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The Old Robe | A return to Mama

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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/24/2019 6:07:54 AM

The whole point I'm making is that it is possible when calling upon occult powers to engage wicked ones even without having any intentions to. Anyone can decide for themselves what they choose to involve themselves with. Maybe you've not had a child fall victim to being enticed by the powers of the occult. It's nothing to fool around with.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/24/2019 6:09:11 AM

NOTHING in the article suggests negativity with these women

'Calling on occult powers'

I wonder if you give this same warning for calling on Bible God or Jah?

Give thanks for your warning Nesta I personally believe Judeochristianity occultism has far more dangers for I people.... I've only had children fall victim to this.

Haha bless up.

Many prominent Rastafari artists from Peter Tosh to Capleton (King SHANGO) to Midnite to Kabaka have given Honor onto the Orishas.

Let's not forget the role Muta played as the mystic in the movie SHANGO. All a joy.

Nobody is talking about anything wicked. To assume that I praising Osun will invoke 'a wicked spirit' I reject completely as Babylon nonsense

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/24/2019 6:21:23 AM

If there are no occult powers involved in what you're referring to as witchcraft then whats the objection to the admonition?

Wickedness is a real thing that's best avoid- just look around.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/24/2019 6:23:33 AM

Again I think there is an issue with comprehension....


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/24/2019 6:34:21 AM

I think you've got that right because "be careful" can hardly be construed as bad or "foolish" advice in anything unless you're just a child giving your parent the middle finger for the sake of rebelliousness.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/24/2019 8:38:35 AM

It's typical expected nature despite the article pointing out these sistren are only returning to Yoruba tradition are what made it foolish to I. But because the word witchcraft was mentioned you are triggered.

Ok. Be careful for ALL Yoruba followers from Nesta.

Occult literally means mystic or supernatural. Hence be careful for anybody following any form of diety. That's my appendix to your point.


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/24/2019 9:07:01 AM

“Righteousness is defined by the elder Ras MANDINGO as the removal of the effects of white supremacy from the psyche of Africans. This includes a return to ones native, natural ideologies and culture pre-Christianity.”

TEACH DEM RASTA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you brothah for your unwavering AFRIKAN love and overstanding!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/24/2019 9:30:45 AM


Since I have been an initiate of the Ifa/Orisa tradition, I have gotten to know Orisa Shango, who is the Orisa which represents the aspect of nature which is Lightning and Thunder. He is the deity of fire. Shango, before he became King, as the story goes, had a brother whose name was Baayani, otherwise known as Dada. It is said that Dada, who is Shango’s older brother, was the original King on the throne. This is in Oyo State, Nigeria. Dada, who wore dreads and was peaceful and non-violent, he didn’t like war, he was a humble man, abdicated the throne, giving it to his junior brother Shango, who was said to be dreadful. When looking at Baayani’s (Dada’s) personality and dreads – I see the Rasta Man.

Not only that, but in Nigeria, among the Yoruba’s of which Dada and Shango are from that tribe, children who are born with dreads are called Dada. It does not matter if the parent cuts the hair, the hair will naturally lock up again. All children such as this must have this name in honour of Orisa Dada, Shango’s brother. I once asked my husband’s sister, whose little girl is also “Dada,” if she has ever tried to comb the hair for it to be normal, and she said no matter how many times they cut it, it grows back locked the same way, and this is with all children born with locks. It is said that any child born with locks such as these children in Nigeria, are not ordinary human beings.

Now reflecting back to real Rastas, and the original movement of Rastafarianism, not ONLY the locking of the hair but also their peaceful nature such as the Bobo Dread who came to our gate, non-violent, one’s who connected with nature and lived at one with their environment, who views their locks upon their heads as a crown (citing the reasons for never cutting their hair), their humble stance and loving, peaceful nature, in them I see Dada, Shango’s brother. The original King.

Do I dare wonder that regardless of the explanations given, why the founder of Bobo Shanti, Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards, was also called Dada? Also like Miguel Collins, aka Sizzla, High Priest of the Bobo Shanti order, is also known as Dada? How wonderful is our Genetic Memory.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/24/2019 9:51:28 AM

RasTafari is an ANCIENT AFRIKAN cosmological and spiritual principle MAN-ifested, in this Iwah, as H.I.M.

This principle, predating Abrahamic religions, is found throughout Africa and her various cultural and spiritual expressions.

Before reading the article below, let us remember that “ORI” is mentioned in His Majesty’s lineage, not to mention that the ancient Kushite/Kemetic high priests were known as ORI ANU RASTA.

by James C. Lewis

ORI – Ruler of the head. He is a metaphysical concept important to Yoruba spirituality and way of life. Ori, literally meaning “head,” refers to one’s spiritual intuition and destiny. It is the reflective spark of human consciousness embedded into the human essence, and therefore is often personified as an orisha in its own right . In Yoruba tradition, it is believed that human beings are able to heal themselves both spiritually and physically by working with the orishas to achieve a balanced character, or iwa-pele.

When one has a balanced character, one obtains an alignment with one’s Ori or divine self. Alignment with one’s Ori brings, to the person who obtains it, inner peace and satisfaction with life. To come to know the Ori is, essentially, to come to know oneself.

The primacy of individual identity is best captured in a Yoruba proverb: “Ori la ba bo, a ba f’orisa sile”. When translated, this becomes It is the inner self we ought to venerate, and let divinity be.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/25/2019 4:11:25 AM

Give thanks for the uplifting wisdom Mumma. I Rejoyce whenever the I share such knowledge.


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Haile Selassie I