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Information on the Nyahbinghi Order

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Messenger: Ras InI 7 Sent: 9/4/2016 9:41:53 AM


A. The Theocracy is a government that seeks to restore "international morality" through the One World government 'of Ethiopia's Emperor HAILE SELLASSIE I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah. (see REVELATION: Ch.5,vs.5; Ch.19,vs.16) The Emperor is overseeing all aspects of the progress of the Theocracy. The Theocracy makes no separation of spiritual and governmental centres of power. We are currently celebrating the 64th Anniversary of the coronation in Ethiopia of HAILE SELLASSIE I and preparing for the 1000 years of peace and justice which are to spread from the throne of the returned Christ, HAILE SELLASSIE I, Root of David, Power of the Trinity (see PSALMS: Ch.87,vs.4; ISAIAH: Ch.9,vs.6; REVELATION Ch.20,vs.6)


A. It is the permanent seat of the Everliving Almighty I, HAILE SELLASSIE I situated in Mt. Zion, also known as the Ark of Light
or City of Jah. (see GENESIS: Ch.9;vs.12-17; REVELATION: Ch.4,vs.3, Ch.21,vs.10-24) From the days of Emperor Ménelik I, son of King
Solomon of Judah and Queen Makeda of Sheba, this throne has been situated in Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia); the only unconquered
nation of Black Supremacy in Africa. (see GENESIS: Ch.2,vs.13; 1KINGS: Ch.1,vs.33-35; KEBRA NEGAST, Ethiopian chronicle of' Kings)
Emperor HAILE SELLASSIE I ascended this throne in 1930 and ascended to the everliving Throne of Light in 1975, where He is currently keeping council with the everliving ones. The Rainbow Throne of Ethiopia shall hereafter be occupied by no other person.
(see GENESIS: Ch.49,vs.1O)


A. The Order is a brotherhood whose permanent members are everliving ones, known as the priesthood of the Most High, HAILE SELLASSIE L The Order is sometimes called after King Melchizedek of Salem to establish its primacy over the later Levitical shaven-headed priesthood. (see GENESIS: Ch.14,vs.8; PSALMS: Ch.11O,vs.4; HEBREWS: Ch.5,vs.5-1O, Ch.6,vs.20, Ch.7; literally Melchizedek is Malik = king, Zadek = righteousness, Salem = peace) Initiated members of the Order live according to the covenant of the Nazarene separation, known in Ethiopia as Bahtawi, as did our beloved elder, Iverliving Iesus the Nazarene. (see NUMBERS: Ch.6; 1SAMUEL: Ch.1,vs.11; AMOS: Ch.2,vs.U) The Order is sometimes known as the Brotherhood of the Light because it is the only order to whom has been entrusted, since the first day of creation, the sacred key of everliving life or Immortality, which relates to the 'seven seals' inside the temple of the Son of Man. The Order is currently gathering from the four corners of the earth, the 144,000 fled who will administrate the perfect government of the Christ Almighty, HAILE SELLASSIE I. (see REVELATION: Ch.7,vs.3-4; Ch.14,vs.1-3)


A. During the earlier years of European occupation of Africa, Nyahbinghi was a revolutionary order devoted to banishing the
Europeans from Africa and preserving the spiritual and cultural integrity of the ancient African way of life. Although very little was
publicly known about the order, Nyahbinghi brothers and sisters were noted for their royal appearance, proud demeanour and
uncompromising stance against white supremacy in any form.
It is important to note that from its inception Nyahbinghi has been Pan-African in scope, with known branches having existed in Uganda, Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, etc. In 1928 British colonial forces banned Nyahbinghi, charging the order with treason against the English crown Many Nyahbinghi brothers and sisters were imprisoned and/or executed in captivity At that time Emperor HAILE SELLASSIE I, then known as RAS TAFARI, Regent of the Ethiopian Empire, gave Nyahbinghi a permanent home in Ethiopia while in the rest of colonial Africa the order was driven underground. In 1930 a little before His Imperial coronation, RAS TAFARI became the Supreme Commander of the Nyahbinghi and gave the order the slogan, DEATH TO THE ENEMIES OF THE AFRICAN RACE! From. that time under the continual guidance of His Majesty, Nyahbinghi has evolved to become a modern militant
incarnation of the ancient Ethiopian brotherhood of the Bahtawi (Nazarene), known in the Bible as the Order of Melchizedek (Malik
Zadek), in which the functions of priest, prophet and king are united in one person. It is a testimony to the wise mind of His
Iverliving Majesty HAILE SELLASSIE I that He has placed upon Nyahbinghi the power and the responsibility for the full and final
liberation of Africa and mankind Nyahbinghi was brought to Jamaica by our beloved elder Bro Leonard P Howell, who had travelled to America, Europe and Africa, and invoked Nyahbinghi to rally Rasta brethren against racism and police brutality The fire of the Nyahbinghi groundation now bums world-wide with the slogan, 'Death to black and white downpressors'. The Nyahbinghi fire is open to all Ethiopians (Black people) but membership follows a strict "baptism of fire" which not all can survive. The Nyahbinghi congregation of faithfuls is the cornerstone of the Rastafari faith, upholding the Bahtawi/Nazarene covenant and the integrity of everliving life. Nyahbinghi continues to vigorously defend and pursue the original intents of Black Supremacy, Repatriation, African Re-unification, Ital culture and One Black Love.
Nyahbinghi is currently preparing the theocracic groundation for the perfect government of the everliving Christ HAILE SELLASSIE L (see 2JOHN: vs.7; REVELATION: Ch.21,vs.6) All praises and glory due to HIM! NYAHBINGHI! ONE AFRICA NOW! RAS TAFARI!

(This document was first published by the Nyahbinghi Order for press/media release in relation to the Rastafari National Reasoning of 1994 hosted in New York City.)

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 9/4/2016 2:07:03 PM

Give thanks for the info bredren!

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