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Babylon schools

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Messenger: Humble one Sent: 6/14/2016 12:52:27 PM

Dear All,

I was just reading through the post that Hemphill made on another topic:

"If the child is born; exposure to unhealthy nutrition, mandatory vaccinations, and social media all lead to indoctrination BEFORE the child is forced into public 'education' shitstem.."

It just made me think about the current school system. I'm not necessarily talking about colleges/universities that are available through choice to people of all ages beyond school leavers, but I am referring specifically to the 12 or 14 year SCHOOL system. I.e: reception - year 11, or year 13 if you stay on. At least, this is the British education system.

Just wondering people's thoughts on it because it is a topic that I can't seem to find much about on here.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 6/14/2016 3:14:58 PM

Babylon Seducing Children via Hidden Operations Opposing Love.. s c h o o l.. lol

Yes I. Good to bring this forward.

When I think of babylon schools, we cant call it education because it is the exact opposite.. It is indoctrination. Preparing youths to live within and perpetuate the system. Nothing more..

I went to pre-school at age 4. Then kindergarten at 5, middle school at 12, and graduate high school at 18.. This is the standard set-up with american public schools.. The teachers read from the text books and expect regurgitated info as answers on tests. We were rarely, if ever, taught how to think; rather, we were told what to think.. -- America is the greatest nation ever, the rest of the world hates us because of our freedom...

The quote of mine that you used here was said to illustrate how early in life the indoctrination begins.. Pre-birth.. We are the cumulative essence of our parents. If they are unhealthy with babylon foods and mindset, thier physical/spiritual composition will negatively effect new life even before conception.. Once the woman is pregnant, the babe is continually exposed to an array of unhealthy chemicals depending on the mothers lifestyle. Many times, drugs are used during birth to ease the mothers pain.. I would be suprised if these drugs dont have negative effects on the child.. And finally once born into the world, a vaccine regiment, television babysitters and 'school' start as soon as possible.. Yes I, the ENTIRE system is set-up to usher one from conception to death in a sleep-like state. This would be impossible if children were not attacked from the start, kept in a fear-trance, and told what to do from adult 'authorities' that went through the same indoctrination program.. Seducing Children via Hidden Operations Opposing Love..

Breaking away from this trap and teaching children about fundamental natural truths, spirituality, and morality AT HOME IS A MUST!

Good to reason with the I Humble One again!
Most High Love

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/14/2016 7:12:14 PM

It is said "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man"

Half of what we know as adults is learned between 5 to 7 yrs old.

Why would we willingly hand over our children's minds into the grip of Babylon's Beast and expect a positive result?

As Idren Hemphill explained beautifully, this shitstem encourages mindless regurgitation, simply to pass the grade and get shuffled into the next grade. The result being mindless but well trained robots.

I mostly home schooled my youths, and the few times that circumstances forced I to put them in school, I counteracted the false or distorted history (among other subjects). This can get quite confusing to children, so discussions were shared so they would overstand and differentiate the difference between "Babylon school" and the truth.

Not to mention the culturally biased IQ testing and education!

Below are some Rasta and Afrikan centered homeschooling resources for parents of Black children (though Afrikan history belongs first and foremost to INI, it is in fact world history/education)

This is a CRUCIAL book! Also the video has been posted:

Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys
by Jawanza Kunjufu

Advice for parents, educators, community, and church members is provided in this guide for ensuring that African American boys grow up to be strong, committed, and responsible African American men. This book answers such questions as Why are there more black boys in remedial and special education classes than girls? Why are more girls on the honour roll? When do African American boys see a positive black male role model? Is the future of black boys in the hands of their mothers and white female teachers? and When does a boy become a man? The significance of rite of passage activities, including mentoring, male bonding, and spirituality, are all described.

RasTafari Homeschooling and Online Webpages for Children

Afrikan Centered Homeschooling Curriculums

Cultural Resources
Homeschool Organizations
African American Unschoolers

National Black Home Educators

Sankofa Homeschooling Community

African-Centered Teaching Resources K-12

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/14/2016 11:11:45 PM

Greetings All, Give thanhks Brother Joe for bringing up the topic and everyone for reasoning on this. Idren Hemphill the acronym is clever, "Seducing Children via Hidden Operations Opposing Love" I would include the word "Liberty" as well as "Love". The shitstem opposes both.

After going through the shitstem for a BA in early childhood education, I can definitely attest to the fact that the entire scheme is a mind control agenda. Even for the teachers.
One example from my teacher training: the topic is "diversity", and the educational literature we have to read talks about how preschool children should be exposed to all the "diversities" of modern life including pictures around the room honoring disabled people (showing how "normal" they are), and "this boy has two mommies isn't it wonderful" kind of things. Then we (the teachers in training) have to write an essay summarizing the information and talking about how we would implement these idea in the classroom. Well. I wrote the essay, perfectly summarizing the author's suggestions (I promise that I was not so sarcastic in the essay haha), and in the final portion I explained that I would not promote these ideas in my classroom, but that I would promote the idea of healthy and natural living, while loving all children whether they have disabilities or homosexual parents, I would not promote these ideas on all of the other preschoolers. I explained that most disabilities (especially those that appear in young children) and even the incidence of so many gay people these days are the product of the poisoning that babylon inflicts on humanity, giving specific examples of BPA and GMO and how they wreck all processes of the body including mental and hormonal. So instead of promoting or celebrating or normalizing the diseases caused by these poisons, I would educate children about the root causes of the issues on the grand scale, promoting still love and Overstanding when we look at each individual. Guess what my grade was on that essay?? I think it was something like 70%. I have literally never received lower than 90% on an essay in my entire life until that point. The professor punished me for not going along with the "diversity training" agenda.

The education shitstem today is not meant to develop cognitive abilities, it is meant to turn children into politically correct adults. I was trying to find the literature from my education where they talk about the purpose of the ECE (early childhood education) programs. I couldn't find it so I will paraphrase, that the purpose is to create valuable and responsible community members. In a healthy society, a goal to help every person find their place in the community would be a good goal, but in babylon what it really means is to create a person with a state of mind that doesn't want to rock the boat of the current shitstem.

Ras Goddess give thankhs for sharing those resources! Taking a look now.

More Iducation
JAH Love

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 6/15/2016 3:57:25 AM

Thank you for all the replies.

Yes, I would agree with all of what was said about it being like a sausage machine.

At least what I experienced of the school system here in the UK, I think it also sets people up nicely for consumer capitalist society, not necessarily that it forces people to become one, but it cultivates certain mindsets;

* Fundamentally, it teaches that "becoming successful" is getting ahead of your competition by whatever means to "get to the top" and achieve the highest status.

* A lot of my teachers actually went on to us about "competitive salaries". This stuff was actually forced down our throats.

Also, it seems that stress and exhaustion are virtually built into the school system. In a fear based environment, which teaches that failure isn't an option, there is currently a crisis, at least in the UK with stress at school.

Couple this with the fixed idea of what it means to "do well in life" that they cultivate there ie getting to the top, and you have the rat race.

At least this is what I experienced when I was at school. It seems to indoctrinate children with some really poisonous mindsets.

Would love to hear others thoughts on this

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/15/2016 6:45:44 AM

True Idren
I see the consumerism pushed also in the fact that children compete over who has the coolest or newest or most expensive shoes, clothes, toys, and so on. It prepares them for the idea of "keeping up with the Jones'"...
And regarding the stress levels in schools, I remember about a year ago seeing a psychologist speak about how more and more children are coming to her with stress and anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, all because of their school shituation.

New York Students Are Incredibly Stressed Out About Standardized Testing, Survey Says :
"The survey shows that 78 percent of students in grades 1–12 who receive additional educational support as a result of a disability, past test performance or other factors are more stressed out this year than other years. In addition, 75 percent of students who do not receive additional educational support are also more stressed out.

Although the question dealing with student stress does not mention Common Core Standards specifically, the standards — a new set of controversial education benchmarks that have been adopted in 45 states — and its associated tests were implemented in a majority of New York classrooms throughout the past two years.

Indeed, last year, there were reports that students were getting sick as a result of anxiety over tests aligned with the Common Core."

It affects educators also:

Principal's Suicide Sheds Light on Common Core's Culture of Corruption :

"Principal Worrell-Breeden was the subject of allegations of testing improprieties" ... "Pressure to meet the standards and expectations has caused an increase in the anxiety of students who have to take the ambiguous exams, and to teachers who are forced to balance teaching students and trying to understand the overly complicated program they subjugate their students to."

Common core is the new program in the states, but it is part of a global education agenda. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (a complete attack on human rights, from the United Nations) puts it:
"Article 26...Elementary education shall be compulsory... Education... shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations..."
"Article 29... Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible...These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

(Emphasis added... why is this civic duty considered to be a human right? Are rights the same as duties? Hmmmmm)

Give thankhs for the reasoning.. JAH guide I&I&I

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/15/2016 10:05:17 AM

Business studies
Medical biology and nutrition

Ive always thought these should be included into the main corpus of any educational programme for children. Teach them how to live not just be a 9-5er

Give thanks for the solutions provided so far RG

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/15/2016 10:10:14 AM

The content of indigenous education had much stress on the communal and social aspect rather than on an individual.

Indigenous education encouraged togetherness or corporation rather than competition as it is today. In short, competition was discouraged in any way possible; instead unit was always the talk of the day in indigenous education rather than today’s education which encourages competition.

African children in pre-colonial period learnt what they lived due to the fact that traditional education was meaningful, unifying, holistic, effective, practical and relevant to the individual as well as the community at large. It created strong human bonds because it involved the whole community. It was also recommended for the fact that there was separation between education ands the world of work. Thus, it reached out to and educated the whole person.

Teacher education from an African-American perspective, by Asa G. Hilliard, III
Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Urban Education; Georgia State University/

African History Of Education
Abundant oral and written records exist to describe the history of education on the African continent, especially its ancient and indigenous forms (Tedla, 1995). The best recorded ancient tradition of primary, secondary and higher education in the entire world is found in the Nile valley complex of cultures. This includes Cushitic and Kemetic centers of high culture, that is "Ethiopia," Somalia, Sudan, Nubia and Egypt. Ancient texts exist in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, texts containing philosophy, religion, science and the arts (Budge, 1928; Diop, 1991; Hilliard, 1989, 1986, 1985; Obenga, 1992, 1995; Unesco, 1981). Not only are these traditions ancient, they are also profound models for excellence in education.

In simple, summative terms we may say that, continent-wide, Africans regarded the education process as a transformative process, one in which a person becomes not only schooled but socialized. A person becomes different, a person becomes more godlike, more human, by virtue of the cultivation rendered through the education and socialization process. It was a process rooted in a world view where there was a belief in human perfectibility, the belief that humans could indeed become more like god. Basic skills were merely the lowest level of education. The development of character, humaneness and spirituality were higher levels of attainment

In order to become more like God, Africans believed in an education that was directed at the mind, the body and the spirit, inseparable parts of our human individual and community whole. The African world view does not emphasize individuals. The individual is a part of a group, an ethnic group, a collective. The individual is bonded through the education/socialization process. The ideal for both the person and the group was to become god-like, specifically in adhering to the principles of MAAT (truth, justice, order, reciprocity, harmony and balance)

Africans expected that, with cultivation, the African mind could be developed to higher and higher levels, from the concrete to the abstract, from the profane to the divine. One way of expressing these levels of mental attainment that come as a consequence of a spiritually oriented training process is that offered by the traditional practices of the Dogon. For the Dogon, education is virtually a life-long process. At the first level, Giri So, as Marimba Ani has shown (Ani, 1994), is the word at face value, or simply perception without understanding. As the student increased in depth of knowledge and understanding, they reach the second level, Benne So , or the "word from the side," which means, having sight and developing a perspective. The third level is Bolo So, or "the word from behind," which means the development of insight. The final level was So Dayi, the "clear word," meaning the development of vision.

The aim of African education for the mind could not be separated from education for the body, which was also seen as a divine temple, housing a spirit. As a result, the education for mind and body was also linked to education for the spirit. Therefore, in African tradition, it is the role for the teacher to appeal to the intellect, to appeal to the humanity, to appeal to the physical, and to appeal to the spiritual in their students. Of course, in order to make such an appeal, one must be convinced of the inherent intellectual capability of students, the inherent humanity of students, the inherent physical capability of students, and the inherent spiritual character of students.

The Miseducation Of Africans:

The Role Of Schools And Academicians

Over the past four centuries Africans have endured overt white supremacist belief and behaviors. The schools have been used as one of the major tools to structure the domination of Africans by Europeans through curriculum, school structure and methods of instruction and public policy

I do not believe that the full import of this fact has yet been understood. Not only have Africans been deprived of school, but school itself has been used a tool to prevent educational advancement and to ensure domination. To some extent, the teacher education curriculum has been used to rationalize domination and itself has sometimes been a tool of domination.

It is interesting to note the dialogue in discussions of school problems today: "school reform," "minimum competency," "effective schools," "school choice," "charter schools," "vocational education," "school restructuring," "site-based management," "total quality management," "minority to majority bussing," "year-round schools," "magnet schools" and, strangely, "boot camp." While the effort marked by these labels certainly deserves attention, little in this language for talking about school problems seems to refer to the higher-order goals of intellectual development, character development and, of course, spiritual development.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/15/2016 12:48:19 PM

A recollection just ran through my mind about something I once read about the perverted nature, origins and system of Babylon, beginning of course in school, kindergarten to be exact.

(Jah Child, this sadly ties into the other thread/reasonings on the rape of children, both through academics and physically/literally)

However accurate or inaccurate the rumor is, there are some undeniable and disturbing truths that at the very least would make one say hmmmmmm....

Let us look at the linguistic root and etymology of the German word KINDERGARTEN, the primary intruduction into the world of academics.

KINDERGARTEN =A garden of children


Okay. So the "rumor" is that barbaric germ-man built these enclosed "gardens" of "kids" for the perverted pleasures of men.

Impossible you say? Bwoyyy, Rastagoddess done gone wayyyy out there this time! Lol. Well...maybe so, then again, maybe not.

We KNOW that barbaric Europe had (has) a certain...shall we say..."affinity" for beastiality, particularly sheep or goat.

Heck, you can still hear "Billy Bob" from dem Appolacian Mountains dem now talking about "ya ain't had it good till you do a sheep!"

Moving on...

We also know that sheep were the original carriers of syphilis and none can deny the historic fact that Europeans also became the greatest carriers and spreaders of syphilis.

Where'd they get it from? Hmmmm.....

And they introduce a child into the world of academics with the use of such a term?

Nope, no Kindergarten for my youth! No suh! PURE BLOOD FIYAH PON DAT! TA RATID!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/15/2016 11:54:41 PM

Seen Impress!
I think the I have a very good point about the linguistic meaning of kinder-garten. Why would Germans, using the most straightforward, face-value of all languages, German, call it a "garten" when in fact it was a "schule" (the German word for school). My German teacher in high school explained that it was because they "grow" children there... but then why is it only 5 year olds in Kinder-garten, why are ten year olds in 5th grade "schule" instead of still being "grown" in the "garten"?

The whole imagery reminds me of "pedophile island", the hideout for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his billionaire buddies like Bill Clinton.

Fox News: May 13, 2016 Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known

"Kids" as a shortened form of "children" is a term that I have tried very hard to erase from my vocabulary.. I make an effort to never call a child by the name of a goat. Why? Because to call them babies of goats is the same wordsoundpower as calling them children of baphomet, the goat-headed, pentagram demon that all of these sick rapists worship. Calling your child a kid is like consecrating them to baphomet, the same way naming your child Christian is like consecrating him to Jesus. And babylon has tricked almost everyone into lending power to the demonic masquerade through unknowingly committing their children's souls to be owned by goat demons.

A few questions/comments about those links the I first posted, homeschool resources:

+ I was very surprised to see Sis Ila promoting PBS and nickelodeon, and other such babylon owned and operated sites. Would the I really use those sites for homeschooling, or even for leisure time activities for the I youths? I know I wouldn't! Nor would I let ABC mouse teach my child about the alphabet... My mama taught me to read by singing with her guitar to me and my brothers and sisters, and making pictures on poster board related to the song, she wrote all kinds of songs and we would dance around and sing with her.. there's one song in particular that I still remember about vowels haha =) To Iwomban those methods are a lot more fun and effective than websites that will "autopilot" teach your child and all you have to do is sit back and watch!

+ Did the I pay for the Kamali program when homeshooling the I youths? I am curious if the $39 is a yearly fee, does it only cover one grade level lesson plans, or is it their entire program for that price? The sample looks like it has a lot of great suggestions. As an educator, I probably wouldn't use the program completely "by the book" but I would use their suggestions and resources to supplement the program! Wondering how much this would cost for my school, if it would be a one-time fee or yearly?

+ afam unschool: the website is in Hebrew? How can I&I see what the program is about.. haha my Hebrew is not up to par =P

+ On SETCLAE it is mentioned "Sample excerpts are available," but I didn't see where, does the I know where I can find a sample of their curriculum? The prices of this program seem more realistic, haha makes I&I think the Kamali program must be a yearly fee for each child!

+ Sankofa homeschool website is the only one that won't come up for I. If there's any information the I can share without I having to visit the website, please do! I bookmarked the site already tho, gonna check it next time I go Addis and see if the network is any better!

Give thankhs again for the reasoning, More Love Iverytime

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