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To blame: Im a Rastaman

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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 11/26/2019 9:52:06 AM


Rastafari is serious..

To wear the crown, one must have knowledge

But when does one have enough knowledge not to suck the blood from Rastafari as a vampire? We have Rastas that read the Bible once in a while. Knows good about Selassie I, but does not cultivate him excessively.
Then we have Rastas reading about Malcolm, Marcus, Martin and most high Selassie I every day and cultivate knowledge as the most diligent. And we have Rastas who know the simple stuff like black uplifting, chanting etc. And some viewers learn a bit of Rastafari perhaps because they would rather represent it instead of learning it (to claim: - Im a Rastaman)

What if you ask a Rasta about Nyabinghi and he would say -"Wait I forgot what Nyabinghi is" But still he can tell you about black history and babylon like a champion. Would you claim him to be Rasta still? And InI know that it's only Jah who can judge so he could be a Rasta if he meant it, but when are you than a vampire instead of Rasta?

Im a bit curious

What do you think?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/27/2019 11:29:52 PM

in my father's house there are many mansion is an old Rastafari bible influenced proverb. Meaning there's no one way to do this outside of declaring Haile Selassie as man saviour Almighty I.

If a man seh that but him don't know Nyabinghi death to all white oppressor......or him know that, but don't know how to beat a Repeater different from a Kette different from a Funde..... or him know that, but don't know Nyabinghi warrior empress of Central Africa..... or know all of that, but him yet to trod a Binghi house session and chant down babylon from morning to morning..... Him still a Rastafari according to him hands and heart.

Some would say it's more important to know none of these things outside of Haile Selassie....but trod the earth extroverted ina Rastafari and go and spread the message as a beacon of Jah; then a man who know ALLL the knowledge but kibba him mout and stick a pin anyweh public forum deh.

It tough iah.

A man can have the upmost intentions but through life circumstance cannot possible do some of the things which ones may label as typically Rasta.

Don't worry about the vampire. Dem deh deh stilll...just know the ruut and know seh Haile Selassie I and ipremacy of the black race.


Spiritual gain with material gain need a balance for InI as Rastafari in this dispensation
... anything outside of that concept means blood suck a gwayn Summm weh. Ah THIS form of suck out which must perish in this time.


Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 11/29/2019 9:31:35 AM

Give thanks for teaching InI

much love

inna di name of

JAH Rastafari

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/9/2019 8:43:25 PM

I would also ask, What is a Christian?

I'm still amazed at how little the majority of Christians know the bible. But does one need to be an expert in the bible to call themselves Christian? What is the main point? Is it the knowledge? Or is it the application of the central message of Christ?

And choosing to follow Christ doesn't mean, that at that moment, you are 100% full of an understanding of Christ's teachings. I also know Christians who have other ideas about religion and spirituality outside the bible. And Christians don't possess 1 belief about Christ, or the afterlife, or the godhead, and definitely do not possess a singular interpretation of the bible. Some Christians take everything literally and believe the earth is flat. More Christians believe that Noah's flood was global. The point is, that none of these beliefs determines who is or who isn't a Christian. By the same token, one can't say, you must be or believe the same things as someone else in order to be Rastafarian. Like Christianity, its a pathway. But spirituality is making that pathway your own.

So the question is, not how it applies to others but how does it apply to you? Who cares what others are doing in their own path unless its doing some sort of damage to Rastas as a whole or is advocating some false identity.

For example, I personally view Christmas as wrong for Christians to celebrate because it is quite obviously a pagan holy day dedicated to sun worship. However, Christians have turned it into a day of Christian unity that has influenced the whole world to unite in the spirit of that holy day. So who am I to define Christianity in narrow terms? Even though it defies biblical precedent.

I think Rastafarianism is the same way because I think there are many parallels between Jesus and Haile Selassie I. And even like Jesus who did not fulfill the prophecy of the messiah in his time, and people added their own ideas about what Jesus was supposed to be and do, the same has happened to Selassie. This is why people talk about him being a Christian because some might believe he is literally a rebirth of Jesus while others may believe it is a spiritual rebirth. All these things are relevant but the most relevant thing shouldn't be who/what he was "supposed to be (to us)" but rather who he actually was and what he taught. And our respect and admiration should be sincere. Different parts will appeal to different people. Can't fault people for being different or having different priorities.

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