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White people are children of Africans.

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Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/10/2017 4:58:08 AM

Why I say so ?
The first man in creation was a black god.
Him and his wife lived in Africa, at mount Zion, and brought forth all peoples of the earth. They were real Ethi'opian bobo the real Africans.
The white man can't give birth to a black man, neither can the white man give birth to a black daughter.
But we have cases of families of black people, a black man and a black woman, bringing forth white children. So the white people them are our children.

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/10/2017 5:00:55 AM

The black man's blood contains all races. Black supremacy in its fullest sense. A good thing. Black people better be proud of yourselves and your race.

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Haile Selassie I