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5G and vaccine

1 - 1011 - 2021 - 27
Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/8/2020 5:37:24 PM

Sunofman is absolutely 100% correct. I am not pro government/system. I am simply not for lies, no matter who tells them. I don't trust Alex Jones just because I don't trust the government. I can distrust both with equal measure because both are motivated by greed. And when you tell lies about who I am or what my intentions are you prove just how political you are; that you don't care one bit what the truth is, as long as it's your version of it; as long as YOU can agree with it.

Most conspiracy theories are trash. They simply are. Why? Because there's a profit motive. Either someone is selling a book or some other product. And so you don't even question... You don't even use enough critical thinking to count how many people would have to be a part of a conspiracy in order for it to work. Are all those people bought off? No. They have normal salaries, just like you. Then you also ignore the fact that we live in a global community but governments are in a competitive relationship with each other. They hold hands on camera but off they sometimes act in hostile and clandestine ways towards each other. In other words, the idea that they all happily support the same conspiracies is childish nonsense. And I don't say this lightly. When I was younger I followed conspiracy theories too. However, as I learned to question everything, I learned to question the conspiracy theorists too and what might motivate them to lie and spread false information. Pizza gate?

Conspiracy theories are an industry where information is a product. The supply has to be constant because the demand is constant. But conspiracy theorists don't have journalism degrees. So as much as you can mouth off about science and peer-review, there are NO SUCH CONTROLS in the conspiracy theory industry. And that is how people like Alex Jones have gotten rich. And Alex Jones needs to keep feeding you information to maintain his wealth so he's motivated to do so. The idea that people are constantly blowing the whistle and telling only him and other conspiracy theorists is just dumb. Did conspiracy theorists know first about actual government whistle blowers before those stories came out in the real press? No they did not. That means that actual real whistle blowers... people with real inside information... aren't going to non-journalists like Alex Jones who cannot protect their identity. But people use Alex Jones all the time, claiming to be scientists or doctors, when they're not because they know he's not a journalist and wont check their credentials. This has already been exposed.

Alex Jones isn't alone. He's just the best example. And he knows just how powerful his influence is. And that power... is a corrupting influence. Rastas should NOT be under no man's influence except those who they choose to be their guides out of respect: HIM, Marcus Garvey, etc. These are people we don't have to make up fake news about. We can respect them because their stories are documented history.

Do I get the flu shots my company offers us every year? Never once. That doesn't mean I distrust ALL vaccines. My parents vaccinated me just like most of us whose parents weren't anti-vaccers, are ALREADY vaccinated against a slew of diseases. And I'm perfectly healthy. But again... people spread false information and now old diseases are coming back because they're not vaccinating their kids and don't understand that every other vaccinated kid is carrying all the viruses they have been vaccinated against.

Information and knowledge is key. If you don't like radiation of any kind then how do you listen to any music? No radio, blue tooth? Do you not realize that anything that sends a wireless signal is using a form of radiation??? Do you realize that light from the sun is radiation? No one with melanin should be afraid of the sun's radiation. But can too much exposure to the sun cause skin cancer? Absolutely. Specifically UV radiation. But still people will lay in UV tanning beds. Would I? No, but I would never have that need.

People are lying about 5G. 5G is a reference to FIFTH GENERATION (of the technology powering cell phones). This often uses WEAKER signals for larger coverage areas. But why all of a sudden, after years of exposure to WIFI and 3G and 4G, would people be suddenly dropping dead at a faster pace? And how would radiation not make children sick? Clearly, this is an attempt to blame something other than coronavirus so that a certain orange president wont look so incompetant and to blame democrats for blaming Trump for not being better equipped to handle this pandemic. This whole scam about a "plandemic" is a political attempt (piggy backed onto conspiracy theories) to protect the MAGA agenda. And that is why the person so is trying to claim that I support Babylon is supporting TRUMP who is the BIGGEST representative of the Babylon system on the planet.

What? He's exempt? He's supposed to be a regular guy? Get the **** outta here! He was bred with a silver spoon, avoided the draft lying about bone spurs, and gives special recognition to racist former presidents. His dad was racist and gave him millions of dollars as one would get an allowance. And the only reason he was crowned by people like Alex Jones is because they heard his dog whistles and they liked it. That's who YOU are supporting. As for me? Democrat or republican. They both have major issues and need to be called out. And in this case Babylon happens to be ran and controlled by the corrupt REPUBLICAN party. So guess who I'm going to talk about. Them. Because babylon is a system and it is bigger than one party. And that's something everyone else here understands.

Why don't you go turn off your wifi to protect yourself from covid? No? Perhaps you don't even believe your own BS.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/8/2020 7:24:57 PM

You people are so wrong about everything you write about. You literally turn any point that isn’t exactly in line with democrat mainstream propaganda into “Alex Jones conspiracy bs”... it’s old, dishonest, disingenuous, and 100% wrong.

I never said, nor did anyone else here say, that 5G was CAUSING THE VIRUS. No one ever made that claim. I said, and you can see it for yourself how you twist and turn things, that it needs to be studied more what 5G does to the body when one has the virus. That’s it. That’s how this got started.. but as you retards always do, you put words in my mouth then write the same garbage about “Alex Jones blah blah blah blah fuck nonsense”

At this point. I’m pretty sure IPXninja fag and SonofSam are the same person. The timeline doesn’t lie. SonofSam is silent for months until me and Ninja fag go back and forth then SonofSam is back giving ninja fag the reach around circle jerk.. hmmm

Anyway, I don’t have WiFi. I don’t take vaccines.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/8/2020 11:11:39 PM

How aluminum adjuvants in vaccines can cause autism

It’s a 23 page PDF.

Is this an “Alex Jones conspiracy”??? Not even close

We are in the midst of a world wide medical tyranny

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 5/9/2020 11:44:02 PM

Your parents gave you vaccines though didnt they? U willing to risk catching tetanus? U willing to let your child run that risk?

You never utilize wifi...right, let's take your word for it.

Your internet consumption still drives the need.

U can call it medical tyranny, and in many ways it is, however, there will come a time when you'll rely on the medical industry to provide for you. Making blanket statements about the ills of vaccines is incredibly short sighted. Some are trash, but some are very important to human existence. As consumers in a world of for profit medicine, people have to be properly educated about what they're consuming, and cost vs benefit must be weighed out. The autism theory is not based on credible information, it's based on people's fears.

You let your fears manipulate you daily, and you pretend that you're not fostering an industry that profits off your fears.

You deceive yourself into believing....belief is just pretending when in fact you don't know.

Now if you want to actually prove something to yourself (as opposed to just making it up), plug my name into the search function, then do the same with Ninja and see if the timeline fits. Of course you won't though, cuz factual research is not your thing.

Abbadon abyss, you are.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/10/2020 5:42:38 PM

Speaking of using the search bar...

vaccines long been reasoned here before

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/11/2020 5:17:55 PM

SunOfMan: You let your fears manipulate you daily, and you pretend that you're not fostering an industry that profits off your fears.


I'm not even going to address the stupidity of me being the same person as another poster. It is only because your argument is weak and your logic is feeble that your mind resorts to such excuses to explain why you're getting fact-checked by multiple people. As far as I'm concerned that's inevitable. This is a forum. If you want an echo chamber to hear just your views repeated back to you then I suggest you find a nice cave or canyon. There's no need to get distracted from the truth though.

The fact is that we're saying that conspiracy theories are an INDUSTRY and you are a sheep, blissfully unaware that you are marketing a product for people like Alex Jones. And you think me mentioning Alex Jones somehow biases the conversation. It should. Because everyone can see that Alex Jones makes $$$ from conspiracy theories. And the problem is that he and others have positioned themselves so that even if it isn't his video, his channel still benefits. How? Because people don't just do 1 search on a conspiracy theory. They're going to "research" it and see who all is talking about it and giving explanations. So all Alex has to do is create pathways for people to find that information and his website passes "domain authority" to those pages. At the same time if google's algorythm thinks Prisonplanet or infowars is linking to all these theories then these domans get a bump as an authority. The result is more traffic to Alex's properties. So while you're just doing research, the fact that you will stumble on a site that links to infowars is no accident. You're feeding the infowars machine. You don't have to be consciously aware of that. You just need to understand that's what's happening. And unlike someone who doesn't use wifi (which I find hard to believe) I work in IT.

So not only can I tell you how Alex Jones is benefitting I can also tell you how dead and cancerous I should be if your fears over 5G were founded. I use a mesh network at home, with 2 wifi emitting nodes for the upstairs and 1 for the basement. Each of the 5 tvs is a smart tv running on wifi, I have a robot vaccum and mop, both on wifi, washer and dryer on wifi, a lightbulb on wifi, sonos speakers on wifi, multiple game systems, at least 5 tablets and 4 laptops, etc. The theory says that your body reacts to the 5G signal by producing what is then thought to be covid-19. But that's dumb. If you had wifi you would know that your signal cuts out less than 50 feet from your home but is weakened by walls. But a radio signal and tv signals are broadcast and received over miles. They are all signals "radiating" from towers or satelites. Depending on the signal though, even a cloud can interfere which is why I will still never go back to satelite tv.

Now how is it that suddenly 5G is supposed to be getting people sick when no one suffers the same sickness from radio or tv broadcasting? And whether you have a device picking up the signal or not, those signals are still coming into your house. The fact that its on a lower band simply makes the signal stronger and therefore capable of going over greater distances. The higher band, like 5 gigahertz which 5G (fifth generation) can use but is certainly not limited to 5G, are less powerful but can pack more data. So they have trouble going through walls and the distances are short. That's why wireless phones you buy for your house are mostly 2.4gigahertz. That's suitable for a phone conversation. But 5gighertz can pack more information. But it's not a "Stronger" signal. The lower band frequences are actually what's being used to make 5G cover the most distances. 5gigahertz are mostly only being used in doors in certain locations where it makes sense. But that's why its 5G and not 5ghz; because 5G allows them to better use the entire avaiable spectrum. And just like analog tv and radio the "airwaves" are already and have been flooded with signals for a very long time. Even sunlight is radiation. The question is not whether or not it is radiation but what kind of radiation is dangerous.

As much as you may want to believe that corporations don't care and may want to kill you, they do care. About one thing. Profits. Corporations are programmed to care about profits. Do you know what destroys profits?

Liability. This is what keeps corporations in check.

Imagine if people started legitimately suing Verizon and Sprint for cancer? There would be a class action suit the size of half the planet. Yes, sometimes a car manufacturer has to do a recall and they hate that because its costly. But imagine if they were so careless or were so busy trying to kill you that every car they made had to be recalled? Investors would be outraged, pull their money out, they'd go into chapter 11. Done. This whole dark image of corporate monsters under your bed trying to kill you has to be balanced with the realities of how money actually works.

I actually don't mind conspiracy theories that are logical. Most simply aren't. Most are simply about a mistrust of other people that they package under "government" but in reality government also includes all the people who are paid through our tax dollars, not just the people making decisions at the top. And even "the top" could mean different things. But at the end of the day, you follow the money. That doesn't mean the more money someone has the more evil they are or whatever. Those stories about Bill Gates are often childish fancy that ignore loads of information because people are afraid of his wealth because they think it means he can do anything he wants. It doesn't. You can't just start an evil corporation and pay regular people to work for you. That's just an Austin Powers level of silly. Again conspiracy theories have to be logical and understand how money works. If they don't they're most likely just click bait.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/11/2020 7:37:55 PM

Every topic with you two goes back to racism, Alex Jones, and conspiracy theory market. LOL

Funny how you conveniently ignore THE BILLION DOLLAR market that is the mainstream media you regurgitate, to which Alex Jones is a speck of algae in that pond.

Yeah no shit he makes money off of his operation. It’s a business. Just like CNN, MSNBC, NPR etc etc. It takes money to have cameras, microphones, reporters, salaries.. the major difference being, infowars doesn’t have 100 Million dollar contracts for talking heads like CNN.

You talk about his and my “agenda” as if we are one and the same, but again, ignore the blatant decades long, generation destroying lies of the news you cite.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/14/2020 8:12:18 AM


Dude... the reason why it is a billion dollar industry is because of advertising. Do you not see what has happened to the print industry? Many journalists have lost their jobs because the money has dried up. More and more people are venturing away from cable and therefore commercials. I myself don't watch commercials. The news I still watch are just clips from youtube and my account let's me skip youtube's commercials. Alex Jones isn't in the same pond. He is a sales man. He is NOT a journalist nor does he have an army of paid journalists working for him. And that's what it's really about. JOURNALISM. You are ignoring the fact that people go to school for this. It is a profession with a long history. They aren't simply reading a script. The person on camera, reading the news off the teleprompter is being fed what to say by staff members. This is the culmination of hours and sometimes months of JOURNALISM; reporting, sourcing, verifying information. There are regular journalists and then there are investigative journalists. You may think they're all getting their info from George Sorros but this is where George Sorros gets his news and information.

And the sources talking to journalists have to reveal their identities so that the journalist can trust them. If they choose to remain anonymous then either the journalist has to find someone else to back up their claims or the journalist themselves has to hide their identities to protect them. Journalism is hard work. If you look at TYT, they have a whole network with sets, microphones, editors, staff and crew, etc. They have a handful of journalists now but I remember when they were asking for the donations required to hire them. So no, you don't need millions to have a studio. The difference is the journalists you have to hire to go UNCOVER the news. TYT mainly only reports on the news already uncovered by other companies. And these companies race to get the "scoop" first because they constantly compete to show they are the better source. And when SEPARATE news organizations are able to uncover the same information, it only further validates the information that is uncovered.

If one organization was making stuff up the others would capitalize on it because they're in competition. You'd rather think they're all working together because you don't understand how money works. You simply and obviously don't. Fox news would LOVE to attack CNN but they don't because they CAN'T. CNN would love to attack Fox news but the reality is that Fox NEWS often does good reporting. Notice I'm talking about news and reporting, not commentary like Sean Hannity. And I seriously hope you at least understand the difference. Commentators are ALLOWED to have a liberal bias on CNN or MSNBC just like commentators on FOX are allowed to have a conservative bias. Just because I disagree with their opinion doesn't mean its a conspiracy. The truth is that you'll never get everyone to agree on everything. There will always be 2 sides. And there will always be these 2 sides emerging to battle over which opinion is right. I disagree with you a lot. That doesn't mean I was sent here to do so. If you think that then it is simply irrational paranoia.

So instead of recognizing that not everyone is the same and therefore don't have to agree with you, you'd rather think their disagreements with you are "fake" and sponsored by some mythical bad guy who has a lot of wealth and wastes it on trying to influence you towards a different opinion at the same time as also wanting to kill you, as if other rich people aren't supporting FOX, radio show hosts, etc. on the republican side. Stop trying to see monsters everywhere. Everyone has freedom of speech. And everyone, big or small, can use that speech to influence others. And money has become speech in the US (which is why I support WolfPAC to get money out of politics). It is Progressive Democrats who want to get money out of politics. If there is a republican group trying to do the same feel free to share their name and URL. But this is why the corporate (center right) democrats rallied around Joe Biden to defeat Bernie Sanders (and Warren to a lesser degree). If you haven't figured it out yet, I support Bernie and AOC and other progressives. There are financial influences on all sides, but every news story isn't true or false based on who has money.

One of the few shows I watch on CNN is Morning Joe which stars a Republican... who basically was life long republican until Trumpism took over the party. But he still has very conservative values and makes it known when those values are being rubbed the wrong way by whoever is in office. And where he and other republicans are correct is that republicans are not a monolith and there are different wings of the party and many of the conservative values are being ignored; such as fiscal conservation. Sometimes what republicans say and do are two different things because they're simply being opportunistic. Mich McConnnel will use his wife and other connections to get deals for his state so that he can get re-elected, while at the same time crying about common people getting handouts when his entire state takes out way more money than they put in. But since he's an elite in the party, CNN will cover the scandalous behavior while Fox news wont. That's the difference. Each side exposes the other, and frankly, that's a GOOD thing. Because everyone should be afraid of the media; of their corruption coming to light. And having one party control the media can't be trusted to do that equally. You also have commentators in the middle, like Roland Martin, which you can see here:

The difference is always advertisers. The more people watch, the more expensive it is to advertise on that channel. But the more people who work for you doesn't mean you make more money. That's how much money you lose. So someone like Alex Jones, with a small staff, can pocket millions of dollars and even make more profit than a prime time show on a major news network. Because it all depends on viewership. And in Jones's case he doesn't only make money on ads but actual product sales. So you really have no idea how much money this guy, who is an internationally known figure, is making. TV and radio is somewhat restricted to the US but internet radio, youtube, and obviously his own websites, aren't.
Alex Jones Of 'Infowars,' Conspiracy Theories, And Trump Campaign (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

This video just exposes the connection between Alex Jones and the POTUS and his rise in viewership and how Jones has a reckless disregard for accuracy or facts. In this video you hear out of his own mouth that it costs 45-50 MILLION dollars to run Infowars. You don't have to be an accountant to know that if it costs 50 million to run a business, that business is bringing in a lot of money. So no, Alex isn't some grass roots whistle blower. He is a major corporation in the INDUSTRY of conspiracy theories. The point is not to beat you up on the subject of Alex Jones, but rather to bring up Alex Jones to support the fact that you are dealing with an INDUSTRY where millions of dollars are made. And that's why you have to be careful with the information you're getting because its not vetted by real journalists. And if you think Jones is spending thousands or millions to verify people's stories or credentials, I can promise you, he isn't because he's not a journalist.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/14/2020 8:40:14 AM

First of all, how DARE you assume my gender and call me a “Dude”!! — The BS Soros and CNN push onto kids.

Second, you just admitted to being a complete and utter lemming! MORNING JOE!!? Hosted by Mika Brzezinsk, daughter of NWO master eugenicist and former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski who once warned fellow elitists that a worldwide “resistance” movement to “external control” driven by “populist activism” is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order. And Joe Scarborough, who had dead hooker 28-year-old Lori Klausutis found in his Florida apartment. THIS IS THE PEOPLE YOU WATCH AND TRUST!!! Hahahahaha thank you for that!!

Third, you have been proven 100% wrong about the Russian Collusion Hoax, Impeachment, General Michael Flynn and more or less everything Trump by time. You will suffer the same fate with COVID-1984 because YOU WATCH, CITE, AND TRUST NWO PROPAGANDA MAINSTREAM MEDIA. You live in a carefully constructed false reality, that no matter how many times you are proven wrong, you *have* to maintain.

Everyone else here sees it except you and SonofMan.. the two biggest simps for mainstream liberal media.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/14/2020 9:05:03 AM

what a snowflake...

I guess we should be more like you... pushing government propaganda, not just from the US, but Tanzania as well which is arresting people for talking about the pandemic.

I'd much rather carry water for the news media (and my sister who is a doctor) than for governments that arrest their citizens for talking about it and suggesting, in front of a national audience, that maybe people could ingest cleaning products and try dangerous and unproven medications and fire anyone who pushes against that narrative even while members of their own staff get infected.

Good job.

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