed to use our hands to manipulate objects? Our BRAINS are part of nature. Our BRAINS allow us to CHOOSE how we're going to live and what decisions we make. There is no biological law that dictates what we must do except eating and sleeping. We also have a biological urge to procreate but we use our BRAINS to choose when, where, and how.

Are you familiar with yin and yang? Positive and negative? Do you understand the concept of balance?

Imbalance in the human species causes strife and suffering. When women started seeking equality it was a response to their suffering. You didn't feel it because you aren't a woman and therefore it didn't affect you. The imbalance played to your benefit, but if it was truly okay, then they would have remained loyal to that established social order. Although feminism has some problems it is still a reaction to something. What you're trying to say here is that nothing's wrong and women are reacting against something that they were perfectly fine and dandy with.

Carter: But let's go with your lioness example. Are you saying men should sit on their ass at home and watch for burglars while the women do all the child rearing and bread winning? That would be sweet, I'm down for that.

Lions don't live in houses with security alarms, police stations, public assistance for hungry lions, etc. We use our BRAINS and work together so that we don't have the same problems as lions, tigers, and bears... oh my.

Carter: I also would like to know how women haven't invented "weapons that negate physical strength" to rise up against their oppressors and demand their "rightful place". Could it be they don't analyze the same way? Could it be they are more timid? Could it be they were just comfortable already? Oh no, misogyny!

Or... they are smart enough not to reinvent the wheel. Staphanie Kwolek invented kevlar. Why didn't a man invent that? Could it be that men are foolish and suicidal? Or could it be that they just like killing each other so much that they didn't want to waste time protecting themselves from their own weapons? This is a stupid argument meant to expose your illogical reasoning. Black people didn't invent a new weapon to rise up and kill all the white people who wanted to enslave us. Some of us had to fight but others utilized other tools. Fighting and physical force isn't the only solution. Use your BRAIN. Why would you fight against men when women cannot reproduce by themselves? That would be the dumbest war ever. So they had to fight by using the BRAINS. And if men's brains were more agile on the whole it wouldn't take so long to make equality a reality.

Carter: Women "turn lesbian" because they already had an abundance of masculinity and were combative towards men, men with their shit together stayed far away, so she blames men instead of herself, with the help of the media.

Another terrible line of reasoning. It should be obvious that not all lesbians are "butch". Have you ever met a lesbian before? Geez.

Carter: Ok, this is where you don't understand authority. Authority leads people towards necessity, not lining their pockets with blood money and market enslavement as the capitalists do. A functional authority knows when to use it, why to use it, and how far to take it. If a woman acts passive aggressive with you, you don't respond by dunking their head in the toilet and kidney punching them 50 times, that produces terror and rebellion.

Authority has nothing to do with gender. Plenty of single mothers take on the responsibility of raising their children WHO THEY HAVE AUTHORITY OVER and those children can be just as healthy and successful as any other. You're confusing authority,gender, and domination.

Carter: If your woman is about to do something that's gonna seriously injure herself, do you force her to stop? That's authority.

I will have to concede that I know less than you on this particular thing because I don't mess with women who would do that. It sounds like you have experience with immature women who act more like little girls. I'm over 40. I don't have time for that. That's not a queen. That's a child and I'm not a child molester. Nor do I seek women out who need control because they are so out of control that they are a danger to themselves. And women... do not need to be dealing with men who act like boys. Jails and prisons are full of immature men who have acted out of control. My GF told me about a guy in Florida that couldn't take being told no by a woman he wanted to dance with and so he shot her on the way to her car. So you can't judge immature women as if they represent their gender without taking the same responsibility as a man for your gender.

Carter: Men also don't want to be in submission to women.

It sounds like you're the one under the sway of propaganda. Who said women wanted to make you submissive? That's not what equality means. And there are PLENTY OF MEN who are submissive and a whole alternative lifestyle fetish around men
who love being dominated by women. However, that's not what equality means. If you have 2 partners in a business one may lead on some things (where they have more knowledge and expertise) while the other leads on other things and they both agree together on how to proceed. That's a partnership of equals. I'm not saying men are or should be inferior. Is a male penguin inferior when he keeps the egg warm? No. He's a penguin.

Carter: Why are you acting like Babylon will never fall? It's hanging on by a tiny thread. What happens when we are pushed into a primal state?

But why would it ever fall if its led by superior males?

Dude.. people been waiting, thinking society will fail for literally 2,000 years. Do you remember 20 years ago? I do. I remember when people thought the end was fast approaching and prophecy was being fulfilled and the sky was falling and computers would crash from Y2K and Jesus would appear in the clouds and we would need seeds and raincoats and iodine pills for the radiation. I knew someone who wasted money on that stuff and I laughed. All of it went to waste.

The biggest threat to society are people who want to go to heaven because they have the motive to destroy society so that they can be "saved" from it. But society is increasing losing its religious side and more people are becoming atheists and agnostics. Without heaven, the focus is on earth and solving our problems rather than waiting to be saved from ourselves. So no, it's not going to fall. It's a self-correcting system that will continue to be reformed and refined until there is peace and harmony.

Rome fell. Italy still exists. Pause and think on these things.

Carter: As for your relationship, if she's leading and her expectations are functional, it's a functional relationship. But that would be the exception to the rule when I was careful to clarify MOST women, and when I say that I mean individuals with low testosterone and an abundance of estrogen. Hormones affect instincts. This is a fact.

In my current personal relationship my lady wants and expects me to lead. However, she also makes a LOT of suggestions lol. She simply counts on me to make the decision mainly because she wants to make me happy. But what I want is to make us both happy. So therefore, I'm not dominating her for my own selfish gain but rather working together with her to meet both our needs. But we offer each other correction and value each other's opinion. My previous wife needed to have too much control because she lost faith. And many women lose faith not only because of decisions they don't agree with but based on triggers from past relationships. She's had to lead. And she's also a leader in her career path. Now she is the Vice President of a company. What matters in leadership is not ones gender but whether or not one is QUALIFIED. And when I tell me woman that I want us to be equal part of her resists because this is how society socializes women to be. They think it makes us happy and so therefore they are accommodating. But if they don't like where you're going they wont follow you. And if they do they're foolish.

Carter: I would debunk more, but I haven't researched stuff like "matriarchal" societies, but would I be wrong to presume they still had men doing the manly stuff? And if not, did their civilization even survive?

The assumption that matriarchal societies are the opposite of patriarchal is actually wrong. Matriarchal societies are generally more equal. There are some cultures where the wealth is passed to the female and where women can have multiple husbands. The assumption that you need men to survive really isn't true. You need men to reproduce just like men need women. But there are societies with women hunters, warriors, etc. And if you understand certain concepts going back to ancient times, you'll see that there was a divergence between hunters vs agricultural society. Do you think women can't farm? LOL. Women are over 40% of the agricultural labor force.

So if they get the food, cook the food, make the clothes, the cooking tools, and build tents, then what is so important about your role again? They don't need you to open jars if they don't have jars. They don't need you to reach high shelves if they don't build high shelves. I'm not saying men aren't generally important. The point is that societies can evolve along different paths based on different needs. Based on need gender roles aren't necessarily valuable.

Women, in many places, simply got type cast as a mother because of the menstrual and birthing cycle. But a woman can produce 1 or 2 children and maintain the population with less than 3 years. This could (biologically) be done even before they're old enough to drink. So why try to dictate the rest of their lives based on such a small minded view of what they're "good for"? What are you really good for?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/2/2020 7:28:12 PM

BCIF: Well. I only know a fat girl and a slim girl. They're written in the book of life. But no curvy woman name you find deh so. And on judgement day you will bear me witness when fIRe from heaven will fall upon all workers of iniquity.

So your experience is so limited that you don't even know anyone who fits the description you are attacking?? Come on dude. You are clearly speaking out of sheer unadulterated ignorance. It's not a good look at all. I have known women of all shapes and sizes. I have family members of all shapes and sizes. You cannot know someone by their shape or size just like you cannot know someone by their color. So you are at least as ignorant as the garden variety racist and so I hope you see this and repent.

BCIF:As for mi lioness deh so she a fat girl, but me train her inna bed, mek her sweat proper so she cah shed up all that fatty fatty and look like a real queen. Me bring her herbs to smoke, me dress her up, me caress her up and she gime pum pum tight. My gyal BAAD. Coh me know seh me stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

SO... she's STILL fat. Dude, you need to accept your woman for who she is and just focus on both of you being healthy because its not mentally healthy (or morally right) to go online talking about your woman's physical appearance in a negative sense. We didn't need to know you aren't happy with the way she looks. None of our business. And I hope she doesn't read this to know that her man is willing to embarrass her online. You need to have more respect for her. You didn't even say you love her. You just said she has a tight pum pum. How is that right? I digress.

BCIF: Now I want you to tell me why other animals all look the same. Take lions for example. All a them have same bone structure. Same amount of meat on their bones depending on their age. Their difference is only in the color of their fur, and mane, considering the species. Some cats have a more hairy tail than another , and some dogs are more hairy and fatter than others.

Well first of all, some animals are in fact fatter than others, but unlike humans, animals typically have to work harder to eat. Which means they're burning calories in the pursuit of... calories. But many animals store extra calories as fat or blubber to survive harsher conditions or periods. Animals don't generally work with computers or science. Because we don't all do manual labor (because we use our BRAINS as a tool) that means we don't all consume the same amount of calories in our daily life. But we often eat the same amount of calories. Humans also eat bread. We consume too much sugar which chemically turns into fat. A lot of animals don't eat carbohydrates. Some animals digestive system can only handle raw meat. So diet is a big thing. Primates eat mostly fruit, nuts, leaves, insects. They can eat meat but what a lot of animals eat depends on what they can catch. Humans are basically omnivores (as you can tell by our teeth). We can eat anything and being at the top of the food chain means we don't have to worry about running from predators. This is why we have different body sizes.

Please believe that when I don't control my cat's portions and meals, she gets fat because she likes to eat and doesn't have to work for it.

BCIF: She a real queen eno.Proper to sit by my side. And man a real king, coh Iman sex one woman from me born and grow. Me buck up pon punanny, make it deliver sweet aromas that make Iman cook the biggest load of babies inna belly

Hate to break it to you but real kings typically have sex with more than one female in their lifetimes; sometimes at once. This doesn't make you better. This simply means there is probably a whole lot you don't know about sex and women. I am not going to reveal too much as one's sex life should be private but I'm like the polar opposite of you. I also know enough not to go around bragging about what I do like some kind of rap video.

BCIF: And even a fat girl or a slim girl can commit abominations and become braindead, not taking on a carnal seductive evolution.

People of all shapes and sizes are equally likely to do things you believe to be abominations. You can't watch a couple of pornos and think you are now a scholar on female behavior.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 7/2/2020 9:45:35 PM

I could've sworn I was gonna get through to you on that last post! This is why I don't take responsibility for my gender, this is gonna be torture.

Many of your rebuttals continue to be bizarre.

"yin and yang"
Facepalm. You are trying to get rid of yin and yang by making them equal. Why would you bring this up? That's MY talking point. The yin and yang is supposed to compliment one another, not compete with one another for the same thing.

Yes, early feminists probably had legit problems they were responding to, but if I was playing your game I would point to the exception to the rule and say, "See? Even some women thought feminists were stupid, therefore you are wrong."

I gotta respond to the rest later.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 7/3/2020 2:34:24 AM

"There is no biological law that dictates what we must do"

If you really wanna get down to it, law of motion dictates what we do. Movement has a trajectory, and our bodies are just atoms in motion. So in a sense, biology dictates everything we do. The appearance of a consciousness manipulating these outcomes is questionable if the consciousness itself is also just atoms in motion. You can't hold your hand on a hot plate indefinitely, eventually the atoms in your body will rebel and force that hand off that plate.


"Staphanie Kwolek invented kevlar. Why didn't a man invent that? Are they suicidal?"
She made a great discovery, but she didn't invent body armor. Probably never occurred to her all the ways it would be used. Yes, women can experiment and get results! That's functional. I'm not sure why you think I have an issue with women outperforming men when it is well within their capacity.

Testosterone off the charts. But also feminine! Holy moly in my brajoli!! She can rescue me from a burning building any day.

"Another terrible line of reasoning. It should be obvious that not all lesbians are 'butch'."

Let's break it down. Woman already has attraction to women because of something in her biology, dates a man for the social and material benefits that provides, maybe is also attracted to men. Society tells her she can do anything a man can. Has dysfunctional expectations for how she is supposed to be treated, steering away functional men and treats average men with even less respect. Neither is happy with the relationship. Society tells her she don't need no man. Parties with other like-minded miserable cunts and vows to full dykehood for life, poorly raising her child on her own so that he becomes one of those jail statistics where the VAST majority are parented by those single mothers society worships. Pretty terrible reasoning?

"It sounds like you have experience with immature women who act more like little girls. I'm over 40."
Closer to, I will ONLY date a fresh girl. The longer this poisonous ideology infects them, the more they will demand not to be held accountable for their bitch behavior. Young ladies LIKE to be checked on their bullshit. It gives them a challenge to meet. Their conduct improves quickly. Sometimes you get an older woman who has accountability, but they are rare, and saggier. And you can shame me for being a pedophile all you want. I'm not in terror of biology. Even a lot of states in the US don't have the retarded 18 limit, where I see a girl who is fully developed and competent, then find out she is 17, so she is disqualified. Wut? Come to find out she's already dating a 25 year old law student.

"Jails and prisons are full of immature men who have acted out of control."
And are predominantly raised by unchecked women.

"If you have 2 partners in a business ... and they both agree together on how to proceed."
Assume they don't agree, what then? Does someone's expectation get removed? Flip a coin? Or do you just shut down the business?

"But why would it ever fall if its led by superior males?"
I don't consider them superior. I don't consider them performing the function of a man. A man's job is to remove dangers and create order. They do the opposite. Fuck Babylon.

"Do you think women can't farm?"
No. Why would I think that?

"This could (biologically) be done even before they're old enough to drink."
Wtf? It could biologically be done when they're as young as like 15, but that would make you a pedophile right? xD What are you suggesting?

Dude, here's the thing. Your woman even told you what she wants. Directly............

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/3/2020 6:07:05 AM

Hah, go find yourself a big batty woman and eat har pum pum. seen.

Nigger you dont even have an idea where I was born and here you are describing my residential, like you the one who provided it fa iman..

Gwaan find the biggest batty and eat it. Fuck it. But you will not come close to my father. That one last thing I promise you.

Yall must be a couple of fornicators, after all. Seeing how you defend the iniquity.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/3/2020 6:18:46 AM

I'd rather watch a porno movie (something which I actually don't) than fornicate my soul dirty and repulsive. You're here telling me I watch porno yet on the other post you're the one defending nasty cannibalism of the sex organs. Nigger you must be a devil. Some of you unu fi burn in fire and rotten worms eternally. From my father visits me to find out how I am doing in his kingdom.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/3/2020 6:48:55 AM

My queen immature. Well, she the one who taught me not to eat pussy. When my energies were imbalanced and I didn't know right from wrong. One thing about my queen, though. She have no memory of parents, despite being a virgin girl in the GHETTO where I met her, at 22 yrs of age. So you might call her immature, but she preserved her purity for Iman, and I preserved mine for her. Quite immature

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 7/3/2020 10:46:00 AM

I'm the devil. I offer the fruit of knowledge from the tree of life. :)

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 7/3/2020 4:40:46 PM

LoL. I am the Black Christ. What can you offer me?

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 7/3/2020 10:26:54 PM

Well, I could tell you how to suck punani really well.

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