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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/17/2018 12:26:54 PM

I am living in small town rural America only 20 some miles away from the farm I grew up on. Livestock and agriculture are intregal to life here; as well as other self-sufficient means like hunting and fishing. My father is an avid traditional archer and passed this knowledge and skill onto me. I really enjoy archery practice and recently inspired my wife to shoot as well. There is something mystical about the flight of an arrow. Almost like throwing a baseball, there are no aiming sights. It is called instinctive shooting and it is ancient. The saying goes 'aim small miss small' and in many ways this is a philosophy to live by. I am leathal with a traditional recurve bow yet I have never hunted with one. I have hunted with shotguns and rifles when I was younger but have since rolled back most of that life-style.. I own guns but for personal protection only.

Well now I am entering a new phase or maybe a resurgence of older influences, but I am strongly concidering going Deer hunting this next season.. This is a rather large contraction of some of my current practices. I am vegetarian and will not kill for sport. And if I do go hunting and make a kill, I would consume some of the meat (not like cutting out and eating the heart, but prepare properly) and either give the rest to friends and family or donate to a local food bank.. Most of this stems from resisting the utter insanity of those radical vegans and leftists who protest hunting and call those who do hunt, murders.. I could dive into this and expose how hypocritical this stance is; instead I will just put forth this.. People who practice proper hunting techniques are some of the most environmentally conscious and eco-friendly conservationists. Predation is absolutely necessary to a healthy ecosystem. And those who oppose this are virtue signaling without any knowledge on the subject.. If it were not for hunting, Humanity would not have survived.. And while my nutrition come from plants, I cannot ignore my own upbringing or heritage. If you have never shot a Bow and Arrow.. I strongly recommend it. Even if you never go hunting, watching that arrow fly is a great way to tap into an ancient aspect of natural ways.. Which the world is moving faster and faster away from..

What are your thoughts?

Jah love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/18/2018 11:52:23 PM

Honor + Love Ivermore bredren Hemphill

When I was a younger girl, first starting to think about environmental factors and humanity living in extreme conditions, I used to tell my mom, "there are places where people just shouldn't live." I thought at the time that extreme heat, like deserts, and extreme cold are places only made liveable by modern technology (like air conditioning or water pumped in from another state).
Well... Fast forward 15 years... I&I Ras were recently watching a series done by BBC called "Human Planet". The series goes into some amazing cultures around the globe, and what they do to survive in severe locations. And many of the mind boggling methods include eating animals. As we were watching we just kept saying over and over (I a strictly plant eater and he an occasional vegetarian eating sometimes egg and more often than that, milk in his coffee, although almost 100% of the time just eats same as I) how happy we are that we have our home in a location that is so extremely fertile where complete plant eating is a possibility. How the heavy rain comes at the right time to grow plentiful fruit, and also doesnt come when the grains need to dry out. Ethiopians do eat a lot of meat (although not at all compared to the amounts Americans do!) but in most grassland areas its not necessary to do so. We can survive in Shashemene in the wet season without even buying food from the market at all... in fact we have to give away food because we grow too much... not "we" grow, really, we just plant the seeds and the environment does the rest.
Few places in the world allow that luxury.
Yet people do survive in many places that defy logic, and mostly, on part of the ones living by their traditional ways, they do so by eating meat.

So I do have to agree that humanity would not have survived in the many locations we have and in the numbers that we have, if not for ancient hunting techniques.

I guess we can only make these choices for ourselves... I would ask myself...
#1 is it necessary for your survival?
#2 if so, is your survival more valuable than the life of the animal being killed?
If it came to it, I do think that I would let my body go and travel in peace on into the next adventure... before I eat dead flesh again. But I overs that not everyone is in that headspace. And what if it wasnt a choice I was making for myself, but instead for my children? Feed them meat or let them die?
I am just glad that I live in a place where I don't have to come to that decision. More greens, please!

Ankhs for Life

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/19/2018 6:23:50 PM

I appreciate the response JAH Child. This is a topic that has not been discussed here very much if at all. I was unsure how it would go over.. I have seen the show that you mentioned and although it is entertaining and shows many incredible human living conditions, it is not the most accurate.. The blunder was discovered during the filming of a new BBC Two documentary, My Year With The Tribe, in which writer and adventurer Will Millard stays with the Korowai. Members of the tribe told Millard that misleading statements had been made in Human Planet.

In the new series, the tribe explain that the tree houses “are not our home”, and were “commissioned for filming” and built “for the benefit of overseas programme makers”.
This is not the main point, I was irritated when I learned that and wanted to share.. But yes I definitely feel that in the extreme environments that Jah has inspired people to live in, hunting remains essential to life.. I too am able to enjoy more and more veggies and greens. We are having a very successful garden so far this season. We do recognize that we are blessed to have good growing conditions and that any number of things can effect not only our garden but food supply on a mass scale.. Im not sure if most people would know how to survive if we couldnt get food from a grocery store. Although the situation right now is plentiful, I find it important to know how to provide food for my family if the situation was less advantageous. I and I am here for the long run. I want to have more children hope to see their children grow. I want to live in tune with nature and help to provide a natural future for the generations replacing me. Giving back and taking what Jah gives for life in that time. I guess im just a realist that way. I am ready to defend the lives of my loved ones even if that means discarding current practices that I am privileged enough to hold now.. Right now, all I do is target practice with a bow. A part of me knows that it is a practicle skill to have not only for potentially acquiring food, but to touch natural ancient ways. It really is something to shoot an arrow and watch it hit the target.

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/16/2018 3:51:28 PM

A bow and arrow is no better than a loaded gun and rocket launcher. the result of their operation is same thing. Fascination of the sight of an arrow hitting its target is no different as a gunman watching his shot fell his prey. All them are weapons of destruction and the only time I would pick them up are to heat and mould them into farm tools and kitchen utensils. I further had an idea that the nuclear energy created by nations could be chanelled into peoples homes and used for light energy and cooking fuel, instead of killing people

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/16/2018 9:22:01 PM

And what about historical and cultural traditions of hunting as well as gathering? Those people are waging war and destruction? Hunting and predation are essential to a healthy eco-system. Without it, prey populations get huge and disease can break out and with deer, more car wrecks from hitting them, crops eaten and destroyed.. What about tribesmen that use spears or blow darts? Are these waging war amd destruction? What about self-defense? I have many guns, knifes, arrows ect.. Are you not prepared to defend your family's life? Or do you think the police will protect you? Do you want an unnarmed population and a big government surveillance state to ensure safety? Do you place faith in the very same babylon system to protect you and yours or do you wake up and be proactive and self-determined? I know my choice.. I garden and farm but when easy times are gone, i am ready to survive and provide for my children and wife..

This whole virtue signal of 'i would never use a weapon' 'hunting is murder' is pathetic.. Do you know basic history? Do you know anything about Haile Selassie eating meat and fighting war for self defense?? Lets be realistic here.. If it was not for hunting, many indigenous people die.. This ultra-veganism or vegetarian stuff has turned into a cult.. Corporate control on the 'organic' industry... Its basically ALL genetically modified at a grocery store and the chemical pesticides are so prevalent that you cant even water your own garden without flouride and atrazine contamination.. I am all for ital and self-sufficiency but the people who live closest to nature and furthest in the bush, hunt and get the purest all natural diets.

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/17/2018 1:36:52 AM

I and I dont eat meat.

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/17/2018 1:38:34 AM

I see what you're saying, that people should fight instead of living in peace and harmony.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/17/2018 2:26:30 PM

Clearly you have missed the point.. I do not eat meat and I do not fight against people. However, I am prepared to provide for my family with food and self-defense if a situation arises that is less advantageous than now. We live in a volatile world. One where the beast, babylon, gains power through hidden operations with devilish intentions. Look into the early 1900's Eugenics programs active within the USA. In the 1927 supreme court case of Buck Vs Bell, Justice Oliver Holmes ruled in favor of forced sterilization of the "unfit" claiming: "It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind." These types of Eugenics policies were common place back then with over 25 states enacting compulsory sterilization laws by the 30's.. After the world became aware of the NAZI racial science program, which was admittedly influenced by the United States eugenic policies, the global ruling class Eugenicists had to hide their programs to remain in operation. The American Eugenics Society was renamed to The Society for the Study of Social Biology. The American Birth Control League was renamed Planned Parenthood. These organizations and many more exist and operate today. They have scientifically worked to create a system of complete economic control, owning a monopoly on natural resources, technology, information, and political pundits. A early Eugenicist Bertrand Russell said "Diets, injections, and injunctions, will combine from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable." They own the agricultural industries, the own the fuel and power industries, they own the steel and mineral industries, and they have worked to hijack the very genetic code of the planet. Monsanto was the leader in agroengineering until its recent 63 billion dollar merge with Bayer. Again, see the name change? Monsanto is infamous for GMO's and the creation of Agent Orange, so now the name has changed but the operation remains the same. This is how we are controlled by babylon. Through every avenue of popular culture, business, science, and technology that the system provides; it is fundamentally corrupt. Those elitists who own the markets have rejected the natural foundation of Jah's creation. They work to scientifically manipulate and make artificial versions of reality.. Look into the Artificial Intelligence and robotics industries. Or the virtual reality games and apps available. Look into the effects of eating store bought GMO's and meat. Look into the pharmaceutical drug industry. Look into the effects of cellphone and WIFI radition.. IT IS ALL DESIGNED TO KILL US!! The game is rigged, this is the devils system. We MUST break away and rediscover JAH truth! And that means rejecting in EVERY way the wicked manipulations of babylon. That is why I bring this thread forward. Are we fully aware of how far the system reaches into our own lives? And are we prepared to remember the ancestral practices that allowed humanity to thrive in the Natural World? Agriculture is vitally important but in some places, this is not able to provide for the entire population with sustained food.. Hunting and proper livestock practices remain vital for survival in many areas. Not only that; but babylon, through its control on information and technology, is able to influence and manipulate the cultural narrative, and in that controlled corporate narrative, Hunting and self defense is considered offensive.. So in rejecting the system, I reject the PC non-offensive mental programming and work to live more connected to nature and ancestral practices having a free and direct mind. This means recognizing the life-or-death situation we find ourselves in, getting up and standing up, and fighting for our right to life! The goal being peace and harmony but we must first destroy the beast! Are YOU Kusko in or Not?

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/19/2018 12:06:54 AM

Killing for fun.

Messenger: Kusko Sent: 6/19/2018 12:08:12 AM

I dont support that.

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