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White Rasta Statement

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Messenger: WhiteRasta Sent: 9/12/2018 9:28:10 AM

Recently, over the past two years of InI life InI spritually searched for InI identity. InI grew up Christian but InI never really believed it. InI read into my own (white) pagan and poleytheistic roots and culture. it was interesting, but InI didn’t believe it, InI didn’t feel it in ma Hart. So InI moved on, to read about Japanese culture, customs and religion. Again, InI quite interested, but alas InI no feel it. InI no believe it. so InI read about Chinese, Thai, Indian, Kurdish, Korean, and South American Culture. ALL of these were interesting and amazing but again... InI no feel. InI no connect. InI look into Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Spiritualism, Indigenous Religion, Christianity, Krishna, Sikhism, Judaism, Jainism, Cao Dai, Universalism, Juche, and Zoroastrianism... InI sit still lost in spirit. InI feels none of these. InI knows what I am inside. Finally on the end of this journey InI start to read about Rasta. It was very interesting to InI. InI read into Haile Selassie I, and automatically love him. feel everting Jah says. But here’s the difference, when InI read about Rasta, InI feel, InI is moved. InI knows Jah was in my hart much longer before Rasta discovered I. So InI start to dive into Rasta and read into it. InI read into the history of black culture and oppression and slavery and how white culture drove them from their home land and Babylon colonized. InI love the spirit of the Rasta, how they fight oppression, stand for love, stand for peace, stand for freedom. InI was Rasta and InI know. butttttttttttt....
When InI began to get on Rasta forums InI see that most Rasta of Color want no part of white man. this to I was puzzling? Instantly judging and turning a brethren away because of the color of I skin? is this not why Rasta was created in the first place? Becayse of racism and prejudice? Which then formed into slavery. Rasta creates to oppose racism and take back Africa for the Africans. Repatriation. Roots of Rasta are Love, Freedom, Peace, Happiness, Discipline, unification, the end of Babylon and all oppression to JAH! Although in my heart I believe no one can say they “CREATED RASTA” because to I Rasta was always here. ever present since the dawn of time like JAH. So why does certain Rasta say others cannot be Rasta based off of skin color? I AGREE, Rasta calls for the Black Movement of Taking back Africa and ENDING ALL RACISM. but I think Rasta calls for this because Rasta calls for freedom of all oppressed. Again I don’t think any culture or racial group can actually say THEY created Rasta because if they true Rasta they know Rasta is not something you create. Rasta always been. Regardless of race. Rasta calls for Love and Harmony and not equality but EQUITY. Rasta call for unification of ALL Bredren and Sistren regardless of skin color. People say Rasta is specifically for the Black movement back to Africa, which I unserstand, but do not agree with. Rasta was discovered BECAUSE of the Black movement back to Africa, but that’s not Rasta in its entirety. Rasta , like InI said before is about love and equity for ALL races. It’s easy to see how ones makes the connection that it has to be JUST about the Black Movement to Africa and taking it back because InI will agree that people of color have been THE MOST OPPRESSED PEOPLE IN HISTORY, InI will agree with BLACK SUPREMECY. I
will agree that you DESERVE REPATRIATION. InI will agree whites have AUTOMATIC PRIVELAGE And InI will do my best to help each and every Black he can get back to Africa and Heaven on Earth. InI admits the Black population is owed and deserves EQUITY. InI knows these things, and feels for you. Maybe InIs people were never taken from their homes, maybe InI doesn’t know what that’s like, maybe InI doesn’t know THAT SPECIFIC struggle. But InI knows struggle... InI knows heart ache and pain. InI is still human... regardless of Is carbon body. InI may never have EXPERIENCED that. But at least let InI try to understand and least let InI sympathize for your people... InI is aware of ones own privelage, whether InI wants it or not. LAST thing InI wants to do is taint Rasta and steal. InI is NOT trying to steal your culture, InI thinks Rasta isn’t even culture anyways. it’s a Livity. but even if InI wanted your culture, can you not share? InI think you’d want the all the help you could get. InI knows you won’t share because you think white man ruins everything (racism) and you judge InI for Is white skin just like Jah SAID NOT TO DO.!InI wishes skin color wasn’t a thing. InI wants to leave his body.
but in reality InI can’t. InI knows I am with Jah. InI reads Selassie passages of as long as man sees race there will be war, race is no more important than the color of a mans eyes. then InI sees you all telling me I cannot be Rasta because of the color of my skin?? because of something I cannot change? because of something Jah chose FOR ME? To hate WHITE CULTURE is something InI strongly agree with... but to hate WHITES!?!? to think every white is evil no matter wht? to already have a preconceived notion of InI based off of InIs skin color Jah have gave I before I even open Is mouth? Before InI even have a chance to take any kind of action? and tell my story? I’m automatically evil because I’m white? is both our blood not red? if both our skins stripped will we not look the same? Is this not the same ideology that is the reason your people were taken from Africa? InI thinks when you say whites or Japanese or Chinese or South Americans cannot be Rasta, you are the imposter. you are poser. InI knows you are the wolf in sheeps clothing who try an push I away from TRUE Rasta. InI appreciate and LOVE the brethren and sistren who stick up for all races of RASTA. because they are REAL RASTA, and they know that JAH made us all EQUAL.
Garvey said Afrika for the Afrikans, but if a white man is nice, if a white man is fair and loving and generous and white man is RASTA why do you not welcome white man to Africa? to share and hold hands in peace and harmony? because you already have a preconceived notion of I? You think of InI already evil and will ruin everything without knowing I? a thought born from your racist, burning heart? What if yes InIs carbon body is from Europe, but InIs feels his spiritual body and presence from Afrika? who is one of any color to tell me where the INSIDE of my body lay. where I feel my spiritual home is? it is said time and time again in Rasta that Ethiopia and Zion in heaven on Earth.... but just for spiritual bodies with black skin? what if we are spiritually alike but physically different? who are you to judge me by the color of my skin?
InI knows when you say Whites cannot be Rasta because WHITES ARE EVIL, you are not speaking from JAH. you are speaking from Fiyah. maybe you claim Rasta, but Rasta knows no race. Rasta in Unification for all and equity for ALL. therefore this implies the Afrikans claim their land back from the injustice of babalyon yes... but also so much more... Rasta calls for every race to fight oppression and hate. Rasta calls for WORLD unification and HARMONY. continue to spread hate from the fiyah in ya hart. wish for me to burn all you want, but you are currently the only one burning. I am not black Rasta. I am not Chinese Rasta, I am not middle eastern Rasta, and I am not white Rasta, I am Rasta.... and Rasta is me....

InI post questions in this post, but InI need no answers. InI not debate you. You might as well never reply because InI knows Jah is In InIs hart and needn’t not need acceptance from a few racists who claim to be Rasta. InI need not prove himself and the presence of JAH IN HIS HART TO ANYONE. InI just made this post to explain ones story. InI will always be Rasta and worship JAH. whether Africa is the home of my PHYSICAL BODY OR NOT, I know somewhere there lies my spiritual body. and who are you to tell me what I feel inside? end the racism. emancipate yourselves from
mental slavery. the RASTA is for all and all for RASTA.


Messenger: NewRas Sent: 9/12/2018 1:48:30 PM

Peace WhiteRas,
I'm curious as to what forums you visit. You say and generalize a lot of things I've never particularly seen myself but have heard. I know no real Ras is going to burn fiya on you just for your skin. If you do the research you find many spanish, french, italian, and even japanese Rasta in their own country. So granted you are as sincere as you say, it sounds as though you are around Rasta who don't study up on His Majesty. We have other white rasta on this board. I can't say I've seen someone here be chastised for their color but it couldvbe something I've overlooked or just didn't read. I believe any real Ras is delighted in anyone who has the knowledge of Jah and his Christ.

You must understand the skepticism of some people especially when they only study the racial dynamic of history because it can make you really hate white people if you let it. I went through a small phase of that myself. But in the end everyone must understand we are in this world together and need to cooperate as such. Don't be discouraged over the little things. You have plenty of brothers who delight with you in the name of His Majesty, Haile Selassie I. White, brown, yellow, tan, black. EVERY knee must bow and EVERY tongue confess the truth of His Majesty. This includes all races. There are some who just say "Rastafari" but follow their own "righteousness". If a (Rasta or any)man judges you soley on the color of your skin and not the content of your character, let them know how Selassie burned fiya on that. Give them the quotes of His Majesty. We as Rasta don't deal with hatred at all. We burn fiya on oppression but all Ras have to let the hate in their heart go before they can see clearly the teachings of His Majesty.


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/12/2018 2:42:00 PM


First of all, let me say you are on the right path. You are very clearly one “who hath and ear” and are listening and receiving the Truth. I&i love what you say about finding RastafarI, because you were Rasta from creation. A quote from Bob Marley that i like is:

“Well, I've been a Rasta from ever since. You know. But, is not how long I've been a Rasta, is how long it takes you to grow up. Cause, what you is what you is, from beginning to the end, you can never change 'cause even if you adopt things, later on they filter right out. So I was Rasta from creation, you know……”

The color of one’s skin has NOTHING to do with being a Rasta because all people are JAH Itren, all are of His Flesh. We are all Africans. You are spot on: People who say otherwise yet claim to be RastafarI are either wolves in sheep’s clothing or People who are leaning upon misunderstanding and have not grown up enough to see the Truth.

In Truth we are all One People, One Flesh, One Heart, One Love, One Spirit, One Soul. Inity.

The JAH Love that courses through your veins and animates your carbon body is the JAH Love that animates all others. We are ACTUALLY One Flesh.

More than thirty years ago the kind and wonderful black-skinned Jamaican (JAH-make-him) man who confirmed to me the name of His Majesty RastafarI held his arm against my light-skinned arm, looked into my eyes and said, "You see, we are the same color." He was right, of course and I&i never forgot these words of Truth.

I really don’t like to say this because it must be done with respect, but i&I sey give no more thought or energy to the misinterpretations of those who tell you that are somehow lesser or fenced out of RastafarI because of your skin. Those are lies plains and simple, and should not heed them or let them cause you any further frustration. By what you’ve already written, you understand that so i&I just reaffirming it and supporting you. Another Marley quote:

“Me personally, me can’t be prejudiced, me can’t, me not think of Life that way because if you’re prejudice that mean you have a hate. If you have a hate inside of you, you cannot be righteous……What I really want is that the people come together.”

Your right: Nobody created RastafarI. H.I.M. is the Creator.

You sey: “Maybe InIs people were never taken from their homes, maybe InI doesn’t know what that’s like, maybe InI doesn’t know THAT SPECIFIC struggle” but I&i sey: yes, YOU were taken, yes, YOU do know, because in a very real way that WAS YOU being taken. We are One People of One Flesh. We share pain and suffering. We feel it. That’s why you can’t hurt anyone else without hurting yourself. REMEMBER always: You were BOTH the slave and the slaver. You were BOTH the brutalized and the brutalizer. It has always been that way.

Keep on trodding, WhiteRasta. You are definitely seeing clearly and pursuing the righteous path.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 9/12/2018 4:31:32 PM

"White privilege" is a lie.

When you are facing this type of liberal rhetoric, never bow down to it. Its designed to make you feel guilty and unworthy. Stand up for who you are; because once you bow to that 'guilt' and try to appease the accusers by adopting the rhetoric with self deprivation, they have control over your mind.. And thats exactly what they want.. Besides, those people will never accept you no matter how much you say 'white privilege'.. Trust me, I've been there.. Lots of talk about how bad I am because of my skin color, how easy I have it etc etc.. I knew in my heart it was wrong, but I wanted to appease and to be accepted.. It will NEVER get you or anyone else anywhere.. Haile Selassie says that EVERYONE must work.. "We have said that whoever doesn't work because he doesn't want to is poor. We have said that wealth has to be gained through hard work. We have said those who don't work starve. And now We add that the capacity to earn depends on the individual: Each individual is responsible for his misfortunes, his fate." Its about personal accountability and responsibility. We cant be stagnant and point our finger saying thats who is keeping me down, thats who owes me something... We have to do it ourselves as individuals, otherwise nothing will get done..

If you want to talk logistics or statistics, Asians are the wealthiest and most educated demographic in the USA.. But you dont hear anyone saying 'Asian privilege' as a part of some overarching conspiracy theory.. The fact is, every race has a history of being both the brutalizers and the brutalized.. White people are just the most visible brutalizers within recent history and thus the easiest to demonize.. Its divide and conquer.. It just goes round and round.. There is no prize for being the most downpressed.. Being a victim is not victory.. Coming together as one people regardless of race to fight the common enemy of the satanic beast system is victory.. Dont let anyone make you hate yourself or who you came from.. That is all the 'white privilege' rhetoric is designed to do.. Same as its super popular to hate the 'west'... Haile Selassie sets the record straight on that too.. "Outside the kingdom of the Lord there is no nation which is greater than any other. God and history will remember your judgement"

Messenger: WhiteRasta Sent: 9/12/2018 6:31:54 PM

NewRas, Nesta1, and Hemphill. InI cannot even explain how much InI love dese replies and how much InI love you. InI feels your love. InI feels di power of Jah flowing through your comments from I to I. InI knows not di color of your skin, and InI needn’t know anyways, because InI know you is Jah and InI love you. InI is more dan ankful, InI is in bliss to read dese. To know oter Bredren and Sistren feel di same way makes InI utmost gracious and humble. You all are love, peace, and harmony, and RASTA!! InI hope we meet one day in di real world!! but who’s to say we are not ONE wit each oter rigt now ;) stay how you is because InI feel much better about Rasta now and InI cannot tank you enough. InI know dat wit siblings like you, full of love and unity, we can CONQUER ANYTHING . INCLUDING THE WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. WE CAN CONQUER TRUE BABYLON TOGETHER NO MATTER RACE NOR GENDER. InI knows Rasta was for all anyways, but you have made InI feel much better about dat. Peace and Blessings to all!


Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/12/2018 11:17:12 PM

Hail RasTafari-Haile Selassie is the All Mighty!

I and I give thanks for this medium, I must keep saying this because its really serving a true purpose just as all the comments suggest above. I man always feel that as followers of HIM I and I must use our diversity as a resource to face what is up ahead. There is no doubt in I meditation that RasTafari culture was created by His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie to fulfill His Word Sound and each and every Rasta Man Woman and Child are letters of His words. Just as the words I have read in the above mentioned comments brings comfort and a positive meditation.

So far this medium is serving its purpose. Keeping I focus on I mission.

Give Thanks Brethren

Give Thanks

It is only the Words of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I that matters today...

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/13/2018 3:57:51 AM

You are more than welcome, WhiteRasta.

The best guidance this old Rasta can give a younger one is this:

Be cautious about seeking Truth and Wisdom in worldly sources such as books, electronic media, and orators. These can be great sources of knowledge, but we must never confuse knowledge with Truth and Wisdom, which JAH provides to each YouMan directly in his or her own Heart and Mind. You are a part of His Majesty, connected to HIM as His Life energy moves through your veins to animate you; hence, you also possess all of His Truth and Wisdom (even if you never opened a book or heard a spoken word, these are already inside of you because He dwelleth within you). Even these very words that I&i write to you should be tested in your own True Heart and Mind to be sure that they are Truth.

The only thing blocking any of us from grasping JAH Truth and Wisdom is Babylon's deception & confusion and our own vanity, ego and avarice. Push those aside and dump them into the sewer along with hostility,violence, insolence, and hateDread. Be a man of Peace, not goaded by Babylon mentality into behaving crassly as the philistines do.

The Bible is a great font of Wisdom and Truth, but it is worthless paper and words unless you bring an active brain and your Heart to it; lest you fall prey to one of the many misunderstandings that abound based upon misinterpretations of Biblical verses. The Bible has been corrupted in parts through the Ages, so the Gospel is not words from a printed page mindlessly accepted, but instead the Living Truth and Wisdom of JAH inside of you. Remember, it's not how long you've been a Rasta, but how long it takes a man to grew up. It doesn't happen in a year or two or ten. It's a long, long process. So be patient with yourself and with others. You will make many mistakes, as we all do, for this studio of Time and Experience is a lifelong learning process. Admit your mistakes quickly, apologize to others affected by your mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Don't disparage yourself or others, for Babylon produces plenty of hostility, abuse & violence for people, and you mustn't be one who adds to those.

By what you've written, it is clear to I&i that you are an ambassador of His Majesty. You are His emissary. Carry & present yourself as such. Be a clean ambassador in mind, words and actions. Seek to never soil the White Raiment that He has given to you to wear by espousing Babylon's filth. By your grace and actions, others will see His Hand in you and may find H.I.M. also.

Along with keeping JAH LOVE always in your Heart, above all else:
" ye first the Kingdom of JAH, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

Sometimes this may consist of nothing more than simply closing your eyes and repeating His Holy Name: "Haile Selassie I, the First, JAH RastafarI"

I&i love you also, WhiteRasta

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/13/2018 10:09:28 AM


i began my earliest real-I-zation of JAH RastafarI in the 1970's as the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers was first becoming recognized across the international scene. The Music taught me much and throughout my Life i've always held that Music to be sacred for me as it was the medium through which His Majesty's Holy Name and Message were transmitted to every corner of the Earth.
All of the Music is very sacred. One of the most special, and most personally instructive, songs for me was always "Pas It On". You may already know it.


What your hands do
It is your own eyes that have seen
So won't you judge your actions
To make sure the results are clean
It's your own conscience
That is going to remind you
That it's your heart and nobody else's
That is going to judge

Be not selfish in your doings
Pass it on
Help your brothers in their needs
Pass it on
Live for yourself and you will live in vain
Live for others, you will live again
In the kingdom of Jah men shall reign
Pass it on

What's in the darkness
Must be revealed to light
We are not here to judge what is good from bad
But to do the things that are right
On a hot, sunny day
Follow the shadows for rescue
But as the day grows old
I know the sun is gonna find you

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