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Rastafari Temple / movement London?

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Messenger: PompeyPaul Sent: 8/26/2016 4:38:29 PM


I have been trying to show my little boy the faiths of the world. I was born into a strict Irish Protestant family but I have seen the division that religion can cause and I am keen to open his mind. His mother has no faith, so I have taken up the role as RE teacher to him. Obviously Christianity is well catered for here in the UK and we are both members of our local church.

So far we have visited a Hindu Temple, a Mosque, a Sikh temple as well as a Synagogue.

However the Rastafari seem to be the hardest to connect with. Is there anywhere in London I could take him to see the Rastafari faith practiced?

This weekend is the Notting Hill Carnival so was wondering if there was any Rastafari in attendance? Even if I could just show him Ital food that would be good.


Messenger: Yoginya Sent: 8/27/2016 10:55:27 AM

Notting hill has a big Ras influence, jus don't get caught in the grime lot it gets evilus in there. As for a temple there's no such thing as Rastafari is not a religion, the party scene is as close as it gets. Abashanti and Jah Shaka are some of the sound to look out for a swell as channel one and iration steppers, these might not be good for your son as they are usually 10 pm start. Best bet is to look for the day ones, they usually serve ital and are more relaxed.

Messenger: PompeyPaul Sent: 9/7/2016 4:27:36 AM

Thank you for the information. I will certainly look out for them.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 9/21/2016 6:13:34 PM

Yes Rastafari do have churchical service in England, just look at this video

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