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Real Life Experience of Rasta Couples Who Live Together

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Messenger: Chanda Sent: 9/27/2017 10:19:17 AM

May this topic be a blessing to us all.

I would like to learn about the real life experiences of Rasta men and women who live in the same residence with their life partner.

The emphasis here is on real life experience. There are a lot of principles and theories that ones often cite when one asks questions about relationships, but I would like to go beyond the theory and see how live-in relationships are actually practised.

The purpose of this thread is to learn about how real people actually live.

The following questions are just a guide as to the kind of reasoning we aim to achieve. Not all questions need to be answered, and participants may frame their response as they like.

Are you currently living with your partner in the same residence?

How would you describe the overall experience of living together in the same space?

What are the challenges of your live-in relationship?

How do you manage daily housework like cleaning, laundry, house repairs, and food acquisition?

Is there one partner who takes the lead in food preparation or is the work equally shared?

Food-wise, do you eat together everyday, sometimes, or only on special occasions?

How do you manage menstrual cycles?

Do you share one bedroom all the time, separate bedrooms sometimes, or separate bedrooms all the time?

Do you practise celibacy all the time, sometimes, or not at all?

How has living in the same home affected your sexual relationship with your partner?

What does 21 days of separation mean to your household?

Do you and your partner have a desire to relocate to a larger RastafarI community?

Would you be willing to be physically separated from your partner for 21 days as is the practise in communities like Bobo Hill?

Do you have children and how do you share responsibilities of childcare?

Do you practise child planning, and how so?

With regard to finances, how does money work for you as a couple that lives together?

Do you merge your money as one household fund, or does money belong to individuals?

How do you plan your household budget and what is your system as a family for making and spending money?

Do you have formal family meetings?

Do you regularly hold meditation sessions together?

How do you practise spirituality together?

Are you open to formal relationship counselling?

What are the major benefits of living in the same home with your partner?

In your experience, what are the main sources of conflict in your live-together situation?

What words of guidance do you have for Rasta couples who are aiming to live together for the first time?

Messenger: Zhaile Sent: 9/28/2017 9:13:44 PM

Blessings sister!

I will be answering your questions in a one-by-one format. I am not sure if my relationship would count as a "Rasta Couple" being that I am not Rasta but my partner is. I guess "Half Rasta?" lol. But I guess, I will put my response anyway as a means of providing a variation of Rasta couples. :)

1. I currently live in the same residence as my partner.

2. The overall experience is quite lovely. I enjoy being around him and vice versa for him.

3. One of the biggest challenges of our live-in relationship would be being around each other most of the time. Some people would be smothered, others not so much.As much as I love him, I am a person who sometimes literally wants to be one to see me, speak to me, etc. But that can be easily settled lol.

4. We prefer the "semi-modern" route of things "house'. I will do the laundry and cleaning most of the time. Sometimes, I will let him clean if he wants to. IMO, I prefer being the one to clean because I clean things to be a certain way but if he wants to... it's ok. He will take over the house repairs and we switch up sometimes with food acquisition.

5.Our food preparation is equally shared.

6. We try to eat together every day but sometimes we are unable to due to our jobs and so.

7. He doesn't really care about my menstrual cycles. I will let him know I am menstruating if a question is posed that relates to it. But it is not really an issue.

8. We share one bedroom all the time.

9.We do not practice celibacy.

10. Living in the same house has affected our sexual relationship for the better actually haha.

11. He is not a "conventional Rasta" so we do not practice 21 days of separation.

12. No, not really.

13. No, I would not be willing to be physically separated from my partner for the 21 days practice.

14. We currently have no children.

15. N/A

16. Money is relatively fine. I am a Radiation therapist currently and he is a construction manager, which overall the salary is pretty good.

17. We do merge our money as a household while also having our own "other money." Money to use for emergencies or our personal wants and needs.

18. N/A

19. N/A

20. We do hold regular meditation sessions together. It is one of my favorite things to do actually lol. I enjoy learning about his ways of meditation and spirituality and vice versa for him.

21. Since I am not Rasta nor Christian but my partner is Rasta, I sit and observe his practices. I will participate in the chanting and listen to him read his biblical verses. Other times, he will observe me as I practice my meditation, setting intentions and thanking my Black ancestors' are things that I practice.

22. I am very open to formal relationship counseling as communication is key and some relationships do not have that.

23. One of the major benefits for me IMO, would be just learning how to live in love, in harmony overall. How to work together, no matter what others beliefs are..etc.

24. Main sources of conflicts are usually me lol... I admit. I can be very standoffish and passive aggressive sometimes but it is something I am working on. He, on the other hand, can be too friendly. Which I don't mind at all but it bothers me how people can be so cruel and take advantage of others. Which I sometimes get annoyed at him because of his niceness.

My words of guidance for Rasta couples who are aiming to live together for the first time would be to go with the flow of things. Don't try to rush into anything. Do what you feel is right; and also don't get discouraged so easily.

I appreciate you for posting these questions. Blessed love and thank you.

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