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Love is our only effective weapon against Babylon

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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/11/2018 11:49:01 AM

Our only weapon to defeat Babylonís wickedness is Love. It is the Power of the Lion of Judah. i say that Ďcuz Jah say that to i and everything God says is Truth. Oh sure, some say itís naÔve or idealistic, and donít embrace it (instead calling for violence) Ďcuz they canít visualize how it can possibly work. To dem people i say: O ye of little faith. If we surrender to using satanís violence against our fellow man, then da devil has won. He has his victory by keeping us fussiní and fighting. He nah even need to fight the battle if he can get us to you use our very own hands (which Jah created for us to use in acts of Love) to wound and kill our brothers.

He that hath an ear, let him hear

Messenger: Angel in Zion Sent: 7/11/2018 5:23:48 PM

Well said my brother. To find out his Majesty was always here in my life is a blessing. I thought sharing my experience would help, but I found a battle and confrontation. As a child I often wondered why I had day and night visions where I could see things before they happened. I had a visit from his Majesty in my 20's that changed my life. Just like in the Moses movies I heard a voice that said go outside and when I went outside there was a golden star in the sky. I was in shock. It was shown on one TV station for 2 minutes and then it was removed and never to be seen by the public. The next couple of days I had visions of people I did not want to see would cross my path. The first was the Skin Heads, the KKK, and the men in black. They all showed themselves just as his Majestic had shown me in the vision. I was a little scared because I did not know what to expect. The power was growing inside me, I could feel his Majesty's love. I got a vision where we were all standing together singing and smiling. I woke up to my roomate standing over me asking what was I dreaming about because I had been smiling for 2 hours. I told him I saw Zion. He did not believe me. Evidently Garnet Silk had the same dream and put it to music. When it was released I cried like a baby, now knowing I was not alone. Satan and his crew decided to make a statement and took my brother Garnet from the world. I can see and hear souls as they leave the earth. His death was one of the saddest days in my life. I prayed within my soul for an answer. Love is the answer. Our togetherness and love for one another will overcome Satan and his army's. I have been on stage with Sizzla and felt his energy. I love, love. The almighty shows me so much through his love. Just a Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. So do we. It will come to pass. Live in Peace and not war. He is watching.
May JAH bless you and keep you. Serious times are here. Keep his energy flowing with Love and Respect.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/12/2018 2:37:34 AM

Very beautiful, Angel in Zion. Thank you for sharing that.


Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/12/2018 4:02:30 AM

I came to Rastafari way because the love and positivity that radiates through a world of hate and negativity. A lighthouse, a warm fire, a better way. No being lost, coming in from the cold. Money is not my most high priority, to love is, to give and receive, to hope and recbeleive, to know and to act upon what truth I know. Love that is tough and disciplining, live that is gentle and reconciliating. I'm truly alive when I'm loving and being loved, the Rastafari told I to follow , then to focus on I self, to become irie , joyful, full of peace and love and righteousness so I can spread it to all by spirit first- words, works follow

Lets all grow in
One Perfect Love and Harmony
Like Haile Selassie
all is passing, yet,
Eternity is encompassing
The spirit is comforting
It is love uniting

Messenger: Alkebulan Justice Sent: 8/10/2018 8:29:27 AM

I constantly tell Young brothers to stay away from violence as best as possible, because eventually it will cause them to taken into Babylonian captivity. And I also try to point out structure that shows the truth about Babylon and how they still exist but young brothers more interested in a currency that's created by Babylon. I try to pass a message that tells young brothers to be more interested in righteousness and an unlimited amount of knowledge will come from H.I.M. that will not only bring them an overflow of currency but also the love JAH, the people, and the ancestors. Violence won't defeat Babylon. Only the love of GOD!

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 8/10/2018 8:45:33 AM

Very nicely said, Alkebulan Justice. Keep on spreading such Truth.

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Haile Selassie I