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Population Control

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/6/2020 5:33:24 PM

This will probably not be a popular subject and it may ruffle some feathers and for that I do apologize in advance. This isn't a popular subject because one of the ways in which often think about fighting against the system is by increasing our population (while theirs is decreasing). On top of that, many of our people are dying and getting shot or turning gay. All these things negatively impact our population.

I believe in population control and I'll tell you why but it's also important to understand WHERE I think population control should apply.

Since "control" is always taken as a negative I'm sure people think about "population control" as population reduction. However, that's not what control means. Think globally for second. Think about China. Yes, they had so many people that they had to introduce a one child policy. But in Japan, procreation is currently being encouraged. So the idea should be based on where are the resources and how much do those resources need to be shared or distributed.

Jobs and education can be resources too. The more children that need educations the more teachers you need and the more likely you're going to have bad ones. The more people you have the greater the demand will be for jobs and health care. The more demand there is the more competition there is. And in capitalism competition drives prices down. And with price often goes quality.

In other words, the more people you're having to compete with for your livelihood, the higher the chance is that the quality of your life will slowly deteriorate.

Does that mean, the fewer people the better? NO. I think one of the worst problems in the black community in the US is a lack of variety in black owned businesses. How many barberhops and beauty salons do you need before there is oversaturation? But the way that evolution works is that if there's a need for a type of thing then it survives. If not, then it dies. And the more competition it has the more that need and demand is reduced.

When there isn't enough of something that's when you start to deal with scarcity. Why are diamonds valuable? Scarcity. They're rare gems. Therefore the value is higher. What happens when you combine rare items with over population? Eventually, most of the money will end up into the hands of a few. Why? Because they own the scarce/rare things that everyone else is competing to have.

The worse thing for people who are already poor is to massively procreate and create more competition for their next generation.

Does this mean that only rich people should procreate? Of course not. It simply means that right now we don't necessarily think about the needs of our community when we procreate. We think about ourselves. And when you have more children to feed, buys clothes and birthday presents for, possibly pay child support for, all that money that is spent on them is basically ending up in the hands of the rich because they own the companies and products, the toys, the clothes, all that stuff. Meanwhile, most of us live pay check to pay check. And because there is more compeition who knows if having a college degree will even be enough.

And then robots.... robots are going to take a lot of people's jobs.

So its not about denying people's freedom. It's about being smart. It's about managing your resources and the resources in your community and environment. In some places it would be better to have more people, in others less. And now with the ability to work virtually from anywhere, more and more companies will not necessarily be as drawn to big cities.

Humans can very much spread like a virus, not caring about the host, not caring about the planet or its ability to sustain all the life on it. And so we add polution that in turn makes us sick, gives us cancer, etc. And even if we wanted to, could we afford to feed everyone equally and fairly if we simply grew out of control?

One of the things I've always found interesting was how so many rich black men end up with white women. It's almost like they are inserted to keep as much money in the white race as possible. Is that a reasonable assumption? Or is it more likely that white of a certain "class" are more likely to be in circles that overlap the circles of black people of a certain "class"?

It is a somewhat scary thought to think that things would be better if millions of people were simply never born. That could even be me that was never born. At the same time what about the quality of life? What about people who are starving? What about people with fatal diseases and how those might spread? It seems inhumane to talk about population control but how many people are dying already because of the side effects of ignoring it? I am a person who believes in balance. I don't believe in having too many or two few. I believe in order, not chaos, as a logical path. And yes, I believe population control can be a good thing.

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