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InfoWars? Or War on Information?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/17/2019 4:00:20 PM

hemp: It has been admitted that weather changing technologies exist.

China Is Launching Weather-Control Machines Across An Area The Size Of Alaska


CIA director discusses geoengineering at CFR event

Okay, let's talk weather control and science. The claim by Infowars and Alex Jones isn't that weather can be influenced by technology. The claim is that the government is weaponizing weather. Saying something is scientifically possible is not the same as saying, not only is it possible, but we made it into a bomb. Conspiracy theories often conflate the possible with existing programs both real and imagined. Such is the case of HAARP. So China trying to make rain is a far cry from our government being able to make hurricanes and tornadoes. It's not nearly the same thing.

A cloud is moisture in the air condensed around a nucleating particle. It doesn't come down because its not cool enough for it to condense and turn into its liquid form which is heavier than air. The Chinese have to shoot silver iodide particles into the air, carried by wind (which they can't create), in order to form clouds which can then become unstable and drop rain.

So already, you have a limit on what they can do. They can't make wind. They have to drop the silver from planes or shoot it with ground artillery. That is a far cry from being able to control the weather.

"Bill Gates is backing the first high-altitude experiment of one radical approach called solar geoengineering. It’s meant to mimic the effects of a giant volcanic eruption. Thousands of planes would fly at high altitudes, spraying millions of tons of particles around the planet to create a massive chemical cloud that would cool the surface."

Kind of like the Chinese cloud seeding, this project hopes to provide an emergency shield to protect humans from Solar radiation. If you read your own article you can see that this isn't without serious potential consequences. It's only consideration would be an alternative to solar radiation which would simply kill everyone outright.

Along the same lines you have Brennan talking about SAI which is basically dropping reflective particles to lesson the amount of solar radiation able to get through. But this is like an umbrella. I'm not saying an umbrella can't be used as a weapon, but... there is a very limited use case of an umbrella as a weapon and you'd normally attack with a closed umbrella, not an open one. If you're going to attack someone, you'd be better off using a sword than a shield. So as far as weapons go this isn't it. In fact, its only being proposed as a means of protection against the sun; not other humans. Nor is it being proposed to "control weather" but rather to protect against solar radiation. If you think you need a lot of SPF now... when the ozone layer has been depleted there may not be enough sun tan lotion in the world to protect ANY of us, regardless of melanin content.

HAARP. Let's be real. Conspiracy theorists believe HAARP is a weapon. There's 2 problems with this.

1. Directing high frequency radiation would, if anything, excite particles and heat them. It wouldn't be able to cause any effects that rely on cooling.
2. From the ground, HAARP couldn't hit another target on the ground or in the water... its not a bomb. The signal can only be focused in one direction, not thrown in an arc. And you would need the hot water or air under the cold in order to create adverse weather effects.
3. In mid-August 2015 control of the facility and its equipment was turned over to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which is making the facilities available for researchers on a pay-per-use basis

The whole point of HAARP was figuring out how to keep radio signals from being blocked in order to improve the performance and reliability of signals passing through the ionosphere.

Science Experiment: Back in June I accidentally did something for the first time. I had hot air trapped under a glass lid with no way to escape. The lid was put directly on the counter top. It produced a suction effect that made it extremely difficult to lift the lid. The interaction of warm air and cold air is how we get storms. If you wanted to make a storm you'd probably want to set off some kind of nuke underwater during a cold season. You might then be able to see something happen. But that's obviously not HAARP and obviously the government isn't doing anything like that, especially considering they gave it away to a university which would never happen if it involved any kind of classified technology or was, in any way, a weapon.

Overall, the conspiracy theorists are using helpful science and technology and, because they're scared of everything, trying to turn it into some kind of weapon because they don't understand it. And in the case of Alex Jones, perhaps he does understand it but doesn't care because as long as he can make people afraid of chemtrails he can get them to buy more of his products.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/17/2019 7:06:02 PM

You need to do more research. Stopping at snopes -- a far left propaganda 'fact checking service' -- isnt research. You use babylon sources to cover for babylon.

This is the 'research' you are doing: Im going to a New England Patriots fan page to ask who the best NFL team is.

If only you spent this much time disseminating the ACTUALL fake news pumped out by the sources you use, you might have a clue as to what is happening. Instead, you defend the worst people the earth has ever known -- actual racists and eugenicists hell bent on destroying God's creation -- and attack a man who exposes them.

You are truly lost. But what is worse; is apparently you are a 'professor' and teach this GARBAGE to young people. You will come to know your sins in doing so, but you wont have anytime left to correct them. You ARE the beast system.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/17/2019 8:03:13 PM

hemp: And most if not all 'global warming' "science" is partisan propaganda.

In a report titled "The First Global Revolution" (1991) published by the Club of Rome: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

"Richard Haass, the current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, stated in his article "State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era," that a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming, as well as terrorism.

What would be the benefit to democrats in making up global warming? You can say whatever you want about the Club of Rome but any society, overt or covert, should want to survive into the future and climate change is a threat to that. So what if it unites people? The problem is that conspiracy theorists can't get their fears straight. Those who are religious actually want a one world government and believe it will happen under Jesus. The Jews actually want a one world government and those who are religious believe it will happen under some future messiah. The bible has always supported this idea. However, the fear is anyone ELSE doing it.

And let me be clear. I'm not advocating for a one world government. The EU didn't even work for everyone and now Britain is trying to get out. Power brokers and billionaires probably wouldn't want it because part of the reason they take their business outside the US is because its cheaper and less regulated. If there was one government they couldn't escape and they couldn't play one government against another for added benefits. The American government has legalized bribes in the form of lobbying. The situation is already incredibly beneficial for the powerful elite. The likelihood they would retain the same level of power in a global system is not good. In order for other governments to submit to this idea there's no way they would give up sovereignty without huge concessions from other countries, especially the US. The military concessions alone would be enough for most people to give up the idea completely. We can't even get a 2 state solution for Israel and Palestine. So who do you think is having a serious conversation about having a one world government that goes beyond the power of the UN?

quote:In response to the invasion, Bush and his foreign policy team forged an unprecedented international coalition of thirty-four countries, including many members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the Middle Eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt, to oppose Iraqi aggression. Bush hoped that this coalition would herald the beginning of a “new world order” in which the nations of the world would work together to deter belligerence.

Bush's NWO reference was about ALLIES. It wasn't about one empire controlling everything. But conspiracy theory rhetoric takes what people say and implants a new conspiratorial definition as if its the only possible interpretation. If that's what Bush meant he wouldn't have said it publicly. But Conspiracy theorists ignore this obvious fact as if it was some kind of slip of the tongue. Just like Bill Gates. He said what he said on purpose because he didn't mean what Conspiracy theorists think he meant and what THEY are talking about when they say "new world order". The assumption that everyone must use the same terminology in the same way as the conspiracy theorists is part of the problem. If you're not into conspiracy theories or keep track of them its hard to know which terms to even avoid. So basically, its pure spin. Conspiracy theories put a certain kind of fear based spin on information in order to present an inaccurate depiction of the world and global events. And this becomes something that can be harnessed for personal gain if you are either (1) a true believer because of the amount of conspiracy theories you've consumed or (2) if you are willing to lie to make money. And let's be realistic. The motive to lie to make $10 isn't the same as the temptation to lie to make $1M. Most people would lie for a million dollars. The only question is how much.

Not only is there no credible evidence supporting a one world government agenda, anyone who follows politics and has a decent understanding of geopolitics and diplomacy will tell you that it simply isn't possible. And its actually better to have allies and trading partners. The conspiracy theory view of the NWO is like a rich man marrying a thousand women. No matter who is "in charge" there is no way he could claim that these thousand women have no access or right to his money. In America, you marry one woman and unless you have an agreement she can take half of whatever you gained while together. This is why a lot of men would rather not get married and simply have close and intimate friendships.

But people have this idea that you can control the world. And they figure this must be the goal of the most powerful. As if the most powerful are waiting to control everyone on earth before they really try to control anyone. You would think that if they wanted that kind of control they would start with a smaller area. Also, total control over the most powerful government is better than control over all governments because many governments have different problems and control would mean sharing responsibility to solve those problems. You think powerful people really want that? The reason they seek power is mainly to increase their own wealth, not distribute their wealth to poor people world-wide. Explain the benefit they would get out of this and I'll change my position. The people who think of global domination tend to be religious people. Because outside of being able to tell everyone who to worship it doesn't make much practical sense.

But of course you have no evidence for this approach. You're using the desire to organize against climate change as evidence of a NWO without establishing the existence of such an agenda. The fact is that climate change is a global issue. The Paris Accord wasn't one nation telling everyone else what they needed to do and everyone grudgingly going along with it. It was an agreement that everyone would TRY to meet certain goals because not doing so affects every other nation, not just their own. The fact that this is happening outside of any NWO type of ask should be enough to tell you that it isn't being used to create a one world government. There isn't enough time to do that before tackling climate change in a meaningful way. And this is to the frustration of the vast majority of scientists. But again... because conspiracy theorists are conflating two very separate issues they are afraid of real solutions because they're denying there's a problem.

However, if I was one of these powerful conspirators you imagine. I wouldn't use fabricated hoaxes because as soon as one of them is proven to have been faked I would lose credibility. Instead, I would use REAL problems that exist globally and offer solutions but that part of those solutions involves business interests that I control. Kind of like a trojan. You're not going to get a majority of scientists to put their own credibility on the line to make up climate data that can be checked and rechecked by scientists in other parts of the world. If there is global consensus its a safe bet that there's a global problem. Pretending there isn't a problem just because you're scared how it will be used is not a solution or a scenario in which we all live happily ever after. And, as usual, conspiracy theorists constantly overestimate the reach and influence of what they perceive to be a conspiracy. You CANNOT have a great number of people involved in a lie without someone leaking. Therefore it would be stupid to try. You CAN involve a great many people in the RESULT of a lie.

Example: Iraq has WMDs. Whoever came up with this must have kept the lie among a very small group. Then you put out the lie to people who aren't in a position to know otherwise and trust you with that information. The people you lie to then turn around and lie to other people until it gets told to the whole country. News outlets report on what you say but cannot verify it. And that's exactly what happened. That's why the country was always split on whether or not this was true because it wasn't reported as a fact but rather as a claim of the administration. And when it turned out to be false they pounced on it. But that's why you need strong journalism. So that you can find out the truth. It just wasn't fast enough in the time provided to allow the American public to reject the pretext for war. And if I remember correctly it was used as an excuse for the president to act without Congressional approval which his allowed to do if there is an immediate threat.

But that's the correct way to conspire. You don't conspire with 5,000 people. That's ludicrous. And you tell a lie that many people in a whole field of study would know was a lie as soon as you told it. You can't tell a lie that goes against corporate profits where they can easily sponsor studies to find out the truth and so on. And in this case we actually have had corporations going against their financial interests because the studies they funded actually showed that global warming was real. People aren't spending millions of dollars investing in solutions to a made up problem.

Not only that but a lot of the big money guys have their money in oil and gas. The last thing they want is everyone trying to go green while they're trying to sell heavy trucks and SUVs. Conspiracy theorists have a lot to learn about money and financial interest. A far less expensive hoax would be to say that aliens have contacted us through SETI and issued a threat. Of course that would still be difficult because you would have to fake the data but that would be a whole lot easier than something that people can keep testing because the evidence is simply the entire atmosphere.

Lying about the atmosphere is like lying about the shape of the planet. Only an idiot would lie about that in the modern age and those who believe its flat are not too bright either. But it just shows that people who don't trust the government can believe ANYTHING someone else tells them.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/17/2019 8:14:06 PM


You need to do more research. Stopping at snopes -- a far left propaganda 'fact checking service' -- isnt research. You use babylon sources to cover for babylon.


Sorry. I'm not like you. I don't go to any source to get their opinion. I go for information which I then process and understand myself. In the case of snopes I wanted to know the exact quotes from Bill Gates. That's all **I** really needed. But you... you have to be convinced because you don't think for yourself. Who would you go to in order to tell you who the best NFL team is? EVERYONE is going to give you their opinion based on their own beliefs. But you can go to any team's website and get accurate information about them and their stats. And then you can use that information to come up with your own opinion about who is the best. But you... you don't trust information unless you like the source and you are heavily biased against any source that doesn't support your world view and your faith in conspiracy theories.

What I said about Gates, Sanger, and everything else, wasn't based on someone else's opinion that I was copying. No. I gave you my own analysis which was completely independent of anyone else. If you read what I posted you would have seen that but I think you are too afraid of actually having to agree with me because you cannot stand looking like you lost the argument. You don't have to look at it in terms of winning and losing though. I'm not trying to win. I'm simply trying to reason with you according to what I have learned about conspiracy theories and how they operate and how they take advantage of people's fear and distrust. In certain cases I told you my bias up front; as I did with Bill Gates.

Are you just going to play ignorant and ignore everything I said? Are you going to act like I didn't say anything? If so, fair warning, I can't see any reason for ANYONE on this website to converse with you or read your posts or read any of your right-wing propaganda and fairly analyze any of it if you cannot reciprocate. I read what you said. I read YOUR LINKS. In most cases, I responded to the content of YOUR LINKS that YOU provided as evidence. Are you incapable of doing the same?

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/18/2019 3:53:14 AM

A one world order already exists. The Bible described it long ago. Its a trans human death cult. A will to over turn Gods creation. It has been here as long as time itself and in these later days and times it grows in strength and depravity simultaneously. It has been written. There is no argument here. That is 100% fact. It takes many forms. Democrat, Republican, Chinese, Rich, homeless, anything human.. A will to do evil and work for evil ends.

Was Bob Marley a 'conspiracy theorist' when he said: "The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?"... Of course not, there has always been a will to dominate. Now is no different. They are just more scientific now vs how they used to do it. A.I. Surveillance states. Eugenics operations hiding in plain sight. It doesn't stop, ever.. But you want to tell us that everything is fine except for racist white people, Trump, and Alex Jones. Those are they only evils that exist in your world view. Any in-depth analysis SHOWING who these people are, what they say, what they write, what they DO, is written off as 'conspiracy theory' by the media outlets those same people operate; and you go to them to form and lock-in your opinions.

Back in the 70's the big babylon-approved scare was 'Global Cooling'. It was going to be disastrous. Food shortages, mass death, global breakdown. Then it was oil shortages. Same thing, global break down. Now its 'Global Warming' -- or 'climate change' because the ice caps that should have been melted by now, causing mass flooding have GROWN in the past decade so they had to switch up the linguistics --.. Its all mass fear mongering and profiteering by giant corporations, who ironically do the MOST environmental damage.

Not that you will watch it; but, here is a great video diving into the mindlessness of 'extinction rebellion' and the elitist farce that is 'man made climate change'. Caveat: This video admits there are REAL environmental problems.

P.S. the last 5 minutes he dives into WHO IS FUNDING AND INVESTING IN THE LUCRATIVE MARKET OF 'climate change' fear.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/21/2019 2:25:37 PM

No more video hemp. If you don't have the time to address each point I'm making, I'm not going to waste my time fact checking some rando internet personality trying to get views on his youtube page so he can get monetized. You NEVER consider the bigger picture. You are narrowly focused on whatever supports what you already believe instead of really being open minded to the possibility that some of your beliefs may not be true or based on reality. Yet you expect other people to be open minded to what YOU believe is truth. This is sad to me because this is how the falsehoods in religion get passed down through generations. People simply turn a blind eye to truth and to any sort of process that has the ability to separate truth from fiction.

I cannot convince you to even take a more scientific approach to how you acquire knowledge. Therefore, you just keep acquiring belief and then you advertise it as knowledge. You can post 1,000 videos from 1,000 different conspiracy theorists but none of them were ever on the inside nor had someone on the inside really talk to them. They're speculating based on what they THINK they know.

The problem is... you're using circular logic and you don't even realize it. You think the bible says these people exist. How does the bible know? The problem is you think the bible is talking about you and your 2019 world. Did you ever stop to think that it may not have had any clue that 2019 would even happen? After all, Jesus said he would come back soon. I don't know what your definition of "soon" is but even if you think Jesus had another definition you can't skirt around the truth that he was talking to humans when he said that and so the only possible definition of soon in the language he used is something that is very close to happening. It was supposed to be within their life times, but Christians ignore that part like they ignore any prophecy that doesn't fit.

You want the bible to still be relevant, which I guess it is, but its the lessons that are still relevant. The end-time prophecies were about Rome. And we think of them as prophecies as if there was no way to see or predict events. Not true. If you have a dream or vision that is your subconscious having been fed by things you know or have experienced. And on a certain level your brain doesn't care if something is true or not so the idea that aliens exist can produce dreams in people that they were abducted by aliens when in reality, don't NOBODY want to probe your anus. You just wish they would! But the same way people are so convinced we've been visited by aliens is the same way people are so convinced the bible is talking about the world in 2019 when it never claimed any such thing. But human ego forces the bible to see THEM, instead of them seeing who the bible was actually talking about and who it was purposefully written to speak to. But if the bible was right we wouldn't exist today. Our ancestors would have had eternal life and stopped procreating.

But can your mind even handle the idea that the bible was wrong?

And if a bunch of conspiracy theories are actually based on the bible being right, what does it do to all those conspiracies if the bible is wrong or being misinterpreted? You simply have no scientific process in which you judge truth in relation to what people are saying. I could make a conspiracy video and tell you just about anything and you'd believe it as long as I said climate change is a hoax and the new world order is coming for your guns. All I would have to do is check 2-3 boxes and you'll simply believe whatever I said... in a video. And then you have the nerve to downplay snopes and wikipedia as if there's no research done to back either up. There's a reason why most wikipedia articles aren't challenged even though you can do that. But the people who complain about wikipedia don't challenge. Why not? Because they don't have credible evidence to the contrary.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/21/2019 5:49:30 PM

You cant handle the truth of mega corporations positioning themselves to make billions off of the 'climate change' hoax so you dont view my evidence. You think everything you write is a gift from god and I have to respond to every bit of mainstream, babylon sanctioned, liberal propaganda you spew before you will look at the truth that I present. Its a typical self righteous, sanctimonious, smug attitude that runs through you pseudo intellectual leftists. Its hilarious to watch.. And even better to watch you lose at every turn.

Haile Selassie fulfills the bible and you fight against him. No wonder you are so pathetically lost.

Haile Selassie: "These young people face a world beset with the most effectively organized programme of deceptive propaganda and thinly screened operations ever known."

IPXninja: "Haile Selassie is a bible thumping CONSPIRACY THEORIST BIGOT!!"

H.I.M perfectly describes the 'liberal' NWO in that quote. But according to you, he must be a racist conspiracy theorist because to suggest that there is an organized effort to bring people scientifically designed propaganda, you are a white supremacist conspiracy theorist. LOL!! And before you predictably say "Haile Selassie was talking about muh 'right wing propaganda'"; consider the FACT that the media is entirely left.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/21/2019 8:11:49 PM

The truth is you can't handle ANYTHING I say. And you are too afraid to be made to look like a fool so you don't try. I don't think everything I say is a gift. I don't believe in God like you do. I believe in my own ability to think critically, rationally, and use logic and reason. I am a seeker of knowledge. You are a believer.

Your critical thinking skills are being subjugated by your desire to believe the worst about people.

Megacorporations are the reason why congress hasn't been pursuing an environmental agenda for a LONG TIME! So you're making zero sense. Most of these major corporations that make things have factories. Those factories tend to pollute. Energy companies tend to be based on oil. And guess why they don't want to change? Because wind and solar are FREE! Do you honestly not understand how much money would be lost if everyone was able to switch over to using Tesla's solar roofs? Do you not understand why it took EVs so long to even have a decent car?

Any new technology runs the risk of cannibalizing existing technology. Its the reason why Trump keeps talking about Coal miners and thinks they actually "clean" the coal (which I'm embarrassed to even repeat that). People like these are used as pawns in order to resist climate science and putting the changes in place that are needed. Megacorporations in the energy sector could have invested into solar panels and green technology research but they didn't want to make those investments. They're not going to make MORE money. They're going to LOSE money. The problem is green energy is currently less efficient and inconvenient. And they don't want these things to change. Not only are they going to make less money on the energy production side, but all that equipment and infrastructure used for gas becomes obsolete and that expensive infrastructure is what kept a lot of people out of their industry. So you have it completely backwards. You're actually on the side of the megacorps right now. The only megacorps that are really green are technology companies because they're not effected like other industries (due to a digital product) and they're full of intelligent people understand corporate profits and lobbying. The status quo is very profitable. In fact, foreign events are sometimes manipulated in order to inflate the price of oil. Each barrel. Fortunes are made this way. And you think these corporations with wealthy shareholders want solar power?!?! If I wasn't at the office I would bust out laughing.

HIM:“These young people face a world beset with the most effectively organized programme of deceptive propaganda and of thinly-screened operations ever known; they deserve the best that can be taught by their parents, by religious institutions and by the university, to prepare them for a wise choice among contending ideals”. (Ibid, 1967:25).

Who the hell told you this was in reference to the NWO? There is no need to strip his words from their original context.

"The elaborate propaganda designed to mislead young and impressionable students into wrong beliefs and attitudes is effectively countered if they are taught that the values they admire in other cultures are also part of their heritage. People desist from converting to alien ideologies once they are shown that what they have is the best."

And stop trying to put lies in my mouth. I understand you can't handle people without lying but if you continue to lie and put words in my mouth falsely I will lobby for your removal as source of libel and slander.

And who the hell are you talking about is a white supremacist conspiracy theorist? Are you mad? Are you truly that desperate to ignore reality? This site could actually help you but not if you're dishonest. That's probably your biggest problem.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/22/2019 4:22:34 AM

This is how I know you have no idea what you are talking about.. You do ZERO research.. Even though this info was already posted -- you cant handle it so you dont attempt to address it -- I'll lay it out again..

All the investment firms and billionaire elitists fear mongering about 'climate change' are the same people who stand to make gargantuan, jaw dropping, profits off of 'climate change' because they own and are all invested in the carbon trading mechanisms -- highly suggest you look that up -- that deal with carbon off sets.

"The combination of global warming and growing environmental consciousness is creating a potentially HUGE market in the trading of pollution-emision credits." -- Economist Craig Mellow.

BlackRock Capital with the climate-finance partnership, HSBC, JP-Morgan-Chase, and CITI, all part of the Blended Finance Taskforce, state that there are "profits to be had in climate-related sectors" and "We need to get capital behind climate solutions opportunities."

Rothschild Australia and E3 International launched a carbon-credit investment fund called Carbon Ring Consortium.. 23 multinational coporations at the G8 'Climate change Round Table' -- in 2005 -- including Ford, Toyota, British Airways, BP, and Unilever all called for these carbon trading systems to be established right from the beginning.. Rothschild, HSBC, JP-Morgan-Chase, BP, Ford.. Wow it sounds soo grass roots doesn't it?!

'Man-made climate change' is a monumental top-down fraud. It's a ploy to prevent the 3rd world from developing, to keep it mired in poverty. It's a huge tax scam to redistribute wealth from the poor and middle class to the 1 %. And you, being a self satisfied, sanctimonious, useful idiot, whether you know it or not, are fully complicit.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/22/2019 1:45:49 PM


Some are responsible for a thousand times more CO2 emissions than the average.

Study Finds the Wealthy & Celebrities Aren't Changing Their Flying Habits to Reduce CO2 Emissions

A new study by Swedish academics has found that most wealthy people and celebrities are not changing their flying habits to help reduce climate change, with some responsible for a thousand times more CO2 emissions than the average.

Imagine my shock.

The study, carried out by researchers from from Lund University, reviewed the social media accounts of well known celebrities and wealthy philanthropists, many of who relentlessly virtue signal about climate change.

Based on the information posted relating to travel, researchers calculated the starting point and destination for flights and then worked out likely CO2 emissions.

Climate activist Bill Gates was responsible for approximately 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide, while flights used by Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez emitted 1,260 tonnes and 1,050 tonnes respectively.

These figures compare to a global average of 100 kilos per person per year for air travel, or in other words more than a thousand times higher.

According to the researchers, only a minority of the individuals studied have altered their behavior to minimize or stop flying.

“Their lifestyles are norm-setting and identity-building. Above all, young people dream of traveling around the world in a similar way, without having to worry about money,” said Stefan Gössling.

Once again, it’s very much a case of do as we say not as we do.

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