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12 Tribes what a gwan?

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Messenger: ras deus Sent: 8/30/2017 2:48:51 PM

Mi hear seh 12 Tribes nuh Rasta anymore? Dem stop call on Ras Tafari as God and King? Ah true? Mi no seh 12 Tribes always praise de King, suh what a gwan now? Why dem leader Gadman(respect still) seh all of a sudden Selassie is not Christ and Christ will return to sit on the throne? Mi always no dem to seh Selassie is Jesus Christ returned. Suh what a gwan 12 Tribes yuh switch up now? 12 Tribes ah Christians now?

Messenger: ras deus Sent: 8/30/2017 6:32:21 PM

Right here in his interview he makes emphasis on Haile Selassie as not being Jesus Christ. Gadmsn's words are in quotations.

The 12 Tribes of Israel is seen as closer to Christianity than other Rastafarian groups. Is there a basic difference in the doctrine?

"Yes there is a basic difference because we see Christ, and that die and rose again, and that die for our sin, we see that person. So that is, you know, a different teaching, because is not many see this teaching, that Christ is the person."

I want to remind you that we're speaking with the Prophet Gad who is the leader, the head, the founder of the 12 Tribes of Israel
. We want to move on now to the doctrine. Recently we've had much debate on this program "Running African" and other programs about the Divinity of His Majesty the Emperor Haile Selassie as it relates the return of Jesus Christ. What are your thoughts on the matter?

"Well, Christ is to return and sit on the Throne of David, so I strongly believe that, you know, Christ is going to come and sit on the Throne of David."

I want you to.. You said something very important here and something that may disturb the Rastafarian Movement in Jamaica. Christ, You're talking about the return of Christ.

"Yes I am talking about the return of Christ who is going to sit on the throne of David."

Are you making a differentiation between Jesus Christ and Haile Selassie.

"Yes I am making a differentiation. Because Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. And even after His Majesty say, Him saved not by the man character but by the blood of Jesus Christ."

Yet 12 Tribes always sight up HIM as Jesus Christ in the beginning from what I was told. A mix up bizniss dem a deal wit.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/1/2017 8:38:03 AM

Repectfully, why does it matter to you?
Follow your own interpretation.
And respect to all the different foundation pivots of Rastafari

Twelve Tribe or Rastafari may see HIM as Jesus Christ they may see HIM as seperate to Jesus Christ but still a redeemer and manifestation of God. Some may even deny the Jesus Christ and/or God concept completely and yet still hail HIM as the Almighty or the redeemer.

Messenger: ras deus Sent: 9/2/2017 10:36:18 AM

Just inquiring

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 9/6/2017 11:59:50 AM

HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I JAH RasTafarI Has Already fulfill Prophecy, please note that as it is written in Daniel 12 vs 11 & 12,
1335 - 1290= 45, which is time between Adowa to King Selassie Return to His Throne.

Messenger: ras deus Sent: 9/14/2017 2:23:37 PM

Tell that to 12 Tribes.

Messenger: DebraJCannon Sent: 11/28/2019 1:49:28 AM

That's really very important to share here for giving us better information on this. I am very glad to see this on ninjaessays site for readers. Hope you continue to share blogs like this for us and increase the number of readers of this site.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/28/2019 2:14:55 PM

12 Tribe would have I as Napthali
...the great struggle to victory according to Genesis 49

Although if I use the ETHIOPIC / Coptic / Ancient Kemetic calendar which begin Maskarem September new moon instead of Nisan March new moon....I man would be Benjamin.

I would have liked to have reason this point of Gregorian Vs Ethiopian with prophet Gad.

Ones and ones who are curious about the naming system in the 12 Tribes I can help de I if needed?

For ones and ones who disagree with the philosophy of Gad I urge you to research Charter 15 and his involvement with the EWF and Shashemane, before creating the 12 tribe philosophy. You will see the reasons WHY. Claims to land.... for dem deh reason GARVEYS AFRICA would be the biggest Bible Ras.... Another example of people using religion and bible in a diplomatic manner ..... Something certain Rastafari including I-self believe is how Haile Selassie dealed with the Bible and his so called 'glory'

Give thanks

Edit: I also have a question about the presumed order of the sons of Jacob. How do ones really know the children to the concubine came after Leah. Isn't the whole idea of a concubine to deal with infidelity so then a must be some overlap? Sound like many a brethren story I know ina real life....make I man laugh. Judah - Dan or Dan - Judah lol idk Genesis list who birth them not dates of birth

Messenger: Shamayim Gihon Sent: 11/29/2019 3:18:23 AM

One of iman's favorite things about the 12 Tribes is the basic introduction to Astrotheology they give adherents. Indeed those 12 Sons of Jacob are the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. And Judah was called a Lion and this Leo. So then when InI look upon the Solomonic Dynasty and the Lion of Judah, InI can see the Astrological energies present in the embodiment and life of His Majesty.

From being born on the first Day of Leo, July 23 to his battle with the Vatican. See the Seven headed Beast on Seven Hills is the Roman Empire. Also the constellation of Hydra. The constellation of Leo pounces onto the neck of the Hydra. His Majesty Haile Selassie I warned the nations that the old dragon had risen after overcoming Mussoulini.

In Kemet you will see depictions of Re in the form of a cat and he has a knife or paw cutting off the head of the serpent Apep. This is the same astrotheology in His Majesty being the Lion of Judah vs. Mussolini. Leo pouncing onto the neck of Hydra.

And there is much more Astrotheology all throughout the Bible. InI give thanks for the 12 Tribes linking the Zodiac to the Sons of Jacob that ones are aware.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/29/2019 3:37:11 AM

The only difference is the zodiac is a solar thing and the 12 tribe theology or Hebrew calender, a lunar thing. 12 tribe dates change every year according to the new moon cycle so Judah isn't always July 23 to begin and the start of the 'year' is with the first new moon in spring. InI give thanks.....Ancient Nile Valley civilisations including Nabta Playa are rightfully credited with being the first to acknowledge astrology / astrotheology on a higher level. The first calender cycles were lunar based. They then reinvented the wheel and also are credited as the first civilisation to change from a lunar to a solar calendar.

By claiming InI as the descendants of the lost Tribes of Israel.....and by nature of the Ethiopian ruler being the King of Israel according to Ethiopian theocracy, Gad could start inroads into the claim of Shashemane as InI birthright. At the time there was lots of contention between members of the EWF...None Rastafari Ethiopianists Vs Rastafari. PanAfrican elitists Vs the poverty stricken PanAfricans. Even within Rastafari at that time in its infancy.....baldhead ('combsome') Rastafari members like Howell himself, Vs bearded Rastafari members Vs dreadlock members. There was a time when a bearded Rastafari couldn't enter a EWF local charter. This put Rasta at the bottom and there were legitimacy questions at hand. Gad ideology was to change this and put more legitimacy upon Charter 15 and the claim to Shashemane by birthright and divine prophecy

InI plead with ones to read up on the politricks at play in regard to the EWF in Jamaica and Rastafari in Jamaica between 1936 to 1968

There is a good article to read by searching for


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