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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/28/2018 4:19:52 AM

As a dear sister of mine has hastened to remind me so many times: SPIRITUAL ATTACK is a very real thing and all who sincerely seek His Majesty and His Righteousness will fall prey to it.

“Men and people will fight you down when you see JAH Light. Well let me tell you if you’re not wrong, everything is all right.” – Exodus, Bob Marely & the Wailers

Have no doubt about it: The ascent of a Rasta along the path of JAH Righteousness and his/her overarching Love of His Majesty (accompanied by blessings such as peaceful and loving family relations, harmony with neighbours & co-workers, and immunity from the corroding effects of politics and HateDread) are things which infuriate the devil. In response, he will leave no stone unturned in his quest to create strife & discord, and to undermine family, brotherly love, peace, cooperation and harmony. This is a sad, unfortunate reality of Babylon, but to deny it is to leave oneself exposed to be blindsided all kinds of corruption, damage and strife.

As a faithful Rasta, the devil will seek to harm you by using any person or vehicle imaginable. He HATES the Love of the family and will seek to infect families with his strife though quarreling, jealously, materialism and any of the other devious tools he has available to try to counteract Love. Always remember that JAH Love is the antidote for spiritual attacks; it is the weapon against which the devil has no defence and the shield through which the none of the devil’s wicked attacks can penetrate.

You’ll know the devil’s agent as he will come snickering at and ridiculing Love; belittling brotherly love, peace and harmony as “weakness”, and mocking them as “kumbaya” or “touchy-feely sentimentality which fails to deal with reality”. This mocking of Love is the devil’s desperation as he knows well that he is defeated once JAH Love enters into the battle. His only hope is to make you believe that JAH Love is stupid, powerless, weak and/or worthless.

Do not fall for it. Believe me, the devil would not go to such extents to belittle Love or to try to destroy families or disrupt fellowship among the Faithful if they were not very powerful threats to his designs. It is essential to recognize that the devil is a master at preying on people’s weaknesses and pitting comrades, friends and loved one against one another; husband against wife, child against parent, colleague against colleague, even Rasta against Rasta are all common ploys in his spiritual attacks. As RastafarI and earthly ambassadors of His Majesty, we mustn’t ever allow his vile deceptions and spiritual attacks to succeed.

The key to defeating these attacks is JAH Love. Remember that the person attacking you is NOT the Evil One – they are being USED by the devil. Your dear loved one –brother or sister – is of JAH and is being co-opted by the devil through his deception and used to wage a spiritual attack upon you. When you can see satan using a loved one against you, don’t take the bait –instead, wrap your arms around your loved one and tell them how much you love them. Surrender quickly to whatever petty demand or complaint is being used as the source of strife and/or apologize quickly for an alleged offense.

As your trod through Babylon continues and you continue to grow up as a RastafarI, the devil will become ever more jealous of your relationship with the Most High and of your adoration of His Teachings and Wisdom over the pretty golden trinkets and technological devices of Babylon. If the devil cannot lure you with his gold and toys, he will seek to destroy you with his vindictive HateDread and tear apart the loving relationships that you have formed.

The unfortunate Truth is that you can never let your guard down because satan is always lurking and waiting to pounce on a true, loving RastafarI. The best way to remain vigilant is written in Matthew 6:33

“But seek you first the kingdom of JAH, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

That is, we don’t sit around waiting to be attacked and then defend. We embrace JAH in all aspects of Our Lives thereby creating a constant shield against spiritual attack.

As the Wise One once told me of my jailers when i had been cast into the dungeons of Babylon:

“No mater how they mistreat and abuse you, just Love them – they won’t know what to do with that.”

JAH LOVE IS THE AWESOME POWER before which Fools laugh with disdain and the Wicked One trembles in fear.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/29/2018 12:48:28 AM

You'll please cut me a little slack if, due to my age, I&i not up on all of the slang and expressions used by younger folks. Apparently another term now used to ridicule expressions of brotherly Love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, compassion et al is "virtue signalling".

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