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Vision of Jah Rastafari

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/4/2019 10:30:41 AM

how some a Dem see Rastafari

How InI see Rastafari

Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 3/4/2019 12:19:10 PM

Dis one makes InI laugh though.. That first pic is too much. Real Fukkkerrrrry.
But on a more serious note, dis exactly what InI point out in the previous thread. If ones remove Garvey, Afrika,
repatriation, reparations.. Etc.. Then we don't have rastafari, just an encore of Babylon hippie culture.

"Who dem a program
Caa say we never warn them wooii
Eeeeey... But dem power couldn't real
Try all dem want and dem couldn't crack a seal"

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/4/2019 12:43:35 PM

Of course, Peace & Love are not solely the domain of the hippies. These are core values of His Majesty also. The spiritual convictions of H.I.M., and His Teachings and utterances of Wisdom must constitute a pillar of reverence & adherence in RastafarI lest Haile Selassie I simply signify nothing more than a random name to chant; his face a hollow emblem on a poster; just a graven image and the Man H.I.M.self irrelevant.

It could be that this is where some branch off in their trod and move away from His Majesty's Teachings, and view those of us who follow those Teachings and utterances of Wisdom with conviction as sappy sentimentalists and/or pollyannaish optimists. My passion for following the Teachings of His Majesty are nothing that i am ashamed of (or would change) as they have armed me in my trod through Babylon and protected me without fail so far despite many attempts by Babylon to undermine that which is Righteous in the Rastaman's Life.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 4:59:08 AM

The Black Space

There are many white Rastafari who acknowledge that for many black Rastafari the trod is completely about BLACKNESS, and born from black redemption. They respect this and don't try to fight against it.

For those who do try and fight it..... lol just laugh with Dillinger and Johnny Clarke....

1 of 1000000 examples for those who claim it is only I and Levite and RastaGoddess and ZionMountain and Blackheart and Jahcub etc who talk so. For each time this is said I will post another example

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/5/2019 9:43:08 AM

Thank you Son of Afrika @ Garveys

One of the reasons I stopped coming to this forum was because INI simply got sick and tired of the redundant WHITEWASHING of RasTafari. One can leave for 1 year...only to come BACK to see the same old cesspool of cultural appropriation. What a shame.

Thank YOU brothah for your unshakable AFRIKANITY.

“Let us act as befits the dignity which we claim for ourselves as Africans, proud of our own special qualities, distinctions, and abilities. We must speak out on major issues, courageously, openly and honestly, and in blunt terms of right and wrong.” Haile Selassie

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/6/2019 2:53:16 PM

Give thanks Sistren. I left this website for around 18 months too for similar reasons and some lifestyle changes. But I return in fully African glory. As the only website of its kind it's wrong if InI allow it to be completely whitewashed or glazed over with this all encompassing everybody is African none Garveyite pseudo Rastafari philosophy

I can't allow the youths coming after I whoa are Rasta curious to view things as so.

Messenger: rastalix Sent: 7/26/2019 9:40:13 PM

learn haters

Messenger: Sequiquiaomnis nul Sent: 5/3/2020 4:40:09 PM

Jah Rastafari is the great human which was passed some year ago and he is the best soul who always fights for the poor people. Vison of the rah Rastafari is a list at you must read it.

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Haile Selassie I