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Messenger: Rasmi Sent: 12/25/2018 8:22:11 AM

When people don't have their employee IDS I'm supposed to tell them to go back home and try again tomorrow. But I don't. Who am I to robbed another man paycheck. The other security guards are strict. I don't really like them. They take pleasure of people misery. Then after when they tell that person to go home they love laughing about it to the other co-workers. I witnessed one of Jah child bawling and saying she need to work. But they still turned her to the door. I and I wonder do Jah ithrens got to be reborn to have a soft heart, or maybe it's the Babylon job title blocking their hearts. I don't care about the job title. To be honest all I'm trying to do is survive in life. When the employees, lost or accident left their IDS at home. I and I let them through.I know I'm taking a risk, but then again Jah is my light and my salvation. If the I and I lose I job for being kind, and generous then so be it. I also meditate and told myself to be careful I wouldn't want to let the wrong person inside. This is a food factory. This factory hired temporary employees. So they are quick to fire their temps(like the ones that forget their IDS). Jah, I will always keep you in my heart. I and I will always praise to the most high.

Jah Rastafari 💕;💕;

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 12/25/2018 11:02:36 AM

Hi Rasmi,
i remember our chat when you were thinking of going to the police academy. i see that you've taken a job as a security guard for now. You are a RastafarI at heart and that is why you must do the righteous thing when Babylon demands that you do otherwise.
i remember many years ago when i was thinking of joining the US Navy to become a Navy Geophysics Officer because Ronald Reagan was killing the budget for the EPA and everyone was getting laid off where i worked. My family all thought it was a great idea, but i had this one spiritual brother who told me: "You have a big heart, you're a Rasta, you'd never fit in Babylon's armed forces, and, besides, they have ways of screening out guys like you." He was right, of course, and everything worked out for the better. If you'd have tried for the police academy, i would say to you: "They have ways of screening out guys like you."
You see ordinary people who are otherwise good guys can turn into vicious actors once they taste the power and rush that goes with cruelty and inflicting pain on anonymous persons. It's a drug that the devil gets them hooked on. Those German boys who ran the camp at Auschwitz or those American kids who occupied Iraq and murdered countless civilians while terrorizing them simultaneously --these were NOT bad people. They were people who Babylon lured in with promises of money, glory, rank, honor, etc. and then turned into monsters with the drug of power and cruelty.
I don't believe that you would be susceptible to addiction to that drug because you have already let RastafarI, JAH Love, into your heart and it has taken over by infecting you with a sense of Righteousness. i don't see you being able to torture, humiliate, intimidate, strong-arm and/or murder your brother or sister. Even if you were to go into such an occupation, 'they have a way of screening out guys like you'. Be grateful for that and always keep on being a stealth agent for JAH (as you are doing right now) in everything that you do.

JAH LOVE, Brother.

Messenger: Rasmi Sent: 12/26/2018 4:06:47 AM

Thank you for the kind words brethren. I appreciate it.

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Haile Selassie I