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Messenger: Satchmoe lone Wolf Sent: 7/31/2018 5:18:43 AM

Below this, I'm going to post something that I wrote one night after reading and having an informal bible study session with a close friend of mine from Nigeria. We were on facetime and discussed Ecclesiastes 3 and after reading this I put on some Kabaka Pyramid and got to writing. This is the first place that I'm publically sharing so please if you're going to quote anything from what I wrote just give credit that's all I ask. I never write for credit but I'm big on giving credit where credit is due. And that's why I'd like to give many many thanks to any and everyone that is reading this and considers themselves I&I because although I'm a Christian, I'm also very spiritual and the I has been nothing but good to my period. One love to everyone reading this. May Yah bring endless blessings upon each and every one of us.

Messenger: Satchmoe lone Wolf Sent: 7/31/2018 5:22:55 AM

Ecclesiastes 3
17. I said to myself, ‘God will judge both the righteous and the wicked.’ For there is a time [appointed] for every matter and for every deed.
18. I said to myself regarding the sons of men, ‘God is surly testing them in order for them to see that [by themselves, without God] they are [only] animals.’

Who am I to judge your sins? I am simply a man in a world with 7.6 billion others. Men & Women, we are all created under the same sun, under the same earth’s atmosphere, under the same birds a chirppin, over the same land... from a woman. No matter what part of the animal kingdom. We are all a part of one greater ecosystem. The Creator, Jehovah, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah… God. Jesus came down from the heavens lived, healed, taught, was turned upon, died, and finally Saved. Jesus did not die for just Christians. He didn’t die for just Jews. He did not die for any one man/woman. It’s not some exclusive gym membership that you must pay money to be a part of. Jesus did Not die! Jesus saved, saves, and is saving every soul. It is not up to us to judge anyone because that is the job of Yah. We have been allowed the freedom to walk, roam, and enjoy all the joys and pleasures this world has to offer. The real temple of the Holy Spirit is within. It lives within each and every one of us no matter your sex, race, identity, or any other label or box we as humans decide to put ourselves and others in… The lion shares the same spirit as the wolf. The wolf shares the same spirit as the bear. And the bear receives its fruit from the same tree that allows us to breathe every day. Jesus lives within every child and every elder. He lives within every woman as He does within every man. Our children are our future and our elders carry the weight of our past. Every day in which we wake up we have the choice if we will make the world we live in a better or worse place for our children to become a part of. The battle of good v. evil is a choice we all can make. Until the day you or I breathe our last breath is another day we must make sure our elders can relax and enjoy their days. And for our children to grow to be bigger than we ever were or will be. But if we’re no longer teaching, disciplining and most importantly loving our children then we are breeding hate, which is nothing more than a recipe of destruction and the blame is placed on all of us. It still takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to grow our present selves. And it takes a village to protect, respect, and cherish those who have lived before us. I n I Yah Rastafari, Jesus forever lives on. The spirit of love shall never perish. Peace, Positivity and Love for all who breathe the life of the most high!

Messenger: Satchmoe lone Wolf Sent: 7/31/2018 5:44:18 AM

I understand that everyone in this forum may not agree with the Christian values of Jesus but I do and I believe that Halie Sellasie was proof that Jesus still lives. But Jesus never wanted anybody to worship him he did everything out of love. He was a healer, healed the blind. How though? I saw on another Rasta forum that Jesus healed the blind under a burning weed bush. Want to give credit to the herb or credit to the man who healed the blind? From my understanding of the Bible, the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. And I think its fair to say that all true Rastas believe that everybody is capable of being good and it was shown by Sellassie I. Sellassie had to rain down fire but he did that to protect Ethiopia which is the African/Black mans promised land. America is my promised land and I can post links to videos of "no-name" youtuber's who I've watched. America is my promised land because from the stories I've been told and the visions that I received has been always based around love. Ive always been the lover who knows how to fight. Some may call it soft or thats not gangsta but at the end of the day, as long as i dont feel as if someone is testing my idea of what my manhood is definied by, then we can be associates or friends even. I just want peace and to be able to live a simple life on a huge farm with a beautiful wife and and healthy children. I have a passion for how the world works because I feel like ive bbeen blessed and cursed with a good voice and stubbornness. Also I feel like I'm a decent writer but I'm human and i take the good with the bad meaning not all my writings are like the one above. I have thoughts of if someone were to slap my momma how id torture and kill them. But then after i write those thoughts i pray and ask the good Lord to forgive me. So please I welcome all oppinions that differ from mine because I feel like thats how we grow and evolve and if you look at how the world is moving, we as people need to evolve and evolve quick. Mother earth will not allow a dinosaur, shell have a commet come in and extinct us all if we arent careful. Which is why I'm beggining to share with people that I believe in I the RastafarI becasue without Rasta culture and people, I wouldnt be in this chat right now.

One Love to all my brothas and sistas,
Satchmoe lone Wolf

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/31/2018 10:51:20 PM

I really like this Satchmoe lone Wolf. You describe very well what it means to be unified within Christ. This coincides with the teachings of His Majesty. Regardless of where we were born, the color of our skin, the political persuasion we hold, we are all intertwined within the animating journey of life.. Friends come and go, as do opinions and practices, but what always remains is our palpable connection to the great spirit. To Jah.. We need only to look within ourselves to see it.. Unfortunately, the devil has most people focused on petty external material items instead of growing with God and our fellow brothers and sisters.. There is so much to say here.. All in all, I really liked reading your work.. If you are interested, you can read some of my literary expression captured in poetry.

Keep writing


Messenger: Satchmoe lone Wolf Sent: 7/31/2018 11:25:34 PM

Yerrr (hello) Hemphill,

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time and actually reading this. I love to write a lot of the times because I have insomnia, anxiety, depression stemming from concussions. Well if were being honest in this forum, the only thing that has ever kept me of sound mind, is the ganja block lol. But being a part of the NCAA student-athlete-indentured servitude, If I smoke I get kicked off the team. And when I tried to say I’m Rasta I basically hid my faith because fear of further persecution. (I'm saying this in very figurative terms due to any possible future legal battles lol). I can go on and on about my testimony of God, Christ, and RastafarI but I’ll save that for another time and place. the point of this reply and why I’m late for an online quiz right now is because when talking about Yah and anything spiritual time slows down for me, blame it on the anxiety or blame it on the whatever else label anyone may try to put on me. Here is a quote from the "low budget" film God's Not Dead, the scene where the grandma is talking, *SPOILER ALERT*

"Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God. Their sin is like a jail cell, except it’s all nice and comfy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to leave. The doors wide open. Till one day 'time' runs out, and the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late"

I’ve had that in my iCloud notes since I don’t even remember when, honest. But I had to delete it recently so instead of deleting it I made it the first page of my brand new (slightly used) .99 cent journal. I don’t ever mind anyone sharing any of my writings because if I didn’t want the world to view it I wouldn’t share it in a forum. All I ask is that if you do, just please quote me, whether it be ‘Satchmoe’, or just ‘lone Wolf’ or just d ‘Wolf’ for all I care, I just don’t want people taking my art and getting a patent and making money off things I wrote, if the I can overstand. Peace, Love, and nothing but positivity, but if you feel negative its welcome. As some would say, ‘I want all the smoke’ at this point in my life lol. Big up to whoever make this forum possible, much respect to you all.

Messenger: Satchmoe lone Wolf Sent: 7/31/2018 11:26:50 PM

Also, Ill be sure to read that link you posted after my quiz. When I have more time.


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