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RastaGoddess, still waiting on you to come to Belize :)

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Messenger: Heru-Khuti-Atem Sent: 3/19/2020 12:36:50 PM

Probably forgotten me already.....

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/20/2020 8:19:42 PM

HERU!!!! Greetings beloved! Forgotten you??? No Suh! In fact, just recently I was checking to see if you'd been by here and posted anything. So Good to "see" you!

Still dreaming of Belize...

How's everything with you?

Messenger: Heru-Khuti-Atem Sent: 3/23/2020 7:22:43 PM

It's good to know you still alive and kicking Goddess! You didn't forgot me so now I'm good 😊;;

Lord, you can take me now haha... Mekka stop talk fool

Belize and Nagu is waiting on you! Hope you're not going too far south or north lol Remember, the center is the key 😉;;

And I am doing just fine. Just making sure you good

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Haile Selassie I