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The truth you love to hate

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Chinese whispers

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Artificial wombs, implantable tech part of rebellion against human biology

Gender Identity Politics Setting Stage for Post-Human Future

Rapidly advancing technology will be used in an attempt to alter and abolish humanity as we know it. The fight for a pro-human future needs to start now.

Shulamith Firestone, a key figure in launching second-wave feminism in the 60s and 70s, promoted the idea that pregnancy was a “barbaric” oppression on women, and that ectogenesis – artificial wombs used to incubate embryos – would solve the problem.

Firestone went further, saying that “cybernetic” technology would be used to restructure society, eliminate human jobs and break the biological family.

Watch this 1969 CBS news report on radical feminism which features Firestone promoting “bottle babies:”

Artificial wombs are now being promoted by feminists and leftist groups as “the only way to create a gender-neutral world.”

In her 1970 manifesto “The Dialectic of Sex“, Firestone advocated using “cybernetic” technology that would eliminate human jobs, foreshadowing present-day AI replacing humans:

“The division of labor would be ended by the elimination of labor altogether (through cybernetics). The tyranny of the biological family would be broken.”

The true endgame is a “rebellion” against human biology and norms.

The very meaning of what it is to be human will be challenged.

The push for “gender equality” and transexual movements are laying the groundwork for humanity to accept things well beyond currently acceptable norms; Motherless births in artificial wombs, “Enhanced Singular Individuals” who receive implantable tech, robots endowed with the rights of “personhood“, Biohacking and various other augmentations.

The social justice warriors of the future will be “Enhanced Singular Individuals” who have chosen to “upgrade” themselves with technology. They will clash with the “norms”, the rest of humanity that chooses not to merge with the machines.

If “trans” biological men can compete against women in female sports leagues, then enhanced humans with augmentations that give them an advantage should also be able to compete.

“Trans-genderism” is leading us to “Trans-humanism”

In 2013, Martine Rothblatt was celebrated for being the highest paid “female” CEO in America. She is a biological man.

Rothblatt is a prominent figure in the transhumanist movement.

Rothblatt created SiriusXM radio. She also launched the Terasem Foundation, which is seeking the ability to download a person’s consciousness “…into a biological or nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those of a typically birthed human.”

Rothblatt spoke at SXSW in 2015. The presenter asks Rothblatt, “What can we mere mortals learn from your experience?”:

We have already been told that if we want to keep up, we need to merge with the machines.

Social justice politics have far-reaching implications beyond what is currently being discussed. The fight for a pro-human future will only intensify in the coming years as the technological revolution alters our society in ways we have yet to imagine.

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Scientists fuse brains with AI implants to 'give people superhuman intelligence'

Brain-boosting electrodes will soon become “like plastic surgery" as all we race to get cybernetic enhancements


Humans will be turned into cyborgs — with scientists sticking AI implants deep into their brains.

It's even theorised that the electric implants can be manipulated to make users max out their brain power — similarly to how amphetamines like Adderall are abused today.

Science power couple Kelly and Zach Weinersmith explored the exciting advancements in their brand new book “Soonish - Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve And/Or Ruin Everything”.

The pair reckon that brain-boosting electrodes will soon become “like plastic surgery” — with people spending shedloads in order to become smarter and stay ahead of the pack.

Humans might even share thoughts in a giant AI hive mind

“As brain-computer interface technology becomes more reliable, it may have implications in many industries,” they wrote.

“An ideal brain-computer interface can make you smarter, better at remembering things, more focused, and perhaps even more creative.

“You can’t think about the possibilities without picturing some sort of cyborg diaspora and yet given the opportunity to suddenly have a better memory, we’d probably all take it.”

The race for cybernetic enhancement will be 'like how plastic surgery has taken off'

Even weirder is the possibility of a human hive mind — we will be able to share each other’s thoughts like an army of ants working in unison.

Lab rats had their brains linked via a brain-computer interface in one set of experiments.

“The results do appear to be a sort of brain-to-brain connection,” the Weinersmiths said.

“We don’t know whether these lab rats were literally sharing thoughts, but their connected brains seem to get together and work together more efficiently.

“At some point in the future, it may become possible to literally combine minds with other people, either for recreational or business purposes."

“To us, this sounds like a nightmare version of doing a group project, but each to her own.”

Mind-reading would have considerable downsides though — like thinking “I want to divorce my wife” when you are sat on the sofa, next to your wife.

The devices could also be hacked, either for murder or a dark, futuristic version of domestic abuse.

“In the case of brain implants, hacking could mean a lot of things.

“For serious implants, a hacker might be able to traumatise or kill an individual.

“More subtly, by accessing a deep brain stimulator a hacker might be able to control your mood or even aspects of your personality.”

The Weinersmiths think the brain-computer interface is the most “unpredictable” radical emerging technology of all.

“If your brain is connected to a computer and the two can modify each other, you are not a human being as we have always known ourselves.

“It would be an end and a beginning.”

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