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Prosperity Vs. Poverty

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/6/2019 4:33:48 PM

Everyone should read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or listen to the audiobook.

After I left one of my first jobs in web development, my old boss and I caught up. She is a white lady. She was up on game and told me things I will never forget. We were hired on the first day. She got hired first then turned around and interviewed me. Later on she told me how she would get a sales license and register to sell products for a company for products she wanted to buy for herself just to get the discount.

On one hand its like... "are you really that cheap?" but on the other hand... you the one that's broke. And yeah, I was living paycheck to pay check at the time. She sure as hell wasn't. So from then I understood that it's not that every white person just starts out richer than us. Some of them start out the same as us and just as broke. But there are others who have a different type and different level of hustle.

And so after we were catching up she asked what I was doing because she could use my consultation to help her get some new client. But she wasn't about to do the work. Oh noooooooo. It was almost beneath her. No, in her mind all web developers in America should basically be outsourcing job we get here to overseas labor, in effect, doing the same thing that Walmart was doing. And why not? There are people in struggling economies where that's a lot of money to them. And if you're getting enough to eat, while feeding them, and there's mutual benefit... that's what good business is. At the time I kind of rejected her whole approach because I actually enjoyed doing the work and didn't want to give up that creative aspect. Now I kinda wished that I had taken it more seriously. I probably wouldn't be sitting at a desk right now. But that was my choice. I have a good job. I'm content. But for anyone who wants to be smarter than me, there's no need to be limited by this unwritten rule that says you have to do the work yourself. Do managers do all the work? Or do they supervise others? There's nothing wrong with delegating. Virtually every semi-intelligent social species does it. Lions do it. Ants do it. Bees do it.

And if someone wants to do it and you want to include me, I'm a great business partner. Don't ever stop chanting down Babylon but don't let Babylon use you for cheap labor when you can make money moves and not be in poverty.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/6/2019 4:46:27 PM

I'll give you another variation of this. No, I'll give you 2.

1. Imagine a kid selling lemonade by the road. $1/cup. Small cups. Will he make a profit? Probably. But what if he could sell $2/cup for a slightly larger cup without losing too much money in overhead? He could double his profits while selling to the exact same number of people; the exact same number of transactions. Isn't it better to sell more expensive things? In all honesty real estate agents are some of the dumbest people I've ever heard of. You'd be surprised. But by selling a single house they make enough commission that they can afford to be dumb. By selling something as big as a house they can have far less actual customers and still make more money than a regular job. And all they're doing is sales. They're just being smart about what they're selling.

2. Property management. Here's another good business. Property managers often have the opportunity to employ people to maintain and renovate properties. Two words. Mark up. Whenever someone, anyone, acts as a middle man for a sale, they get a cut. This is why manufacturers will try to sell directly to customers. If you manage a property for the actual owner you get to control who does the work and you can mark up the cost of all the work. Go to a car repair shop. Wont they do the same thing? In any case, there are businesses you can do with low overhead, that are mainly about making deals, finding customers or clients, and making them an offer they can't refuse. Even Donald Trump can do it. The guy that puts down roof tile isn't the guy going around necessarily finding clients to work for. That's the benefit of companies and corporations. You can simultaneously give people the jobs they need to feed their families while feeding yours at the same time. And the more you can cut costs the more you can save your client money which means the more valuable your services become compared to the competition.

I don't love capitalism but it is the game we're playing and if you don't play the game the game will play you.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/6/2019 4:49:30 PM

And with marijuana becoming legal in more and more places I will be incredibly sad if my people miss the opportunity to organize and build a publicly traded corporation on it.

I have a feeling I'm going to be sad.

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