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Messenger: Rasmi Sent: 3/20/2019 4:06:46 AM

The souls of mankind we reveal it self to the world. Everybody is balancing good and evil inside of their conscious. Some people have more good, some people have more evil. In my opinion I really do see the actual Creator manifesting his self in H.I.M.

Back in the past the devil saw a easy target that carry more evil (White) It doesn't matter if a white men knew that the devil was playing a role in his soul. That's why H.I.M was always confident to say Good over evil, Righteousness over wickedness.

Bob Marley was a prophet that was destined to get born on this earth.

I said this because his dad was White and his mom was black. This was meant for us all to Unite. Because the souls of mankind will reveal the demons that people carry. People will realized that the devil comes in many form.

What cause people to kill? What cause people to wanting to love? It comes with Good or evil.

This is just my opinion, don't try to fight an opinion off. If so, then I guess the devil got an act to whisper to the souls of mankind.

H.I.M look towards Jesus, is it because the actual Creator knew that his son can be the only one to save humanity?

Where do the battle start from Angels vs demons? What is your soul carrying? Like I said before, I don't think Jesus was his name, and he probably wasn't White.

Is it true that the system got us divided so when Judgement day come, it will be more harder on this so called Jesus to get strength to fight off the demons?

Like I said no matter how much you are aware of this asked yourself what do your soul carry?
Is it Good or evil. Maybe in due time that will all get revealed. Such a shame when that time come only nature, the universe, and the animals themselve who will know the King have arrived.

Just my opinion

Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/20/2019 4:55:49 AM

It is the devil himself who planted labels of skin color in human society along with a myriad of other labels to classify people because he knew how effective these would be at creating the strife necessary to sustain hatred and bloodshed. He was right, of course. The devil may be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. Even if one generation tries to get rid of racism and racial prejudice, the devil will be right there fanning the flames of racism & prejudice in the next and making sure that the notion of seeing people for who they really are (i.e., as JAH sees them) is ridiculed by the young as "touchy-feely" nonsense, identity-depriving, "peace-&-love-hippie-stuff", or any of a number of other alleged faults. As long as the devil can sustain strife among humans thorough labels of color, nationality, religion, sexuality, gender, political philosophy, socioeconomic status or whatever, he can assure a stead supply of that which he craves and that in which he delights: the suffering of JAH children and their bloodshed. We are JAH's precious creations and our suffering is the devil's sworn mission in order to attack and hurt our Father (what better way to get at a parent than to cause His children suffering and death?).

This is why you will see His Majesty's Wisdom if you read His Teachings and you will clearly see His desire to undermine the devil's plans through promoting the unity of humankind. His Majesty was a Haile intelligent and educated man so the absurdity of saying things like 'white people are like so&so or believe so&so' or 'black people are like so&so and believe so&so' was readily apparent to H.I.M. The problem, as it has always been, is to get JAH people who have been blinded by greed, hatred, resentment and/or abuse to see this. JAH will not force their I's open. He gives them free will and the devil capitalizes on this and on human imperfection & weakness.

We must seek H.I.M. and His Righteousness first in order to open up our I's and hearts to forgiveness and to find redemption. Unfortunately, there will always be rebellious ones who stubbornly refuse to do this (defying their Father) and who will also seek to lead others astray.

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Haile Selassie I