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Posting a video within a message

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Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 6/22/2020 8:45:09 AM

If you look down at the bottom of the text section while making a new reply, it will have this box showing how to post a link, image, and video.

Looks like this:

HTML Link ****Jah RasTafarI Homepage **

Image ++ ++

YouTube video ++ youtube=// ++

So with the youtube video, just follow the example. You will manually type in exactly this (with no spaces) ++ youtube = // /embed/

After that last forward slash (/) at the end of 'embed' you will copy and past the specific tag of the video you wish to post. All youtube videos have one at the end of the url.. In the example given in the box underneath the txt section, the specific youtube video tag is (7d7ywghJ1Vg).. You copy and paste the specific code of your video after the 'embed/' and put ++ at the end of it.. Make sure there are no spaces in the code

I hope this helps. Yeah you only put the very end section of what you copied and pasted..

Also, it helps to go to and not a google search of the youtube video.. That way you get the most direct and short link.
So that is the whole video link.. But you only want the very last part.. RY8G47rTRLc.. That is the video code and the only part you need.. Also, make sure there are no spaces within the code this website provides.. I have to put a space in it so that you can see how it should look, otherwise it will post it and you cant see the code.. So your video would look like this (without ANY spaces in the code) ++ youtube=// /embed/ RY8G47rTRLc ++

Without spaces.. It posts it..

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 6/22/2020 11:55:54 AM

I give thankhs for this

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 6/22/2020 2:17:32 PM

Yeah, just triple-click the forum code, copy it into your message box... then go to the video and double-click the video ID and paste that over the ID in the forum code.

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