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Messenger: Levite I Sent: 11/6/2019 4:29:03 PM

Greetings I I

As recent news has forword to light of the transition of a haile esteemed bredren's transition unto the unknown side, ankhcestral realm - into the hands of Jah RasTafari I-man ah honour I elder, guru, griot/jahli, professor Michael Vaughn Beenjahmeyn who many ones will know as the ipreme vocalist of Midnite. In dis recent i-wah the most honourebel one did a forword as Akae Beka. Mi know seh certain unapologetic ones like GARVEYS AFRIKA have connected in spirit with di Prophet's storehouses of word, sound, vibration. May wi keep the Master Teacher Elders loved ones ina wi medi and prayahs and moreover the I's name and discography ringing out ah chant itinually unto the generations forwording.

Selah Sea I

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/9/2019 5:09:51 AM

A Christ in InI lifetime. Dem man deh Christ order. How much people Vaughn wordsound cause dem to sight Tafari and go study deep deep deep into the ting. Dem man deh hi spiritual order. I man never live during the time of Marley but it must be a similar feeling....

A terrible sadness

Ites up Ras Vaughn and Ras Ronnie

Dis likkle suppm lifted from another site:

The re-interpretation of Original African religion. This re-interpretation confuses what was originally not evil with evil. The original human(dark) and woman are equated with negative forces in the world in Babylonian thinking. Those who practiced an older religion which held the mother to be sacred were the older, darker races of the continents. As these original inhabitants were displaced by different populations, a re-interpretation occured of the original mythologies. I refer to this as Babylonian re-interpretation as this is a process which indeed took place in the area of ancient Babylon as the semites co-opted the original mythologies of the older and darker populations. The story is similar in India with the Aryan invasion.

The question is . . . how much have we come away from Babylonian thinking if we do not examine the ORIGINS of this way of approaching our spiritual/religious trod. Judaism sprang out of the Babylonian way of re-interpretation and this way was carried over into Christianity. As Rasta is diametrically OPPOSED to Babylonian thinking, IandI must overstand the roots and seperate these ways from within IandI gates. Indeed we cannot exactly RETURN to the ancient ways as life is change, flux and adaptation . .. but IandI can make a CONSCIOUS effort to OVERSTAND and make those changes in our perspective and thinking necessary to manifest a beneficial trod. This is crucial to whomoever sites Rasta . .. black AND white.

. . .
White collar criminal
Blue collar Krishna
All your decimation inclination
You tek cali out a India
The feminine emblem
Send the best cultivator
Steel metal paper worker
Giving up your culture for cancer

Well I don’t think you know
Bout none of the two Ithiopia
Run go go King James your version
What’s the first verse in a Esther

Try neva to witness a people
Disappear transaction in action yeah
Hail when the boardroom hit order come down
Silence is the usual chain reaction
All them searching for them bigger power
Ova occupation rejection racial
Every corporate capo on foot in retreat
Who’s the next sacrificial
. . .

- Midnite "White Collar Criminal"

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/13/2019 3:08:00 AM

Ever sad up iah

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Haile Selassie I