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How do I&I read the bible?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/3/2021 10:15:17 AM

But wait... aren't I denying the bible by disputing European doctrines based on the NT? No.

First of all, if you study, you must understand that the bible is a LIBRARY of books. At the time of Yeshua that LIBRARY was only the TNK (Tanakh). What's that? The Law, The Prophets, and Writings that we, today, call the OT. But the only reason we call it the "OT" is because of the "NT". If you didn't have an NT you would only call the OT "THE BIBLE" or "The Scriptures". The Europeans decided which books they were going to have in their "NT". This decision was not made by Yeshua or his disciples because those writings didn't even exist for them.

The Ethiopian Church kept its independence from Roman Catholicism or translated: Roman "Universal Christianity". Some people don't know what "Catholic" means. But what it is telling you is that they (catholics) were the ones who reigned over ALL "Christianity". At least that was their intent. That's why they called it "Catholic" or "universal". They simply failed to fully fulfill that intent but it wasn't for lack of trying.

But the question you should be asking is "why did they feel they could even be so bold since it wasn't their religion to begin with?"

And that would be the right question.

The easiest mistake to make is to believe that your religion is perfect and the tradition you are following is perfect and therefore if you simply do what others did then how could you ever be wrong? But if THAT was the case then what was Yeshua doing, going against his elders, going against the Sanhedrin? Why was he a reformer? Shouldn't he have simply followed the path that tradition had set before him? You have to study to show yourself approved. You can't just copy someone else; even if that person is Yeshua or H.I.M. They wouldn't want that. Following in their footsteps requires having the knowledge and wisdom to know when you need to do something different.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/3/2021 10:17:50 AM

When you start digging you will find a whole rabbit hole of information that should LEAD YOU BACK to the pure religion of the Hebrews. Because there was a time period, after the execution of Yeshua, where there were essentially 2 factions. I won't call them both Christianity because they weren't.

1 Faction were people who were descendants of the 12 tribes of Yisrael. They were led by their own people and there was NO REASON to change the name of their religion or adopt a new religion because Yeshua was a REFORMER, not a religion creator. He saw himself as fulfilling a role within his own religion after the manner of John the Baptist. So this faction was a "JEWISH SECT". Okay? This is important. Imagine, having all Rastafarians under one SECT and then a white dude comes along and takes everything he likes from Rastafarianism and starts his own new religion for white folks and then those white folks take African slaves, and then they teach those slaves their own version. It's not likely to be the same as the original. So faction 1 was based on "Go to the lost sheep of the house of Yisrael". There were 12 disciples because the intent was to bring the tribes back together and rule them as one nation.

Ultimately the Bible is deeply NATIONALISTIC, not religious. Big difference. One cares about nationality, the other cares about "churches".

Faction 2 came about after the events of the bible. The seed for Faction 2 was started by Paul and the disciples. And you can even see the rift forming in the NT between these 2 factions because the first faction was traditional. In traditional Hebrew/Israelite culture converts were also immigrants. Converts could be "grafted in" and Yeshua said he was the vine that would enable this for all of his followers regardless of their ethnicity. And that's why there is the story of the Samaritans because he wanted everyone to be treated the same. But faction 2 wasn't about conversion to being an Israelite. Yisrael was the people under the COVENANT (like a contract). This word is also translated to "TESTAMENT". Not even every dictionary explicitly points this out. One of the biggest reasons faction 2 didn't convert, although they like converting other people into faction 2, is because they had to be CIRCUMCIZED.

The history of circumcision is long, but for the SOUND TEACHING of the "OT" it was necessary. Because it was the proof that a person was entering into this covenant, this contract, with JAH. Read the NT. Faction 1 still kept the Shabbat and the Feast days. But you could NOT keep all the feast days if you were not circumcised because those things were meant for people of the covenant. So long story short there was a rift and so this is most likely the reason that the gentiles didn't continue under Hebrew rabbis (teachers) and leadership.

The problem with this, aside from the covenant issues, is that their doctrines weren't perfectly grounded in Hebrew culture. So some years after Yeshua died, and after there was a purge in 70 AD that wiped out possibly most of faction 1 because they were, if they were good followers, gearing up to battle Rome in the name of the messiah because messiah basically means KING. H.I.M was a KING, not simply some righteous savior. So in many ways, Selassie was a truer version of "the messiah" than Yeshua but since we are about "consciousness" it is the same MIND. And that's what makes a Rasta, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

And so the dumbest thing (no offense) we can do is try to have some kind of Rasta purity test based on tradition. It's about having that same mind/consciousness.

Faction 2 was loyal to Rome. Therefore Faction 2 fought for Rome. They had a "KING" already. And that was Constantine. And so as soon as he "converted" they all believed they were on the same page. In reality, they had simply appropriated part of the culture of the Hebrews the same way Europeans today have appropriated many other things. Am I mad at this appropriation? No. We didn't invent basketball. They did. Walter Camp invented football. Johan Cruyff invented modern soccer. The problem wasn't "oh no, white people are involved". The problem was they were confused.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/3/2021 10:22:43 AM

If you research the pre-trinity beliefs that confusion will be laid bare.,(from%20the%20Greek%20ousia).

According to churches that consider the decisions of ecumenical councils final, trinitarianism was definitively declared to be Christian doctrine at the 4th-century ecumenical councils,[1][2][3] that of the First Council of Nicaea (325), which declared the full divinity of the Son,[4] and the First Council of Constantinople (381), which declared the divinity of the Holy Spirit.[5]

In terms of number of adherents, nontrinitarian denominations comprise a small minority of modern Christians. The largest nontrinitarian Christian denominations are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oneness Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, La Luz del Mundo and the Iglesia ni Cristo, though there are a number of other smaller groups, including Christadelphians, Church of the Blessed Hope, Christian Scientists, Dawn Bible Students, Living Church of God, Assemblies of Yahweh, Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, Members Church of God International, Unitarian Christians, Unitarian Universalist Christians, The Way International, The Church of God International, and the United Church of God.[6]


You can see a couple of Hebrew Israelite groups on this nontrinitarian list because the Hebrew Israelite movement was about going back to the old ways. Why?

Because understand this quote from the same article:

"The doctrine of the Trinity, as held in mainstream Christianity, is not present in the other major Abrahamic religions."

So Judaism and any other religion based on Abraham (based on the BIBLE) do not adhere to the Trinity. It was a NEW doctrine that came in with Faction 2's version of Christianity.


Most nontrinitarians take the position that the doctrine of the earliest form of Christianity was nontrinitarian, but that early Christianity was either strictly Unitarian or Binitarian, or Modalist as in the case of the Montanists, Marcionites, and Christian Gnostics. For them, early Christianity eventually changed after the edicts of Emperor Constantine I and his sentence pronounced on Arius, which was later followed by the declaration by Emperor Theodosius I in the Edict of Thessalonica, cunctos populos of February 380 that Christianity as defined in the Nicene Creed was the official religion of the Roman Empire. A year later, the Second Ecumenical Council confirmed this in a revised Creed. Nontrinitarians dispute the veracity of the Nicene Creed based on its adoption nearly 300 years after the life of Jesus as a result of conflict within pre-Nicene early Christianity during a dramatic shift in Christianity's status.

Who was Arius?

quote: Arius (/ə;ˈ;raɪ;ə;s, ˈ;ɛ;ə;ri-/; Koinē; Greek: Ἄ;ρ;ε;ι;ο;ς;, Áreios; 250 or 256–336) was a Cyrenaic presbyter and ascetic,[1] and priest in Baucalis in Alexandria, Egypt, who is most known for having been the founder of the heresy known as Arianism.[2] His teachings about the nature of the Godhead in Christianity, which emphasized God the Father's uniqueness and Christ's subordination under the Father,[3] and his opposition to what would become the dominant Christology, Homoousian Christology, made him a primary topic of the First Council of Nicaea, which was convened by Emperor Constantine the Great in 325.

... from the Early Life section

Though Arius was also accused by his opponents of being too liberal, and too loose in his theology, engaging in heresy (as defined by his opponents), some historians argue that Arius was actually quite conservative,[11] and that he deplored how, in his view, Christian theology was being too freely mixed with Greek paganism.

-end quote-

THIS.... is what I'm talking about! It should be well known and understood that Christian theology was being mixed with Greek paganism. I'm not saying anything new here! This isn't some kind of great revelation. It should be common knowledge. But Christianity DOESN'T TEACH IT. There shouldn't be a debate about this either. Christmas is on December 25th for a reason. That day wasn't plucked at random, nor is it biblical. They picked that day because it is the birth of the sun-hence the sun god. Constantine was a sun-worshiper. That's why Christians go to church on SUN-day and do not keep Shabbat. While all these "changes" could be considered by many to be trivial, if you know JAH from the OT and you know his interactions with his people, they start to feel less trivial and more like major offenses to JAH because in each case you're taking something sacred/holy that JAH gave and twisting it to match Gree paganism.

The problem is that a lot of us have accepted these things at different points in our lives and it takes study to get out of it; to purify one's self. But that FIRE... that purification... is also part of what the RELIGION of Rastafari should be (Again, IMHO). The fire burns away all unrighteousness and all lies and all fakeness and all imposters and all wickedness and false doctrine. There should be no expectation for even a master teacher to be perfect. We all seek to live up to the standards that are taught to us. So too was Haile Selassie I taught Christianity. And by withstanding European colonialism he also provided a way to also escape European philosophy, dogma, and all the Greek paganism that was mixed in. These things are like a virus. They spread around the world and infect the world. Getting rid of them isn't easy because at this point it is entrenched in habits and rituals and traditions. But these traditions do not erase the past or the fact that we have adopted paganism as a way of life.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 5/7/2021 9:32:48 AM

Halie Selassie = The Power of the Trinity

The Trinity has existed in Africa long before there were any Greeks or Romans to speak of it, and long before Constantine was on the scene. In fact it was African Christians like St. Athanasius, who fought against the teachings of Arius, in favor of the Trinity.

History has been whitewashed. They even try to depict St. Athanasius as a white man, however when you read how people described his appearance he is a black man hailing out of Egypt:

I sight the African story of history and do my best to remove the whitewashed European version. Christianity is African. As well as the original teachings and many of the ones who were involved in it's creation are also African:

The purest true to the roots Christianity and Judaism are found in Ithiopia. As you said IPXninja: "The Ethiopian Church kept its independence from Roman Catholicism".
The Ithiopians don't sight December 25th as the Birth of Christ, they sight it on January 7th. Their Ible has many books that other Christian bibles do not; such as the Book of Enoch. And the Ithopians have a Judaic trodition that did not get corrupted by Babylon, pre-Babalonian Talmud. Their Israelites did not go into Babylonian captivity.

IXPninja: "You have to study to show yourself approved. You can't just copy someone else; even if that person is Yeshua or H.I.M. They wouldn't want that. Following in their footsteps requires having the knowledge and wisdom to know when you need to do something different."

I study and apply. I choose to follow the teachings of His Majesty, and not some devils philosophy.

JAH Love and Guidance

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