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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2019 4:25:49 AM

That Bugandan man was wrong.

When Humanity was all based within the same continent those thousands of years ago the continent was not Africa as we know it now.

Also, the idea of a uniformed Out of Africa procession of mankind is a THEORY. And so named the out of Africa theory. There are also other theories that suggest otherwise.

Finally and most importantly. Each person on the planet has a birthright to Nationality. Your Nationality is either that of an African country and its diaspora including the MAAFA tribe, or Not. Simple as. As many a Rastafari has put it... "if you a black man anywhere on the earth you an African" and when his Majesty spoke of "We Africans" he was clearly speaking to this defined group of people and not the entire Earth as documented and evident within his opening of Shashemane to all displaced Africans through chattel slavery this was a specific group of people and not the entire world.

It is wickedness to deny others of an ethnicity by claiming yourself and the whole glove as a part of that Ethnicity thereby taking it's exclusivity away...

I don't even want to argue this point

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2019 4:26:55 AM


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/29/2019 4:30:12 AM

Of course, Sam was NOT wrong. A more honest and insightful human being you and i have never known. It's only that Sam's truth does not fit your perspective. See JAH Child's thread entitled "This AND that".

It doesn't seem that we RastafarI brethren need to seek to push each other away and highlight divisions or differences (doesn't Babylon do enough of that for everyone?), but to emphasize all that we share in common (e.g., our African heritage, our DNA, our physical and mental functions, JAH Life within, struggling against the Babylon System, etc.).

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2019 4:38:51 AM

Sams truth does not fit the truth as shown by Haile Selassie. His Majesty spoke of the need to create a new race. In unison. However this would be at the point of the Until...the point of global racial equality. Something we have not yet achieved. At the same point the King (as mentioned) DID specifically speak in terms of 'Africans'as pertaining to a specific group of people as he addressed them in speech and by land rights...

Again this should not be up for debate as Ethnic Cultural and National identities are a basic human birthright.

As a representative of this group of people who have had this brithrigjt and deleted from I psyche and history.... to suggest otherwise is highly offensive

The only ones who have been guilty of denying another set of people of this birthright have been the slavemaster.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2019 4:54:18 AM

"An awareness of our past is essential to the establishment of our personality and our identity as African

The events of the past hundred and fifty years require no extended recitation from us. The period of colonialism into which we were plunged culminated with our continent fettered and bound; with our once proud and free peoples reduced to humiliation and slavery; with Africans terrain cross-hatched and checker – boarded by artificial and arbitrary boundaries Many of us, during those bitter yearn were overwhelmed in battle, and those who escaped conquest did so at the costs of desperate resistance and bloodshed. Others were sold into bondage as the price extracted by the colonialists for the ‘protection’ which they extended and the possessions of which they disposed. Africa was a physical resource to be exploited and Africans were chattels to be purchased bodily or, at best, peoples to be reduced to vasselage and lackeyhood. Africa was the market for the produce of other nations and the source of the raw materials with which their factories were fed.

Today, Africa has emerged from this dark passage, Our Armageddon is past. Africa has been reborn as a free continent and Africans have been reborn as free men. The blood that was shed and the sufferings that were endured are today Africa’s advocates for freedom and unity. Those men who refused to accept the judgement passed upon them by the colonisers, who held unswervingly through the darkest hours to a vision of an African emancipated from political, economic and spiritual domination, will be remembered and revered wherever Africans meet. Many of them never set foot on this continent. Others were born and died here. What we may utter today can add little to the heroic struggle of those who, by their example, have shown us how precious are freedom and human dignity and of how little value is life without them. Their deeds are witten in history.

Africa’s victory, although proclaimed, is not yet total, and areas of resistance still remain. Today, we name as our first great task the final liberating of those Africans still dominated by foreign exploitation and control"

- Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/29/2019 4:54:33 AM

Please, for JAH sake, do not invoke the Holy Name of H.I.M. to try to promote continued division of Imanity. That's just tragic.

"Until" can never be fulfilled "until" we drop the false illusions of divisions and segregation based upon superficial classifications and Inite ourselves with Imanity.

Don't cling to a past which has led to nothing but thousands of years of brutality and suffering. Put our vision to reality now!

Yes, we all are African brothers and sisters, and we need to revel in the beauty and strength in that, no let Babylon's mentality cause us to reject it and pull us apart into separate camps (yet again).

I&i make this plea as a representative of my Africans brothers & sisters, and All Imanity. I&i hold these as my JAH-given (and hence inalienable) "birthright".

Sam "was wrong". That makes me smile. Not in a negative way, but just thinking of what he would say to that. Such a wonderful human being.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2019 4:56:07 AM

The words of His Majesty above are self explanatory. This is an issue which will only vex I and I wish to engage no further. I am only concerned with the redemption and emancipation of I people

Bless up

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 4/3/2020 5:29:08 PM


Saturday, August 25, 2012

up-and-coming artiste and son of veteran singer Winston McAnuff, is dead.

The artiste's brother Rashaun 'Kush' McANuff of the Uprising Band confirmed his death.

According to Kush, 25 year-old McAnuff was killed in Paradise, St James, on Wednesday about 6:00 am.

A police report said he had another man had a dispute. The dispute reportedly turned physical, and the man was injured. Residents then allegedly attacked McAnuff and chopped him several times.

The police were summoned and both men were taken to hospital where McAnuff was pronounced dead and the other man admitted.

"From what I understand, it was about four or five of them who accused him of being a cop and started chopping him. He ran and collapsed near the house he rented," said Kush. "By the time he was discovered, he had already bled to death."

He said his family is taking Matthew's death really hard.

"Right now my father is a mess. It has really hit him big time," he said, adding that Matthew's mother, who resides in the United States, has been hospitalised since hearing of the tragedy.

Matthew McAnuff was on his way to making it in roots-reggae circles. His Earl 'Chinna' Smith-produced song, Be Careful, has been doing the rounds on the French charts.

The singer was also enjoying popularity on the European circuit. He recently recorded another single If You Want War.

Jamaica Observer

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