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Babylon schools

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/16/2016 9:45:07 AM

Give thankhs sistren! Good point di I bring forward about "schule" vs kindergarten.

In regards to PBS, I have actually found some of their programs to be better then most. Personally, I prefer public television and radio. And yes, I did allow my children to watch certain shows. Not so much with nickelodeon.

I much prefer your mother's musical style of teaching! :) Go mom!

I'll have to wait until I reach my office computer to check the sites you mentioned, as I originally posted those off my phone. I just noticed the Hebrew site! LOL! That was NOT what I meant to post!

My children are all grown now, so I did not use the Kimani program, or any online Afrikan centered curriculum as they were not available back then. I kinda had to creative and make my owm!

A sistren of mine did mention the KImani site as she had used them and liked them as an additional guide. I'll have to see if I can get her to share more details.

I'll check the sites again when I reach my office and let di I know.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/16/2016 11:56:11 PM

Haile I Goddess... alright, I forgot that PBS stands for public broadcasting station. So it is not "owned and operated" by babylon, but by the public? I never looked into how that works. Are their programs really less "on talking point" than the others? The only thing I remember from PBS kids is the show about dragons, the brother and sister get transported to a magic land of dragons? Which programs on there did the I find useful or educational for the I youths?

When the I said "I just had to be creative and make my own [curriculum]", that seems perfectly natural to I&I, seems also to be what the creators of Kamali did! As well as what my mama did hehe.. Bless up =)

Any of the other answers the I wanna forward with, that would be Ippreciloved! Give Ises

Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 6/18/2016 6:25:39 AM

Blessed love,
Babylon schools is something that is very critical in our times today as they have changed alot.
If i may give an example of i experience, in primary school we had very good subjects, math english kiswahili arts and crafts, social studies agriculture music and extra curricular activities. Around 2007 somethere there everything changed. all those classess were removed and i actually excelled in arts and craft, music and agriculture.
Now the children are taught corporate job education. the curricullumchanged and the rate of ignorance rose. very few kids can speak their mother tongue or even farm.
If at a time there was proper education in my country it would be after the "independence which was in 1963 to 2005/7.
I believe now it is up to ourselves to teach our children directly. Now i think that going to primary school does help for it is free and also the parent can also teach the child good knowledge and filter out the bad knowledge.
Theres a bredrin i recently linked with him, hes called dr Obadele Kambon and he is doing some good stuff in Ghana. his website -
He is a very unique african and i would advise the i's to watch his videos on youtube slowly. Hes got lots of videos and publications. He also has done one about home schooling. - thats his interview id recommend one to watch and overstand the idea being talked about.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/18/2016 11:57:17 PM

Blessed Love Idren and thankhs for adding to this reasoning.
I am glad the I has been able to link with Dr. Obadele as the I mentioned the I wanted to do. Hoping that relationship can bring much fruit in the I life. I would view the videos if I could, maybe as it is the I can give a description of his teachings?
Regarding the primary school, the I say it is a good option because it is free... Is it really free though? Just because there is no monthly tuition fee, that doesn't make it free. We know that the minds of children are formed drastically up til age 5, even the stress response of the person is hardwired in the mind by age five. In schools, children are exposed to all types of germs and diseases.. just imagine, the boy sitting next to your child at the lunch table is eating a pork sandwich, then he wipes his mouth and touches the table or the bench, then your child touches the same spot, and then touches his food again. That is one example. Lice is another, especially in preschools where children take naps during the day, children spread lice rampantly. Then there is the fact that any citizen of the country where the child is going to school is already paying taxes that fund the school; so the school is not free, the parent is simply paying for it in a roundabout way.

Also, I really hate to think about the idea that parents send their young children to school just because it is free. I don't think this is what the I was saying, but still it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Too many parents see the public school system as their free babysitter. No worries, just drop the child off (or put them on the bus) and poof, your parenting duties are all freed up and you can go on with your day, not even thinking about what is happening to the child during those hours. I hope that RastafarI is wiser than that! But these are attitudes I see very often and it makes me cringe.

More Iducation + More Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/19/2016 12:36:19 AM

Also checking the website the I linked for Dr. Kambon, looks like the blog has a lot of videos and information, as well as the rest of the site. Blessed to see the passion and the manifestation of Black Love in the man's life and family... Give thankhs for sharing the link Idren Jillo

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 6/19/2016 2:03:01 AM

Thanks for the responses.

Yes, and apart from what you have already mentioned, which is grounds enough to not send your young children there, there is the food.

Especially when at nursery age and the younger years, children are very easily influenced, and even if you tell your child not to accept any food or soft drinks given to them, if they are too young to know otherwise and food is being passed around the class, they will most likely believe the adults who they see the most often: the ones at school. If they say "just one isn't going to harm you", and the child is only 4 or 5 they will know no better.

It is very difficult to entirely avoid this if your child is at public school. At some point, the child is likely to accept some food or drink given to them.

When they get to older age, then this risk is lower because they can perhaps understand why not and will know better to not accept such offerings. But sending very young children into such an environment is very risky.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/20/2016 9:21:02 AM

Jah Child, give thankhs for di I's patience. I never did have time to look into the links from my office over the weekend, so I've used my phone again to get more details for di I. Hopefully it'll work this time! :)

Sankofa homeschooling community

Kimani academy

Samori Camara, Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of Kamali Academy, an African-centered school in New Orleans, and is quickly becoming one of the nation’s leading authorities on Black education and building independent Black educational institutions

Kamali Philosophy

The Kamali Academy uses an Afrikan-centered, project-based curriculum, which places the development of an Afrikan consciousness at its center. This curriculum has been developed to maximize the effectiveness of the transgenerational transmission of our ancestral traditions, morals, and worldview in a family environment. Kamali not only inspires and trains its students to solve specific issues that plague our community, it also develops leaders who can adapt to whatever problem might be thrust upon our Afrikan nation—no matter what continent, no matter what conditions, no matter what form of warfare, no matter what enemy.

To address these aims, Kamali’s educational program will tread beyond the mere accumulation of knowledge and focus considerable attention on the development of the student’s character and ability to lead in an Afrikan way.

Presently, Dr. Camara has continued his path of creating a strong body of resources for home educators by building a detailed K-12 Curriculum. The entire collection can be purchased for immediate download at a cost comparable to purchasing one subject textbook for one child. Preview or purchase the curriculum here (

Kamali Academy’s curriculum emphasizes social, cultural, and academic goals that will allow its students to:

1. Demonstrate the discipline and focus needed to achieve personal and community goals.

2. Demonstrate the willingness and ability to work in teams.

3. Demonstrate various leadership roles that will encourage them to lead by an Afrikan example.

4. Engage in critical thinking and analysis that treads beyond the surface in every subject.

5. Exhibit a Pan-Afrikan understanding of the world.

6. Demonstrate a “no excuses” attitude in every social and academic setting.

7. Exhibit servant leadership in the community and school.

8. Acquire skill in the communication of ideas and knowledge;

9. Demonstrate service to others through community service, kwk.

10.Exhibit respect for all elders, teachers, other classmates, and nature.

Education for Liberation: The Top 20 Questions and Answers for Black Homeschoolers by Dr Samori Camara

‘Black to School: Here’s a List of Several Reputable African-Centered Schools in the U.S.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/21/2016 11:28:10 AM

Give thankhs for the details Empress Iyah! No worries on the wait, hope the I has been fulljoying the rest from the office =)
Humble One I agree with what the I is saying about food being another huge downfall of babylon schools.. even if the youths don't accept the food, they might come home begging for cheese puffs or pizza and crying because everyone else gets to eat them... I have seen vegan/Ital households start eating butter and cheese again after these types of events (not only the parents cave and feed the child cheese, but the parents themselves start eating cheese too). It is amazing when I look at processed food, almost none of it leaves out the cheese. I think this is one of babylon's favorite poisons.
JAH Love + Guidance

Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 6/22/2016 9:48:36 AM

Give thanks idrens,
Seen Jah Child, the man dr Obadele is quite ahead in his time. His history is also quite profound. Coming from a black power background whereby his parents were all revolutionaries who walked the walk and talked the talk. Iman watched the video about education and the points being discussed were the contents being taught in school are not conducive for a black child as they are merely white history and with lots of hidden truth. The other guest in the video was talking about her child who when taken to school was not performing well in a classroom. There was alot of pressure and the child was not in his full potential. The mom decided to start homeschooling the child and soon he was grasping information quickly and was more interested compared to coming from a classroom whereby the teachers praise the child who gets the question correct and scorns the one who doesnt.
Dr Obadele was speaking in regards to traditional form of education. The content in the books are not very informative. They do not teach knowledge rather there training the child to become a soldier of the system. There is no black history. By this he meant that most people only know greek mythology/history but have no idea about kemet history. Everyone knows aristotle or plato and can even quote easily but no one knows imhotep or isis or ma'at and many more. black scholars have to be recognized and acknowledged.
The lady would speak regarding the process she has had to undergo inorder to give her child a homeschooling. She has come together with other parents and opened up a place i think it was her home and hired a teacher who she trained well to teach what she wants to the child and how to teach. She went on to say how it has helped her child to become more confident and able to overstand information easily.

Iman overstand the i regarding schools though i may have a point to add to i point i gave as to why public schools especially primary level do not cause that much damage. I do agree that not everything will be found in the primary school but looking back at i home history, at least everyone went through the primary education level. The education system has also been implemented in other countries from the days of independence to late in the 90's as the countries would change their system. iman did have a problem as a child in school. The problem i had was the teachers. I did not overstand a thing they taught. I was good in a couple of subjects but not that great. The education being taught was good but the problem was the teachers. They did not know how to teach it. Well at least most of them. They did not establish that one to one relationship with the child a=instead it was a type of rulership whereby the teacher is always right while the student is always wrong. I was beaten too which i kind of do not regret at all. It gave i discipline and motivation in life.

The primary school that we have is very tough on a child and if a child can succeed it they can succeed anywhere in the world. For example i did learn in the usa i went to highschool there and truly speaking the kids there are not taught as extensive as we are. There merely spoon fed everything. It was too easy for me i remember. i only had problems with the sat because i cannot do an exam in a timed fashion that doesn't sit well with me. i panic though now its all under control which im grateful. The education system that we have is very hard. a child who grows up in it will surely either gain alot or lose alot. Only problem is they do not teach black history or promote black confidence among the students. Everything they are told is mainly eurocentric. The inventions of ideas and other stuff. The children grow up believing that white is good and black is not very good.

Today it has become even worse. The children iq have gone quite low. The technology has sort of taken a hold of their brains. I see primary school children smoking, chewing khat, drinking alcohol and other rubbish. The discipline level has completely dropped, the teachers have given up due to lack of proper pay or support by the government. Corruption has killed the continent and its quite sad.

I fully support a blackcentric education platform for our black children and even encourage the parents to instill knowledge fully. The thing is school is not very bad if the child is in a developed world. The parent can homeschool the child through the primary levels and if the child is bright enough they can even begin high school or go straight to university. What if the child wants to become an engineer, at some point education will come in handy one way or the other.

I believe that the most important part of a childs life is the first few years 1-14 when they start to learn. it is the duty of a parent to give proper education to the child be it by a well established and disciplined homeschool or enrolling the child to a homeschool center like the sankofa school. When the child gets a good foundation then they can move on to the next stage which is high school which can also be attained at the homeschool center or enroll in a good school. As for university, the child can now choose the right education format to attend to. If they want to be doctors, engineers, scientists, specialists the universities offer such good expereinces as long as they promote the childs development and not destroy the whole foundation.

Mama africas education is always the best as it is community based and basically promotes the childs lifestyle and upbringing.

Black Power!!!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/22/2016 11:16:04 AM

Give thankhs for the reasoning Ras.

It is true that the ameriKKKan (mis)education system ranks very low compared to other nations, including so-called "Third World Nations". The international community recognizes just how poor and laughable it truly is, yet he US has an uncanny ability to misrepresent itself as being ahead of all other fact, they are guilty false advertising!

Everything about western education is poor. From methodology, to content, to teacher/child relationship and dynamics, to diet, "mandatory" vaccinations and health care, and the list goes on.

Of course I'm speaking generally, for I know there are committed and we'll meaning teachers whom have had great impact on their students, but those are few and far in between.

That isn't the deeper issue however. It goes way deeper. From the usage of one of the most bastarcized languages (English) and the Greek ALPHA-bet, which as compared to other forms of writing systems, is read from left to right. This, believe it or not, DOES have an effect on the development of a dominant left-brain society as compared to the holistic balanced stimulation of right/left yin/yang mind and culture and civilizations of First World Nations.

This western (mis)education system is like it's religions and medical institutions...never meant to heal or develop us into our fullest natural godz in training.

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