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Mother Natur

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Messenger: I-Man Sent: 10/21/2016 12:30:59 PM

So, i woud tell di Rasta people about one ting.

Wen de I is in Garden, with Tree, or in a Forest, etc... The I tink dat he's a part of the Landscapes of Jah, and de Landscapes is a part of I.

Cus Yes I der are all one with Jah and all everyting wid Jah,Jah is in I, I is in Jah.

So, between Babylon the I world and The I in World is so Beautiful, Zion is everywhere and all moments of life is a part of wat Jah he is, The people jus make a search and dey discover de Original Force.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/22/2016 1:16:49 AM

Yes connection, to be part of something greater, no separate are we, that's illusion and illusion brings suffering, when we see and feel and know the interconnectedness of life, we are the sky earth water and fire light, the health of insects affects us, oneness, to be free from false ego is to know we are greater than our own body, we are nothing as just a body or mind, to be part of creation and serve all as ourselves and focus on other and JAH as much as our own bodys

I feel the righteousness, harmony, interconnected strenghth of life in creation with forest and waterfalls all the flora and fauna existing as one, I feel the confusion and separation and suffering in big citys and traffic of concrete jungle, so far from natures ways, people thinking are greater than nature when we are nothing without it. Natural Laws, spiritual Laws to live in is to be blessed, little by little must liberate ourselves from destructive ways of pollution mass cusumpion of natural resources and come into respect of all creations sacredness and live closer to earth, organic leave artificial and be natural ,be blessed in mind body and soul.

Messenger: I-Man Sent: 10/22/2016 6:17:24 AM

Irie Yes I the Natur is so important for everything, but Rastaman is God in Creation, Spirit of God in Creation,dat is a very natural lif.

So, Love, Natur, Iniverse, Inity, Force, Energy in Life, I give tanks for life so I give tanks for Natur so I give tanks for God.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/24/2016 3:12:59 AM

For Evison sight,

Tsion is spiritual and physical. Seeking BALANCE.
Combined Invironment with ones overall livity, questing for MAAT
Maat reached with less obstacle, more ease in JAH house (Mother natur)
Tsion is hola temple grounds.
Hola Temple is InI abode, we ARK OF JAH and tabots in physical form.
Temple is nature, MSITU, MLIMA, Dar es AMANI na SALAAMA!
Mother Natur is manifestation of MAAT to the fullest!

Tsion is LOVE and ANKH!
Mfalme na Malkia true place weave in kitambaa of space ina this Iwa.
Tsion is INI. Seen.
Tsion is home. Home is abode of MAAT!

Maat reached with less trouble, more ease in JAH house (Mother natur)
Zion ixist where INI carry it. true?


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