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top 10 Selassie I teachings

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Messenger: CaveMan Sent: 6/12/2020 8:24:58 PM


I already read the basic stuff about Haile Selassie about how he started educating the population, building the health systems, defeating Mussolini and so on. I'm at a point where I don't know where to read from or what topics to start reading.

I still have doubts as to why he is the world leader directly

I would ask if you could post the top 10 or top 5 of the most important teachings or deeds of Haile Selassie according to you.

Why is he the ultimate when there are leaders like Malcolm x, Dr king, Mandela and so on. Why is Haile Selassie the special world don?
If a man asks me why Haile Selassie is the one I follow --any idiot who just examined him for an hour can answer that he built education and was not corrupt and so on.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/13/2020 1:45:56 AM

Bless King

Great questions CaveMan, I give thanks to the I for posting.

There are many different answers to the questions you ask. It would be difficult to make a simple list of the reasons that HIM Haile Selassie I is earth’s rightful ruler, but I will try to make some concise points. To be clear, the accomplishments you list as “basic points” are no small feats, especially when you look at what was happening around the earth at the same time as HIM’s rule. I am not sure if the I reads the bible or not, but if the I reads the bible for a deeper understanding of history but does not take the bible literally, there are some passages that I think explain Haile Selassie I’s importance that I can share with the I. For now I will try to leave the bible out of my reasoning.

The black leaders you list are very important figures in world history, especially pertaining to the struggles for African freedom. Even though Nelson Mandela was a leader of his country, neither Malcom X or Martin Luther King had similar amounts of responsibility. Even though Mandela was a leader of a country, South Africa was far from an independent African Empire when Mandela became President. Haile Selassie I’s crowning as Emperor and as head of the Ithiopian church set HIM apart from any black leader in modern history.

Speaking of modern history, another important part of overstanding Haile Selassie I’s authority is looking at the time HIM arrived on the world scene. HIM was crowned Emperor of Ithiopia in 1930. At this point there was no other independent Black African country in the world (besides Libya which was set up specifically for slaves returning to Africa from America, which doesn’t count), let alone an Empire that could trace its history and independence for thousands of years into the past. This also sets Haile Selassie I apart as truly being “the first” African King to represent the modern time. To show the world a viable and functioning African Empire at a time that Europe was trying to conquer and colonize Africa, and black people in America and the Caribbean were living in downpression and without equal rights, HIM’s Empire directly confronted the racist ideologies being pushed onto the world by whites and the western powers.

If the I would like I can include some of my favorite quotes from HIM Haile Selassie I, but I will have to wait for a few days until I can return home to I books and notes. If the I would like to hear reasoning on how Haile Selassie I’s authority relates to the bible and definitions of the Christ, I would love to reason on this with the I.

Blessed Love Idren

Messenger: CaveMan Sent: 6/13/2020 4:03:26 AM

Thank you so much Cedric <3 <3 <3

I would really love to hear your favorite quotes and how Haile Selassie I’s authority relates to the bible and definitions of the Christ

Give much thanks

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/13/2020 4:56:50 PM

Yes I King, I man happy to help. Thank you for your kind words.


I will have to wait a few days to quote specific bible passages and quotes from Haile Selassie I, but I can reason with the I about the things I have learned and perspectives according to I.

A common trend in the reasonings InI have been speaking on recently have a similar thread through them: identifying who is in control of the narrative being told. The western world spoon feeds us limited knowledge and aggressively works to control the narrative of history, religion, etc.

I wanted to give the I a chance to deny speaking about the bible in case it was a sore subject to the I, but I enjoy reading the bible and have found much important information within it. Even if an individual would prefer not to take teachings from the bible, it can not be denied how the bible and christianity are held in high esteem around the globe, specifically in America and Europe. Therefore I had a strong yearning to read the bible to be able to beat so called christians at their own “game” of limited information.

I man deal with reality and strive to see the complete story of history. There are many references in the bible pointing to Haile Selassie I as the returned christ, of which I would be happy to share soon. For now, for the sake of this reasoning session, let us take on faith that there is enough evidence in the bible to declare HIM Hailie Selassie I as the christ in his Kingly Character. For one thing, that means Haile Selassie I is the rightful ruler of every christian person and country on earth, and that every christian person and country should look to HIM for guidance on how to act and rule. Does HIM tell us that his religion is the only way and all others are condemned to eternal damnation? No. Does HIM tell us that unless an individual profess his name as their savior they will be sent to hell? No. Quite the contrary, Haile Selassie I declares to all the world that each person is entitled to their own religion or spirituality and that can not be for another person to decide. HIM teaches us that there is actually strength in our differences, to be able to find solutions to problems from multiple angles. Our modern christ figure teaches us the same teachings that Jesus teaches us in the New Testament, to look past religious divisions and identify a brother or sister by looking for anyone that will stretch out their hand to help one, regardless of which faith they follow.

As I read the bible and learn about HIM Haile Selassie I, it becomes more and more clear how Babylon tries to control the narrative. We are often reminded by so called christians that Jesus performed miracles for all the world to see. However, if we put these stories under a microscope, we can find much evidence of the savior figures that come from a virgin birth, visited by 3 wise men, turns water into wine, heals disease with a single touch, etc. etc. etc. and all kinds of ridiculous fantasy stories that don’t make sense or pertain to reality. And we can find evidence of these same stories much before the time of Jesus, from all different cultures! Almost as if the group of people that were deciding the content to include in their holy books were borrowing from surrounding cultures to tell the story of a figure that would be familiar to them. Reality and truth show us this is the case specifically with Jesus. That doesn’t mean Jesus didn’t exist or was not an amazing human being with much to teach humanity. Especially at the time that Jesus arrived on the world scene. As another Idren has recently reasoned about more eloquently than I, Abrahamic law was incredibly restrictive in Jesus time, and he simplified all laws into “treat others as you will be treated”. When Haile Selassie I entered the world scene, christianity and Babylon had been perfecting their misinformation narrative to subdue people worldwide to wait patiently for cloud god Jesus to return and take away all our suffering and work miracles based on fantasy. And if we worked so hard and waited so patiently that we ended up dying, we could see heaven in the sky and find Jesus there. Fantasy! As we lived and died young, meek, and poor, church leaders amassed untold riches.

Instead, Haile Selassie I enters the world scene as a humble man, not claiming perfection. Born from a mother and father, same as any other human, working his best to grow harmony among all people on the earth. That seems like a miracle worth working towards to I, and also a very rational and realistic goal each of us should work towards. These are just a few examples of how HIM challenged the western narrative of what the christ stands for. The Most High JAH lives inside each of InI. Christ was never meant to be a separate sky god, the Christ was meant to be a righteous way of life and a way to include the Most High’s spirit in each of our hearts and minds. It was corrupt church leaders that perpetuated divisive thinking. If each person has their own right to their own path to the Almighty, what is the church’s role? Where is their control? HIM Haile Selassie I had the authority as the returned christ to set all people free from the burden imposed on them by christianity or any harmful religion or government, and gave us the freedom to see the complete story.

These are only a few examples of how Haile Selassie changes the definition of the christ to a human based in reality. I would encourage all Idren to read the bible with a critical mind and an open heart and an eye towards reality.

Rastafari is reality


Messenger: patsm00re18 Sent: 6/13/2020 10:52:44 PM

This is such an extraordinary point, that you are giving to everybody as prodigy game.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/14/2020 2:40:15 AM

Top 10?
Like a competition?

Man dont find Rastafari via speech and teachings

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/17/2020 3:21:37 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Garveys Africa, Haha like a competition. I man just trying to foster good reasoning on the works of the Most High JAH Haile Selassie I. Recently I been listening to reasoning by Prof I about living free of books and I man sight InI need to look inside ourselves for the answers and for vision of how the Iniverse exists. I man also sight that for those of us who live deep inna babylon or even alone in nature, certain books and reflections on speeches and teachings can also be beneficial for InI. In I community, people don't speak about Marcus Garvey or Haile Selassie I. If I man didn't work to overstand history, and the truth of Rastafari words, and righteousness of HIM's works, no one would have told them to I. InI need to work to control the narrative and check it is in line with reality.

For instance, what if one who called themselves a Ras started to flirt with ideas that are proven to be beneficial to white supremacy, mistakenly thinking they were leading a righteous life but in fact were directly contradicting the ways of HIM Haile Selassie I. If they didn't know this because they had not picked up a book to learn about a thought process that was different than their own flawed logic, they might actively work for the beast unknowingly. If InI weren't present or unable to attend to every matter at hand, we might see that so called Ras spout hate speech on this very forum. That is why I support insightful vision for InI that are wise to the works of Marcus Garvey and HIM Haile Selassie I, but diligence of education for the Is just realeyesing the path of Rastafari.



Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/17/2020 3:54:07 AM

I like everything about your post bredda. Everything

Blessed love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/18/2020 12:21:35 PM


I would also like to hear you speak more on HIM. I see you are indeed a wise man with a lot of good knowledge that we can all benefit from. Much respect.

My respect on biblical knowledge is not easily earned. It is not an easy task to divide truth from history. Clearly, you have had success with that and I give thanks. You made numerous very good points; perhaps too many to highlight, but I look forward to conversing with you more on the reality of the messiah role vs everything Christianity turned Jesus into.

I think specifically, it would be helpful for a lot of people, including myself still, to hear you talk more about the word "God" in relation to HIM. Because I think this is where many get confused and becomes a point of contention.

As I've said, I don't believe the bible. However... I'm extremely well versed from the long time that I did. And even more so because I had to study my way out. But that being said, I don't have a problem with certain words and ideas. We just have to look beyond the ways in which those words were used by religion because most religions were corrupt devices used to control the masses.

If a man knows that people believe in a higher power, then that man can start creating a mythology around that idea, start giving it a name, start giving it titles and roles, start giving it a voice... life... and then that man can take that voice by saying he was chosen to speak. And people will give their lives for that fictional life. (reasons why I now embrace fiction and gain spiritual insight from fiction books and movies)

There is no higher authority in the minds of those who believe. Therefore, kings and priests were able to use that to their advantage. As a king, you know you need to get people to fight and even die for your country. While it may be their country too, you're benefiting greatly and have the responsibility of leading them and protecting them; organizing them.

So it makes sense that the concept of "heaven" would be born from this. Think of Valhalla. Think of the 70 virgins used to entice mulsims enough to commit suicide. These are methods of control. Listen to Dave Chappelle talk about Iceberg Slim.

I compare this to Moses saying, God wanted to kill all of you (talking to the Hebrews) and start over with me and Joshua (Yahoshua), but I convinced him not to. But that's why he's only talking to me and not you. And if you don't listen to me I may not be able to stop him from killing you all the next time. And oh, by the way, We're still going to kill a lot of you right now for not listening to me-err I mean God.

that's pimpin... But the game was done so well we couldn't see it.

When you understand the game you understand how to win and how to manipulate it to make others lose. The masses don't understand the game that the masters are playing. But some people tried to expose the game and fight against the masters. Yeshua famously clashed OFTEN with the religious masters of his time. They tried to equate him with someone possessed by demons. But he was wise enough not to try and take away their religion but instead reform it, so that they could see God in themselves rather than an angry outside God that wanted to kill them for breathing wrong. That's why he put emphasis on everyone being "Children of God". A righteous God reproduces righteousness. A evil god reproduces evil. So by their fruits ye shall know them. And this truth goes back to Cain and Abel. It's about love vs hate, good vs evil. Everything else is just a symptom and that's why spirituality can be simplified but when people want to control you they make it complex. Do you see?

It's clear to me, they corrupted the story of Yeshua in order to create the god-man "Jesus". In order to use his name, reputation, and engineered authority to control many many more people throughout the globe. It is a better way to empire than Rome because it doesn't use violence and doesn't cost hardly anything. People even pay for their own churches and pay the salaries of pastors. They pay to get lied to and controlled. But where in his ministry did Yeshua build a church and start collecting tithes and offerings? The myth said he fed over 5,000 people, all so absent minded that day they followed him without considering what they were going to eat all day. And no one had any money to buy their own. Yeshua didn't write that story. There are no gospels written by him, just people using his words.

We shouldn't run from the bible. Instead I think we should redefine it. We should take what was used against us and use it in a more honest and powerful way. There are millions of people who wont hear a word I say because I already I wasn't a believer and I'm not a Christian. Their brain is already shut down or in defense mode. But I'm not entirely sure Yeshua was a believer either. And that's why I think it deserves more study. To say the things he said you cannot be afraid. Had he been a perfect believer chances are he would have accepted the religion "as is". People kept asking him, "by what authority do you do these things" because he would act like God had sent him and given him that authority to undo or "reform" the things other men had established in the name of God. And that's part of the reason why he was confused for being God himself. Because the early Christians (some of them) said that the only way he could have boldly proclaimed certain things was if he was God. So either he was a liar and a blasphemer, or, to them he was claiming to be God.

But did he say he was God? No. Just like HIM didn't say he was God. So it's like what does that word mean? And more importantly, who do we let control that definition? The people who think Jesus walked on water? The people who think Moses did magic tricks? The people who think Elijah was beamed up into some kind of spaceship when he was, in actually, old enough to have died on the trip from natural causes?

For me there are more Characters in the bible than other people see. The writers themselves are characters because you have to consider what humans will say and do. Humans must think of fiction first so that the opposite is called non-fiction at the library instead of the other way around with fact and non-fact. This is how much humans lie; even old men running for office because they are seeking power. So did Yeshua say he was the messiah or was that just one more thing that his disciples wanted to believe? They could have lied about that too. Did he really say nothing during his questioning? What would the bible sound like if everyone was forced to tell the truth?

Would it make a sound at all?

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/20/2020 2:40:56 AM


Bless up Garveys Africa, Give thanks for Ras incouragement

IPXninja, give thanks for the I’s kind words. I man am a humble student of Haile Selassie I trying to live righteous and sight truth. I man happy to speak and share about the things I know.

I sight the word and title “God” can be problematic. I man prefer not to use the word because of the european connotations it carries with it and the image babylon has created in its name. Even though there are english translations of HIM Haile Selassie I’s speeches that use the word prolifically, I think it is important to note that in Amharic HIM would not have been using that specific word for the Most High. Now when I man read that word I automatically replace it with JAH but that is for I man personally. Unless the context I read it in is ugly, then I can’t help but see it as “God” haha. Whenever I am reasoning I prefer to say Most High or Almighty or Spirit or Universe or Iniverse instead of the word God. babylon thought monopolized that word.

I man haven’t spent much time wondering where the concept of heaven came from. I can see its attractiveness of course, and how deceivers use the concept to enslave and control, but it can’t be reality so it can’t be for InI. I think that is the reason the Book of Enoch is included in Ithiopia’s bible but not our western bible, to show a more realistic vision. That story tells InI that there will be a similar apocalypse as in Revelations, but instead the righteous will live through to create heaven on this earth. That seems closer to the narrative that nature shows InI through reality. But if I man scrutinize the vision of heaven, only one thing is for sure and that is the life I live right now. If I man want to live in heaven I man just live goodness on JAH creation right now.

The points the I brings up about Yeshua I think are very relevant to InI. Much of the reasonings of Jesus show to I man his intention was to promote the living JAH in InI. People up until that point were still being fooled to wait patiently and follow the rules until their Messiah arrived. Jesus was right to challenge that mindset and say I AM HIM. If it was not Jesus it would have been someone else eventually, so I don’t praise Jesus as the literal Most High because I man sight Jesus was a man. I praise the message that Jesus teaches because it is the message that Haile Selassie I teach InI and is the message of reality written on I heart. As I reasoned recently in another post by the I (Yeshua(Jesus) Vs Christianity), that doesn’t mean I agree with every teaching attributed to Yeshua. The main reasoning of Yeshua that I agree with, is that InI all have the spirit of the living JAH in InI. The evidence is everywhere. The deeper that science looks into molecules and quantum physics they find proof that supports InI as the living JAH. Those are some of the reasons I man stand strong in Rastafari.

As for the bible, I man could take it or leave it. I was raised without it or going to church and I man lived a happy and free life, but I also lived and live surrounded by nature. I started to learn about Rastafari when I was 16 or so and reasoned with Idren at that time that I man should read the bible. I was also curious because I could sight so much evidence of the ills babylon and christianity presses on InI and I wondered, what in that book could give them the right?? I read the bible in its entirety and read books included in Ithiopia’s bible and other books considered “apocrypha”. It helped I increase overstanding of my own rights as a human and armed I with knowledge to sight the inconsistencies and untruth of babylon and christianity.

Yet I refrain from using words like “should” or “need” when I man speaking to Idren about the bible. I think it is a useful tool to use, especially to approach people that are stuck deep inna babylon mindset, but it is not necessary for InI to play a role in approaching those people. If InI live righteously as the living JAH with an upful livity in heaven on this earth, any of those that want to seek us will find. If it is the I’s trod to speak to those in christianity, I man can support that to the fullest. The I IPXninja does it well and with nuff patience JAH know. Still, I man wouldn’t say it is InI duty to explain JAH truth to the ignorant, I would say it is InI duty is to live a good life in the name of HIM Haile Selassie I whether we read the bible or not. That’s why I also sight Garveys Africa and Prof I that InI can live with upful insight to find truth and life. I don’t bring up these points to imply any real division in what InI are reasoning on or say that I don't injoy answering questions about I sight of Rastafari to those seeking answers or education.

I give thanks for the I’s reasoning that neither Jesus or HIM said they were the Most High. Both of them knew the reality of the spirit of the Most High. InI are the living JAH


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