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Hate America the Babylon? Me?

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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 9/10/2018 4:09:31 PM

"We demand too much from men to be able to respect them." -- Haile Selassie

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/10/2018 4:26:05 PM

A true Rastaman nah insult and mock his brother, Hemphill. No true Rasta disrespect the elderly out of petulant animosity because the elder disagrees with him. That's just childish.

JAH LOVE is the Love of all Imanity and it transcends national boundaries. We are first and foremost JAH Itren, and we serve H.I.M. above all others. Rasta don't work for no CIA and Rasta never let the System make him kill his brother.

We are One People, One Love, One Heart, One Spirit, One Flesh, One Soul.

That's Truth. Argue with it until you're blue in the face because it's like arguing with a mountain that it's not tall or that it's not made of rock -- the mountain doesn't care -- like Truth, it just stands there.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/10/2018 4:52:29 PM

Hemp - You’re dedicating so much energy to fighting with me and mocking the message of JAH Love and Inity. You’re searching the internet for snippets that you think buttress your case for wrong-doing, but I say unto you: do not the philistines behave as such? We are Rastas. We have a reason to distinguish ourselves over such petty, meaningless squabbling and attacks.

JAH Lives. The Life He animates your body with flows through your veins. Stop seeking Him in the internet and in politicians and their agendas. When i&I beckon you to the Truth, I’m not saying find a not website or a quote or a You Tube clip that you can use to try to zing me with so that you feel like you “win” and that your preconceived notion is vindicated. i&I saying open your eyes and look within. Look in your heart where the Truth is. The Truth is Universal and if you look in your heart and find the Truth that is RastafarI within you, we will have NO DISAGREEMENT because the Truth is the Truth.

You’re so set on fighting, on disagreeing, on pushing back. This is how i know you’re not seeking JAH in your heart. If you were, you would not feel the need to engage in such negativity constantly. Give it a try. You can always go back to searching the internet to find contrary snippets. They’ll still be there for you. But i&I know that if you seek His Majesty first within you, you’ll find there’s no need to waste your time and energy picking fights with your own brothers. Instead of what it’s degenerated into, your reasoning here with your brethren and sistren can be a positive and productive exchanges of ideas and information.

Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/11/2018 5:55:01 AM

Haile Selassie

NewRas, give thanks for taking the time to full up the reasoning. The Nation is already here and is really up to I and I who have this inclination towards giving value to I and I scattered Nation to make it happen. I and I need a physical place to work and put all these ideas (His Majesty Words) into reality, it is really our only duty here! The I is so right, I and I always talking in the 4 corners of creation about how "DEM AH COMMERCIALIZE RASTA" the most common reason why this is, is because 1. Is economically Smart and 2. I and I not doing it.

I and I must create the Need for UNITY and Economy is that Need.

Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/11/2018 6:25:29 AM


I fully agree with the I in I and I Nation is the Nation of Imanity. Yet at the same time MY Bredda this Nation Need to be fed, sick must be nourished aged must be protected and infants cared for and to who belong this task? What is really the alternative to babylon? After babylon and all her evil is burned then what? We build our Nation? Why wait? This time, like everything else will pass; but after all maybe the I is right that I and I will end up the same as babylon in chanting slogans of Nationalism "Ethiopia First" and such...

You know Nesta1 I and I had a what if meditation some time ago: what if a government somewhere on creation decide, just as was done in Jamaica in time gone, to brutalize Rasta man woman and child? Who would be responsible to fix this? Who is responsible for taking care of Rasta people anywhere on creation?

One thing I have come to learn in this Move Ment is that we all have a specific task.

Give thanks for this medium!

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/11/2018 8:33:29 AM

Ras Fidel,

i&I appreciate your thoughtful writings and most of all your sincere quest for Truth. i&I nah have all the answers - far from it. But i&I been trodding in dis ere Babylon and seeking Truth for many years, so therefore, i&I learned a few things that i didn't know when i was younger.

First of all, JAH provides EVERYTHING to us. Everything. The notion that governments, companies, organizations, political leaders, money or certain economic philosophies provide these things is Babylon System's lie and illusion. All fruit is from the earth. All works of minds and hands are possible because JAH creates and animates those minds and hands. All energy comes from JAH. Babylon loves to take credit for JAH's Creations and precious gifts, and to deceive us into believing the we owe those precious gifts to the machinations of the Babylon System. This is, of course, the ultimate deception.

How do we address the tangible needs that you identify? When you ask "What is really the alternative to babylon?", you've hit on something critical to RastafarI: We're stuck down here trodding through the wickedness of Babylon and we dread it. But we are tasked by His Majesty to OCCUPY this place in Babylon until our time comes to be delivered to Zion. While we occupy, we put our vision to reality to address the very needs you mention - we feed the poor, nurse the sick, and care for the aged. We do these things with our own hands.[Think about it: The Babylon System does none of these things. It is simply a blood-sucking parasite that uses YouMan beings as slaves to do them then takes credit for them.]

Some of us work for Babylon money because it's needed to purchase things through Babylon's money system; but we never covet money, try to lay up vast amounts of it to the detriment of our brethren and sistren, or adore it (let alone worship it) above His Majesty. Most of all, whatever work we engage in we do it righteously without compromising our RastafarI principles. We always give thanks unto JAH and maintain foremost in our consciousnesses that it is JAH that provides everything to us; not the devil or his Babylon System. The devil is a poser, parasite and deceiver who creates nothing save misconceptions, suffering and death.

Finally, never underestimate His Majesty's willingness and ability to intervene directly in our own lives and the lives of those around us to alleviate all manner of suffering, and to provide for every type of need. We are His Itren and His Most Important charge. He NEVER ignores us and He ALWAYS listens to what we pray to H.I.M.

The foregoing are Truths that i have witnessed and verified in reality right here in Babylon over and over again throughout my life. We need to put aside our dependence on organizations, and seek JAH and His Righteousness right inside of ourselves. We are not going to change Babylon into something righteous using Babylon's tools. Only JAH can effect that change. If we start organizations, and engage in all that goes with such undertakings, we'll just end up in the same corruption that we almost invariably find in large organizations. (I've seen small groups of 5 or 10 people accomplish remarkable things, but once they go beyond that they almost invariably start to become corrupted.)

This is probably why we find that early Christian church worship groups rarely grew beyond about 15 or 20 people (e.g., some people say that His Majesty chose 12 disciples because that was the optimum size of a spiritual action group). You get an action group much larger than that and pretty soon you're fighting against the "top rankin'" mentality and you're distracted from your primary mission.

Peace be with you, brother Ras Fidel. Please continue to share your thoughts.

We are One People, One Spirit, One Heart, One Flesh, One Love

JAH RastafarI !

Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/29/2018 5:59:56 AM

I man respect everything the I is saying and the I write with such wisemind. Yet Brother Nesta1 I and I continue to grow as a people and very dependent people and that is contrary to HIS Majesty's Words. I man I'm not A RasTafari Man that read bible and quote psalms everyday, I Man replace this action by reading HIS Majesty words and there is really nothing in his Majesty words that says to sit and wait for anything in fact spirituality HIS Majesty says, is personal. So in saying this I know that today on this creation just as they are One Million RasTafari Man Woman and Children so they are needs for I and I people. In one corner of this planet there is sistren say in Norway who is looking for a daycare where her youths will be safe and taught RasTafari principles, Jamaica there may be an elder who has no one to care for Her or Him in Cuba a one could be locked away in jail for following RasTafari precepts and so on and so on. This because I and I have grown and will continue to grow as we are a people. I feel the I is right on the subject of organizations its very true actually growth in numbers create the possibilities for confusion. The thinking RASTA must overcome this obstacle not only because I and I Emperor commands it but simply because it is a necessity today.

I Man truly respect the I words Nesta1 as the need today may be just that wise words, but these can only be proven when manifested otherwise they are just words.

Haile Selassie is the All Mighty.

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