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Interview with Baba Kali Bhujangi, author of Haile Sellasie I and the concept of enlightenment

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Messenger: Yoginya Sent: 8/15/2016 10:29:46 AM

Baba Kali Bhujangi wrote a book which places the mystic revelation of Rastafari within worldwide age-old mystical traditions. The book displays a lot of deeper overstandings regarding Haile Selassie I and the quest of the higher Self.
Part 1

Roland: Who is Baba, tell the not initiated reader something about you?

Baba: The scriptures declare simply "IAM;" verily, in the Irit if the ol' mystics of yore, I attest to the truth that I was never born, and shall never die, I am the Fool, the Magician, the Gatekeeper of nothing, from nowhere. But let Us talk of His Majesty; I have been a servant of Haile Sellassie I since 12 years old. I have been in the Irit of Haile Sellassie from eternity. I am just one hue, man.

Roland: what is your main drive to write this book?

Baba: Let Our book stand as an offering upon the altar tabernacle of the so called Rastafarian. Let Our book serve as a humble servant to clean the dust, the residue from what has been called the "Far Eye" by the Rastafarian; which is the ajna, the pineal, the third eye. Let Our book aid ones and ones in recalling, reclaiming, renewing the enlightenment of Rastafari. O let Our book be mastered in thought, then discarded like a walking stick whence the village is reached-and in that village, there is no one but One there-One Self, naked and free. The proverbial child entering Zion; free from opine, debate, idea, utterly innocent. Simply being.

Roland: how got the I attracted to the revelation of Rastafari?

Baba: Joyous laughter is to blame! but, in details I will explain thus: Haile Sellassie I was born 1892 in the year of the Dragon. The I was born 1976 in the year of the Dragon, nine moons after Haile Sellassie I left the tabernacle. Then, in 1988 in the year of the Dragon, my Father tore of picture of Aba Janhoy from an old book, and handed it to Eye, twixt cleaning collard greens from his teeth. He simply declared H.I.M. as a "good man, worthy of study," and fell into his afternoon nap soon thereafter.

I was immediately struck by the power, majesty, spirit, of this Emperor. Instantly, a newfound sense of being was born in Eye. There was an article on the page talking about His so called death, and how His body was never found, and that a "cult" was born in His name, in Jamaica, known as Rastafarians. I remembered a mysterious man in my neighborhood, who everyone feared, who donned the same matted hair, and red, gold, green colors which, according to the article were trademarks of this "cult." All this occured inside of Eye within minutes, mind you. It wasn't long before I was knee deep in books of anything I could find on the Rastafarian, at the local library. It wasn't long after that that I finally mustered up the courage to consult the mystic in my community, who, after shunning my 12 year old self for a time, finally took Eye under his wing, and showed Eye what he could of our Most August Majesty, Haile Sellassie.

Now this mystic man was mad! Yet all too familiar to Eye. My comrades would think I had gone mad, daring to be in the company of such a boogyman, or blackheart man, as they say in Jamaica. But I was being restructured, opening my third eye as my friends were trying to find openings in nets and hoops and so called "goals." My poor mother feared I was being taken by a "cult," and tried everything to stop I disagreeociations with the Rastaman. She did it with love, mind you, and genuine concern and fear of the Unknown. I suffered a hair cut or two, and then she gave up, desperately holding onto the words of my family who declared it but a "phase." How right they were. Further on, twas the year 2000 that Kundalini entered the first gate/chakra, after I first experienced her in 1999, when I was reminded, that is awakened.
now the readers may notice my talk above of the Dragon. This has been a subject of controversy for many years with I and I talks with the Rastafarian. It must be briefly noted that we do not here speak of the Ol' Dragon of Revelations, but of the Asiatic astrologos, otherwise known as Chinese Astrology. The Dragon is the Lion. The He(Lio), the Sun, the Chi, and dare I say, the Serpent upon the staff of (DA)vid. Da is Dan, or Danballah, the Serpent Kundalini energy spoken of deep in the bosoms of Egypt, Ethiop, and India, as well as within the loins of our Drudic brethren to the North. Many great leaders are and will always be born under this (apparent) sign, namely Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Yogananda, Clarence 13x, John Lennon, and other trumpet blowers in this time. 2012, the Nu cycle is the next Dragon year, whence Haile Sellassie I will be 120 (12) years.

Be careful to note that IAM not claiming greatness of any sort, save the fact that IAM the Great Fool. In stating above that I was born nine moons after I left the body, is not some outrageous egoisitc claim. IAM simply doing the Math, the Ma'At. It is one. Verily IAM one. We have faith that the readers, in this late hour, can see beyond the details, and grasp the essence of what We here speak of. Every Naga is a star! Old man river, don't cry for me.

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 8/15/2016 10:53:16 AM

really nice. give thanks.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/15/2016 11:44:24 AM



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