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What if everyone was Green?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/7/2019 10:24:48 AM

Another thought experiment. What if all humans on Earth were green? Would racism exist or would we simply find something else to hate about "ourselves" and something else to distinguish one from another, for better or worse?

And when we speak about these differences...

What is it that triggers "some of US" are "tall, short, fat, skinny, etc."


"I'm black. He's white." or "I'm white. They're black" or "We're Americans and they're Mexicans"?

Do you understand what I'm saying?

We are all different by nature... by definition... but we don't think of these differences the same way. Differences don't always add up to distance or "us vs them" thinking. So what's the trigger? Or is it simply political correctness?

Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/7/2019 9:13:04 PM

If everyone was green we'd probably all smoke ourselves. Then we'd forget what we were talking about. ;

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