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Seeking advice

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Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 6/16/2020 7:16:01 PM

One Heart
One Blood
One Love

IPXninja, I sight it the pretty much the same, as for where white people come from/came about.

I am open to the idea of there being 5 human races, created in 5 different places around the Earth. Ancient bones found all around the Earth, some dating close to Lucy's time. However, I still sight it that all people come from Africa, that Africa is the root, the origin of mankind.

I once heard a preacher give a sermon on racism. He spoke about how JAH made man from the dust/dirt of the Earth, and how there are 5 colors dirt and likewise there are 5 colors of people. The preacher preached how all the races of people were made from different colors of dirt and when people fight about race, a bunch dirt starts flying. The preacher called racism a big dirt fight, people flinging dirt.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 7/8/2020 10:57:02 PM

Rasta nah deal with any ism. That's a fact
But looking at Jah Cub's answer is pretty interesting.

The interesting topic is also the concept of capitalism. Namely because it's such a broad concept and that is why so many are debating for and against. In the end, I think we each have our own picture of what capitalism means even if there is a main model for the ideology.

When I think of capitalism, I think of Babylon's main model for keeping the rich people rich and the poor people poor. The model that is to blame for climate change, the poor pharmaceutical industry and slavery until today.

Jah Cub said that a community ruled by Haile Selassie teachings would be perfect and he do not support any ism's. That is my answer too, but some people would ague that Haile Selassie used capitalistic methods to rise up his country. For example, by making Ethiopian aircraft companies. Black owned business InI support, but isn't that capitalism too just in a positive way? Capitalism - human freedom? Can capitalism also be an uprising force? I get your point caveman

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/10/2020 10:37:25 PM

capitalism is not all bad. It is bad when there are no checks and balances and when there is no socialism that can take care of those who are hurt by capitalism. We need to get out of the mindset that any one path is good and that all others are bad.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/11/2020 7:52:18 AM

It depends on the means to the end....What are the mean to a increase in capital? Prosperity is not a problem if gained righteously.. Capitalism has a bad name because of bad means to its end....Like slavery in US South in past and american businesses moving warehouses to China and becoming sweatshops instead of righteous, fair, jobs staying in America...

The worth of a job a person does....they dont always get. I can get a job painting a house for $500, will take 1 day by myself. If I work for a company I get pain $17 a hour minus taxes. Boss man keeps the rest of profit. Small businesses and self employed people are crucial to fighting down poverty, and why=en the small businesses grow to hire and pay a worker what they are truly worth money wise...

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/11/2020 8:04:20 AM

True there is more than one good path.

Iman time on irth has led i to believe
Capitalism is bad.
Capitalism is anti-love.
Capitalism is anti-share.
Capitalism is the epitome of greed.

Oh, i have something or skill you need, you cant have it unless you give me something in return. And i mek a profit. Where is the love in that?

As long as we in it we haffi play it aswell to get where we want to go, a place where we dont need it/them.

Everyone i know would still work for "free" as long as we could live comfortably.

We grow food fruit veg herbs and thing,
Caant have enuff space and mastery of garden to grow everything family need so we trade some with every Ras on the mountain. That is Not capitalism but it works. And we get more variety.

Menen I
Haile I

Rasses nah deal w any ism true

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/11/2020 9:59:06 AM

So ya need a house I build it, an I need food you grow it?
Or each man for him self? Build own house, grow own food, make own everything from scratch, raw earth?

Nature is capital. We use stocks of creation. We invest in creation, building up a natural environment , planting good things, working together to build up the earth....and INI-Selves if everything we do was natural then energy exchanges would be the currency and capital would still exist in the sense that capital is abundance. Financial poverty comes with natural resource poverty 1, and intellectual poverty 2.

Time, energy and money. Do you want assets or liabilities. Food on the table or famine? We need natural capital, social capital and economic capital. The whole living earth community needs natural capital, social capital is crucial and economic capital is the storehouses of civilization (billions). All 3 are interdependent.

You must speak of a different capital? Maybe the man made confused political concept of it.....?

Capitalism come from word capital. Communism comes from community. INI need in JAH Blessing upon INI BOTH community and capital. Rasta not on either extreme political spectrum, Rastafari is balance and from creation.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/11/2020 1:54:18 PM

jessep86 say, "Capitalism come from word capital. Communism comes from community. INI need in JAH Blessing upon INI BOTH community and capital. Rasta not on either extreme political spectrum, Rastafari is balance and from creation."

Yes Iyah! True what the I say

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/14/2020 12:56:22 AM

I would like to itinue this reasoning, short on time now, i will forward soon.
Give ankhs

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/15/2020 4:16:06 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Give thanks for the reasoning here.

Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth, I man give thanks for the I’s reasonings, and inspiring InI to further reason on capitalism.

IPXninja, I agree that InI will benefit from the blending of economic systems.

Jessep86, Bless up King. InI should be aware that capitalism created the conditions for manufacturing to move away from this country to authoritarian countries that subject their people to poor living and working conditions, and InI buy into that every time InI purchase a cheap product made in China over a product made in America. Not to mention the sacrifice in quality that used to be ever-present in Chinese products. Of course due to an increase in quality control measures, that lack of quality is becoming less evident with a lot of products. I man sight that global trade is not a bad thing by itself, but an entire global network being required to have access to basic goods? This can only go to support the military industrial simplex of babylon and burning more fossil fuels.

Evison, a lot of truths the I brings up about the essence of capitalism as babylon has designed it. Very true what the I says that if InI could live comfortably (and be guaranteed the right to life), InI would happily work without financial compensation. If only the bountiful gifts of this earth were the rights of all living people. The foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to rest his head.

Jessep86, Bless up Rasta, give thanks for the I’s reasonings that Nature is capital and InI invest in and use stocks of creation. The I’s entire post really spoke to I. When I was a more idealistic youth I spent a long time trying to reason and Iditate about a more harmonious economic system. Not in the sense of being educated about economic systems haha. I man just read through my “manifesto” of sorts and found the part that I thought related to your reasoning. I had an idea that “cost” of any item should be figured based on a system of how many years someone was in their specific trade, and the amount of hours they (or as a group, collectively) put into making that product. Thus eliminating overcharging or profit based exploitation. I thought that related to your reasonings that energy exchanges would be currency if InI lived natural.

Another idea I had, (which I will say again, I have no formal training in economics) what if every capitalist business with more than one person was required to be a co-operative? As in, employee owned. I feel like that would really help people feel invested in the work and job they do, and benefit more equally. Not saying that if a sole proprietor built their business to the level that they were going to hire an employee, that that employee would then be entitled to half of the company. More like if any person that was hired by a company actually received part ownership in the company, related to the amount of responsibility they had for keeping the company running. What if every CEO was accountable to every employee of a company because every employee was part owner and therefore a voting member on the “board of directors”? Salaries for those CEOs, and all employees for that matter, could be up for discussion and voted on. I feel like this would help promote manufacturing in this country which I man sight as a requirement for InI to move forward towards self sufficiency. I feel like it would also help ensure workers rights and also empower individual workers.

Interested to hear further reasonings on this subject, I man sight Evison has more reasonings on the subject and I look forward to reading those.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/15/2020 2:15:27 PM

I support the idea of UBI (universal basic income) because indeed there may come a time, sooner than we think, where most of the work is done by robots and AI.

The biggest impediment to humanity is humanity itself, and in this case, the ego of individualism. When a person has an idea, they have to put work into that idea. If they acquire a partner they have to sell or give a percentage of that business to that person. If they had to do this with everyone the capitalist argument is that people wouldn't have the same motivation to create those new companies; that it is the drive to get rich that motivates people do the extra that it takes to build a successful business.

I preach balance.

I can see, up to a point, where capitalists are coming from. However, this is especially true in a capitalist system. What if you sold your idea to an idea bank and then that bank matched all the right people to bring that idea into fruition. The idea could be valued by that bank and the person compensated. If the idea is good enough to make you rich then you get rich. Since the idea bank is supported by taxes all ideas are purchased by the people and become free use.

Because the individual's idea must be protected the government steps in, through copyright laws and trademarks, that it makes money on (at least $500), to keep others from taking the idea and selling it themselves. This also discourages ideas and innovations. I know a certain company who started selling a product and then turned around and gave that product to the Chinese to create a knock off version to sell it for cheaper. That's capitalism.

So if you want to fundamentally change it you have to fundamentally take an alternate approach to guide an idea through all stages of development.

If the idea was purchased by an idea bank then the interests that need to be protected are the people's interest. Instead of simply paying taxes, the people would get back a return on all the taxes they paid into supporting the idea bank. Maybe they could even choose between several idea banks, one for each industry. Say you want to invest in the medical field. Mark your taxes dollars to support the medical field. If there's a new vaccine or drug, it can't be over priced because it is owned by the people.

When you have an individual person controlling a company and reaping a grossly imbalanced amount of the profit then grotesque issues of greed are bound to happen. They're not just profiting from an idea anymore. Now they're controlling the product, knowing that if they have a monopoly they can charge more. The government protects drugs and actually keeps out competition so that people cannot buy the least expensive version of that drug on the market. Why do they need to step in? Because all this stuff about capitalism and market forces is really just their way of protecting their own pathways into wealth. And they think anyone who id against it is against an individual building wealth.

I think if a single individual is a genius and keeps coming up with great ideas they should be rich. If those ideas are more of a contribution to the world then they should be paid accordingly. That way you reward people for ideas. And then you use tax dollars to get the best people to develop those ideas into products. This also means that a good idea doesn't have to rely on the good execution. Many good ideas suffer from this and never get made because the idea is patented or trademarked so no one else, perhaps a more successful development team, can create it.

There has to be a balance between product and customer, product and worker. You have specialized skills? That should pay more money. And you should make more money the longer and better you are. And you should level up like a character in an RPG because people respond better to systems of personal development.

And from the idea bank the idea could go to a coop which is a team of people who make whatever they make according to their job/level and maybe they get bonuses for outperforming other teams, for reaching new levels as individuals and/or as teams, etc. I'm saying this because standard capitalist thinking is that you have to throw millions of dollars at a CEO for them to do their best so they can make more money for the shareholders. But if the CEO is in a coop then HE IS a shareholder, just like everyone else. And so everyone is motivated to work hard be successful. Just like how many companies provide stock options.

Once you have taken care of the supply side of economics then you can start looking at the demand. Even a modest salary is good if you have stock options in a good company. But maybe you can apply for subsidies that make certain products you need a lot cheaper for you by giving you a discount equal to the profit margin. Since the profit margin is going back to the people in the coop they're still getting paid to make the product so technically they're not out any money. And as they all pay taxes more money gets set aside to bring new ideas to life which then allows more coops to be created. On top of that you have a portion of income generated from taxing the profits of every coop so that everyone gets a universal basic income. This simply means that investing is automatic.

Well what if you want to invest more?

Then you should either be able to go in with a bank, or group of other investors, and provide an extra fund that coops can draw from and pay back; especially necessary during the first 5 years of a new idea where it may not be making any money at all. This means there would still be a free market for investors to take part in. And maybe they too can "level up" as an investor.

But right now this capitalist economy is more about exploitation. You have to change the whole goal and mindset, not to be all about the worker either, but about the balance between everyone and how everyone can make money


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