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Slavery by Another Name

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Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/13/2018 2:00:06 PM

Again with the left right left right hemphILL. Nothing "leftist" about the truth. The womban in the video knows her history and has provided the facts to back it up. Letters and speeches from "honest" Abe. The testimonies from the ones who lived at those times. And the laws that were written. Nesta1 said is right on; you are in denial Mr. Ill.

This is not just the past, presently black and latino people are being profiled, harassed and locked up. White people get away with much more crime, horrific crimes. Think of all the corporate and political crimes that whites in the usa commit and never get locked up for. You say black people are 13% of the population in usa and that they commit 49% of the crime? Tell me Mr. Ill, do you really think that is true? Half the crime in the usa is committed by black people? Because that is "just plain stupid".

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/13/2018 2:06:57 PM

The beauty of the Truth is that it just stands there like a mountain -- immovable and unchanging. It can be obscured for awhile, but it will always ultimately reappear to be viewed for what it is.

Really it doesn't matter if i'm wrong about something or someone else is lying about something. I&i don't need to sell the Truth or convince anyone of what Reality is. It is what it is.

I&i trust that every piece of information that i have offered here will stand up to the scrutiny of a sincere and honest inquiry. Naturally Hemphill is going to crap all over the Truth because JAH Truth is very troublesome for people who are trying to promote Babylon as "great" and obscure its bloody, immoral behavior.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/13/2018 2:10:35 PM

Ok Mr. Don Lemon.. Yeah whites are the biggest terrorist threat in the world..

What a joke. Of course political presitutes avoid accountability. Look at Obama and the Clintons.. For the general public, yes. The crime statistics are very clear. Visit the official FBI website. Blacks commit 49% of violent crimes. Clear as day. And before you dismiss those numbers as bias.. You quote the FBI on 'russian collusion', and every other anti Trump conspiracy theory..

Look dude. I have acknowledged the ugly past of America. Never said it was perfect. I am extremely critical of the atrocities committed by the USA.. But we have to keep in mind that the might of America has been hijacked by offshore satanic globalists.. Look into the unelected E.U.leader Junker and his connections to the Nazi's... But see thats the entire point here.. You want me to go through and account for every single thing America has done especially the past all the while you competely ignore the CURRENT ATROCITIES being committed on a mass scale by Islam and China.. We cant change the past.. But thats all you focus on..

And yeah, when you attack history with a liberal bias about Lincoln yet COMPETELY IGNORE the speeches and letters by LbJ.. Thats leftist..

Get real dude.. You refuse to look at yourself. You love the ways of the world. You have signed onto the heard.. You hate Trump and America.. Congratulations bro, you have no individualism..

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/13/2018 2:11:12 PM

ok it's like I said before Nesta1, hemphILL is all boxed up in babylon, can't see outside the box he is in. The box is all he knows, his reality is formed by the box. He can't question the box because he don't know their is a box. Tried to show him the box, tried to break him out of the box, but the box is his world, his reality and he is willing to defend it even if it makes him... ILL!

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/13/2018 2:15:26 PM

What info nesta? You dont provide any links, any videos, any evidence.. You just say things and expect it to stand.. Thats mob mentality.. It takes a multitude of snowflakes to even try to talk to an actuall individual like me.

Its hilarious how mis informed you are

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/13/2018 2:16:51 PM

See? Exactly..

You cant even respond.. Just go around agreeing with each other and ignore the bombshell links and evidence i provide.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/13/2018 2:24:51 PM

Individualism? I am I. And I just hear you, Mr. Ill, repeating the same language and information that the right conservative media in the usa uses. Not fooling anyone here. Like Nesta1 one has said, the truth speaks for itself. Rastafari recognize whats real. InI are exposing the lies that have been told and that are being told today.

When one says something about the usa, you say something about china or another country.
When one says something about trump, you say something about obama or the clintons.
You just keep trying to deflect and redirect the reasoning, but again, there is no reasoning with the unreasonable.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/13/2018 2:26:58 PM

If one examines my posts about the anomalous result of Rasmussen's polling, there are links to where i obtained the comparative polling results as well as statistical concepts present (based upon my own qualifications as a professional scientist) which are easily verifiable with a simple search if one doubts their veracity.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/13/2018 2:34:28 PM

Ahahahahahahahaha a 'professional scientist' omg what a joke.. A professional NPC maybe!! Lol you should be a comedian. You just regurgitate the establishment line.. Russian collusion -- which has been admitted to be 100% fabricated!! Trump is Hitler -- completely projected nonsense!! On and on

A scientist! Hahahaha

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/13/2018 2:35:46 PM

Yes, Jahcub Onelove, you are correct about the boxes and boxing oneself in. Hemphill is an ideologue who will not accept any new information or data, regardless of the source, if it conflicts with his established beliefs. That's why it is futile to present facts, information, data and/or Truth to him. There is no swaying an ideologue with Truth, and an absence of any true inner JAH spirituality makes it impossible for our brother Hemp to acknowledge, even upon presentation of compelling information, that he has been mistaken about something. That's low self-esteem coupled with no surrender to the Power of the Most High.
Guys like us have no problem admitting we're wrong about things as we move through Life because we know that only the Most High is All-Knowing; but people with low self-esteem who rely solely upon their own misunderstanding cannot admit mistakes or that they have learned something new.

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