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If you have an ear to listen.

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Here is the first chapter. 1. Is There a God, According to Physics?

Imagine that at some point in the past, there was absolutely nothing; a black, empty void filled everywhere in all directions, forever. That is the condition of true nothing. If it ever existed, even for one moment, there would have been no force to ever cause any change and there would still be nothing.

The existence of something now is definitive proof that there has always been something. That something is Existence. Existence has three specific elements. Those elements have always been. They are energy, consciousness and language capacity.

Energy is the first eternal element. If there ever was a time when energy did not exist, it would have been impossible for it to ever begin because the only force that could initiate energy is energy itself. The meaning of the infinity symbol’s unending loop is to show the condition of energy. It is so that it is. It always has been and will always be.

It can not deplete itself because there is nowhere else for it to go. It fills everywhere in existence at once; all spaces, all planes and all dimensions. It is the medium that causes existence. It has unending forms and constantly changes but the energy itself remains at the constant level of absolutely full. Before anything else, there was energy.

Just as energy can only come from energy, consciousness can only come from consciousness. It is the second eternal element. If there ever was a time when existence was completely void of consciousness and inanimate, there would have been no force to cause consciousness to begin and life would not exist. It had to either have always been or it could never have been. Along with energy, consciousness is part of infinity’s unending loop that is so that it is.

The third eternal element is language capacity. It came out from or “was born of” energy and consciousness. Like them; if there was ever a time when it did not exist, there would have been no force or reason to cause its beginning. The capacity for language was always part of the energy/consciousness loop.

Because there was no time prior to the existence of energy, consciousness and language capacity, in their eternal loop they are the beginning and the end, existing outside of time. Together, they are the fabric of existence and the foundation of life itself. They also form an entity. We call that entity God. There is one God that has always been because energy, consciousness and language capacity filled everywhere at once. Just as the eternal elements are, God is so that he is. If there was no God, there would still be nothing.

In a biblical story, Moses asked God his name, and God answered,

“I am that I am.”

The answer simply stated the condition of eternal elements, showing that God did in fact, answer Moses. No one else would have known to say those exact words. God is a force of physics and the non existence of God is impossible. People that declare “No scientific proof of God exists,” are those that do not understand science. The physical, spiritual and supernatural are one process, based in energy, operating under the laws of physics.

It is not faith, hope or belief. It is an accurate understanding of existence.

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Haile Selassie I