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Messenger: all_praise_to_the_most_high_up Sent: 10/8/2018 12:38:42 AM

Why does it seem like the Rastafari are a lone group of people. It's not popular anywhere in the inner cities. No one is educated about the true meaning of Rastafari, Who Haile Selassie was, why Ethiopia is important etc etc. We live with this stigma of guys with dread locs smoking weed praising there emperor. I am calling on all of those who are able and strong to modernize. We need organization, leadership, propaganda, media etc etc. We have to reach the black community as well as the ethiopian community. Where are the Rastafari community centers, why is this website so outdated, why isn't this message board bustling with conversations. We have to become a true force, we need to have the ability to swing election votes and infect the people with the riotousness they are yearning for. We have sung enough songs and done enough praise, it's time to get our hands dirty and make this a true POWERFUL WORLD WIDE MOVEMENT!!! Comment with some ideas on how this ship can set sail.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 10/8/2018 10:57:37 AM

Speaking ONLY for I&i as one man who has been a Rasta from birth, and actively seeking & following H.I.M.for nearly a half century; RastafarI is a spiritual movement. The miraculous power of the Most High is evident everywhere i go in the HOPE & LOVE i witness even in the most poverty- and oppression-stricken people in the world. RastafarI is much more than the Holy Name RastafarI; it is JAH LOVE.

I&i would find no glorification in the commercialization, institutionalization, and/or propagandizing of His Majesty's message. The Pure need not be soiled so; our pearls needn't be cast before swine in order to beg their acceptance or popularize participation.

Again, this is just my personal feeling.

His Majesty has been everything to me, done everything for me, and never let me down. He continues to provide us with EVERYTHING, and to be readily available and accessible to anyone who hath an ear to hear His message. i see no deficiency in His Power or Presence whatsoever.

I&i can relate to the desire to have fellowship and camaraderie with other Rastas; however, that need is easily fulfilled by sharing observations & experiences about our spiritual journeys seeking JAH with members of many different faiths. Sincerely spiritual people of all faiths are, in fact, seeking JAH and this becomes evident when we have spiritual discussions with them.


Messenger: Earth Daughter Sent: 10/8/2018 3:05:02 PM

It's a very good suggestion, I think too dat it's time to Unite and create together. We could do great thing, each person contribute with it's talents.

Do You live in Jamaica ?

Messenger: brostephenable Sent: 10/9/2018 5:08:20 AM

swing elections? Rasta no vote for Babylon system.

Messenger: NewRas Sent: 10/9/2018 11:28:26 AM


Iman can agree with this meditation of being more active and unified. Not necessarily swinging elections or being over political but Iman believe the truth of Haile Selassie needs to flourish even more so in these times and for future generations. Iman truly believe Rastaman need InI own INTERNATIONAL culture. Meaning learning InI incient tongue (Amharic, Ge'ez), having InI houses of praise with InI own rites, ceremony, and Holy days. These things coupled with educational programs and libraries of all texts pertaining to His Majesty and the truth of His Majesty's divine nature and teachings.

InI have been thinking of producing some presentations to help educate and edify Jah people near me in the black baptist churches and where ever would have me to reveal the revelations of the true Negus Mesih. A compilation of video, scriptural, historical, and artistic proof that makes it undeniable that the Krystos has returned. The people I've come in contact with who've questioned my beliefs usually are at least intrigued with the message.

Iman think the people would accept His Majesty if speaking truthfully of H.I.M. for he was truly the perfect man who's life and philosophy we should try and emulate within ourselves.

Politically, InI still need to be pushing for Reparations and Repatriation. The centuries long African Holocaust has still to this day never been truly atoned. Historically most nations do receive reparations after genocidal and devastating acts by other nations. Even the "Jews" where allowed to displace a nation of people to create their own homeland based off the claims of their heritage. So it is only right InI seek to repatriate back to Africa and really build our foundation there.

Give thanks this meditation and conversation.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 10/10/2018 9:39:41 AM

Of the utmost importance in whatever pursuit is chosen to share the Teachings of His Majesty is that we always carry and conduct I-selves as His ambassadors. That is a huge responsibility and absolutely the most important. The Love of our People and our teaching by Example are the most powerful forces for change which we possess.

Messenger: Earth Daughter Sent: 10/12/2018 10:12:06 PM

When Will You stop to worship others from the past? ok they did great things, we have to aknowledge it but we could do almost the same if we know ourself and believe in ourself and if we stop giving our divin power away. Take back your power your worth it!
Use your nrj to create constructive Community, to go ahead to build schools,homes,books...

Messenger: Angel in Zion Sent: 10/16/2018 12:20:49 PM

Because we are a lone group of people. Many are called and few are chosen. We have been spread out all over the world, the blood lines get spiritual insight as they grow and seek the Almighty. When I found out back in the 90's there was voice that said go outside and when I went outside there was a golden star in the sky. I went inside to find out if the news captured this star and they did. It was being shown for about 2 minutes and then removed. This is something that babylon archived and decided not share with the masses. Why? The next thing I know I got jounalist, the klan, the skinheads, and the men in black (before the movie came out) trolling me. His Majesty was giving me visions daily showing me who would come next, and the visions were always right. I was ready to go forward, Garnet Silk had the vision about Zion just like me. I was so happy that we were going to come together. That's when I found out that Satan was in the mix. Then we had a horrible change of events. They took my brother Garnet Silk and they started following me around everywhere I went. Of course using their technology was very helpful for them to keep track of us. They keep us apart using fear. They closed in on my parents and it was not a good feeling. I remember my father telling me don't do anything to get myself killed. Out of the millions of people only a handful of us find out. Then society rips you apart saying you are crazy. Then you show them your spiritual power and they say you are a sorcerer. What is this madness? This is why he calls us one by one and we make that journey back home. Coming together is great but getting that message out to the world is another task. Satan has got his wicked throne and his puppets. On top of that he has society looking for something that is not true. If you go against their beliefs they do some wicked things to you. They want to control you as long as they can. We are more than flesh, we are spiritual beings. Sin takes you away from that light inside of you. A oneness with that light gives you your third eye, for spiritual sight. I really wish we could come together also. In my travels I find maybe 1 or 2 people have the gift and some of them don't even know they have it. Getting them to understand that we have been oppressed for so long and told the wrong story about ourselves for so long, we are carbon copies of their teachings. I have had arguments with people that claim they know Rasta but have no spiritual sight and the brother that is standing next to me never knowing Rasta but because he is in my vicinity he experiences what I am seeing spiritually. He is now Rasta through experience and he begins his journey reading and finding out who he is as a person. Of course be careful of wolves in sheep clothing. Everything is not what it seems. We are like them that dream. That high mountain is there, when you get your call head in the right direction. Their storms will increase. Pay attention to the vibes of your soul. They are on a larger scale now with a bit more acreage. Taken from pharaohs of the past. Be conscious and pay attention to the signs. JAH guide.

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