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The Olmec (Kushite) Calendar ends on May 21, 2016 (Tomorrow)?

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Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/20/2016 7:38:04 PM

I was aware of this for awhile before so-called December 21, 2012 since the Mayan Calendar is not base after the Gregorian or Julian Solar Years, but rather the Mayan "Haab" 365 solar days.

The baktun is 144,000 days.

There are 13 baktuns in the Mayan Calendar.

144,000 days x 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 solar days

Now the Gregorian calendar solar year is 365.2425

The Julian calendar solar year is 365.25

The Haab Mayan calendar solar year is 365

1,872,000 days/365.2425 (Gregorian solar year) = 5125.36 years

1,872,000 days/365.25 (Julian solar year) = 5125.256 years

and then here is the big difference….

1,872,000 days/365 (Haab solar year) = 5128.767 years

The Olmec Long Count Calendar started on August 13, 3113 B.C=8×1×3×3×1×1×3=216 symbolizing an age of 2160 years and can be rearrange as the "year of 2016 (2160)"

This date was said to be when Thoth and his followers (Olmec) left Kamet and arrive in Central America and also when Solar flares literally hit Venus turning it upside down upon its axis.

13 Baktun from 3113 B.C + 5128.767=2015.767. Keep in mind it started on August 13, 3113 B.C, and so seven months from August 2015 is March 2016. Two additional months and eight days are added after (rounded off) which then leads to May 21, 2016.

The incorrect translation was:
3113 B.C + 5125.256=2012.256. Two additional months and eight days are added after (rounded off) which then leads to December 21, 2012.

So this mean the interpretations given to the masses by the white expects and so-called Mayan elders were incorrect. We must remember the modern day Mayan did not created the calendar since they came after the Olmec which predates them. Even most of the sites and monuments predates the Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan etc.

Bob Marley's passing to me is the key. He died on May 11, 1981 and when added in numerology reveals the year 2016. 5/11/1981=5+11+1+9+8+1=35, and 35 years from 1981 is 2016 (1981-2016). The # 11 from the date is a master/prime number and should not be added in numerology.

He was entombed on May 21, 1981 which will be 35 years ago. I see Holy Quran as a book of Divination as Tarot & I Ching, and Chapter 35 of Quran is entitled "Fatir" meaning Creator, equivalent to the Ethiopic "Fatari" (Tafari i.e Ras Tafari). This chapter is also known as Surah Al Malaika (The Angels=Black Race)

Also, hundreds of thousands of people attended Bob's funeral and the 50 mile long procession to his birthplace in Nine Mile (precession of the equinox).
Note the number 50 represent "Jubilee" and symbolizes the 50 year (49.9 years) orbital cycle of Sirius B around the brighter Star Sirius A said the Dogon in Mali (Marley) Africa (Both stars actually orbit around one another every 50 years). Hence Judy Mowatt stated in a documentary that Bob's funeral was more like a Juibilee. Its good to note Selassie's palace was called Jubilee Palace.

May 21, 2016 or 5+2+1+2+1+6=17. Holy Quran Surah 17 "Al-Isra" (Asar=Open Eye) means Night Journey (Exodus) of Prophet Muhammad. When he went to the abode of God (Heaven or astral projection?) as Enoch before him.

The Maya Calendar (i.e., “Calendar of Maya”) was given its respective name because it ends in the month of “May” (M+Y), a term which is consonantly speaking the same as “Maya” (M+Y). That’s why it’s entitled the “May-a Calendar”, not the “December-a Calendar”.

Although the Maya Calendar allegedly ended on December 21, 2012, there were no series of remarkable blood moons (lunar eclipses), no planetary alignment, no planetary retrograde and no solar eclipses preceding it. In other words, despite all the Hollywood hype surrounding December 21, 2012, there was no cosmic climax.

However, this is not the case with May 21, 2016. The planetary alignment of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Venus from January 20, 2016, until February 20, 2016, and the retrograde status of 5 planets on April 28, 2016, once in 5,125-year events which were designed to foreshadow the end of the Fourth World (Kali Yuga).

That is why 2016 is known as the Great Year in astronomy which the Greek philosopher Plato (c. 427–347 BC) referred to as the “perfect year” in which the celestial bodies (planets) and the diurnal rotation of the fixed stars (circle of the Same) return to their original positions (i.e., the 31-day planetary alignment of 2016).

I said in a previous post that this year 2016 is very significant, whether in May or not, but its a Year of Transformation and Regeneration for the Black Race (Ethiopians) or Children of Anu (Rastafari). We have now come full circle of a Great Year (25,920 years). The calendar represent OUR restoration not the end of the world. However, ONLY TIME WILL TILL.........

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/21/2016 7:49:47 AM

Haile I Har Tema. Thankhs for the study.. I am curious why does the I equate the word Feteri with the word Teferi? I know Elders have done so in the past, but when I ask Ethiopians about those words they tell me, no, they are two very different meanings, Feteri meaning Creator, and Teferi meaning Reverenced One.
By the way here in Afrika it is already May 21 and it is a fine day...
JAH Bless

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/21/2016 10:03:19 AM

Good read indeed bredren!

Sis JAH CHILD, out of curiosity I looked up the word Reverent One, and came across these synonyms:

Adore, deify, glorify, revere, worship, venerate.

It would seem that though the two are different words (Creator/Reverent One and Feteri/Teferi), they are very closely related, both in Amharic and English.

Oh, and I'm pleased to know all is well in Afrika on this fine day. :)

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/21/2016 3:14:29 PM

Yes I Jah Child and my beloved Goddess!!

As Goddess stated even though Feteri and Teferi (Goddess Tefenet i.e Tefnut) are different but they're also very closely related in context of meaning; Isn't the creator to be Reverent and Glorify? Even the Hebraic form of the Ethiopic 'Teferi' means "Glory" in the Kabalistic system for the 6th Sefira, 'Tiferet' (Tiphereth).

Today May 21, 2016 is the "3 - Mazatl (deer)" in Mayan calendar and is the "3rd day" of the thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Coatl (Snake) is ruled by Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of the Year, the ancient god of fire who stands at the center (13th sign of zodiac Ophiuchus, 'the Serpent Bearer' who sits at the center of our galaxy). The Trecena started on May 19, which is the first day, and will end on May 31 (13th day).

In Mayan language (Nahuatl) 'Mazatl' means Deer and is governed by Tlaloc, God of Rain and Thunderstorms. However, if we removed the 'T' from the word Mazatl we get the Hebrew word for "Star", Mazal, i.e. Mazal Tob (Mazal Tov) meaning "Good Luck" or Good Star; Which to me symbolize God's Star, Sirius!

These Modern day Jews and so-called Black Hebrew Israelites groups in the Americas think they are speaking original Hebrew. However, they are actually speaking Yiddish mixed with partial Russian. Do you know that what you think is Hebrew was taken from the Ge'ez Abugida, Amharic and Tigrinya languages? The Author Legesse Allyn already showed in his book the Medu-Neter (Kemetic) is actually based upon two Ethiopic languages, Amarinya and Tigrinya. Remember ancient Kham came out and was established from the people (Gods) of the highlands of Punt (Ethiopia & Eritrea). Kham was said to be the land of the Oromo people of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and the King has both Oromo and Amhara in his heritage.

There is an interesting story we must do a post on that speaks of a recently deceased "African American" who lived in South Carolina and is dubbed "The father of all men is 340,000 years old". The Interesting Thing About This Mystery Man's DNA (Y-Chromosome) Was They Traced His DNA Back To The Sub-Sahara Area, But Only 11 Men Had This Same DNA all living in one village in Cameroon (Mbo People). "And the sequences of those individuals are variable, so it's not like they all descended from the same grandfather.” Keep in mind the oldest-known “modern human” bones (Mitochondrial) are from East Africa and trace back to 190,000 years. So his DNA included the other 11 men are older than those in Africa and the known world. Perhaps their (ours) ancestors came from Another Tribe Of People Different Than Those in Africa, or maybe even Another Planet and Star System? This leads to the question, are "African American" older than those on the continent of Africa? For one they are more Pyramid like structures in the Americas than Africa and not all of us came on Slave ships since we were already over here.

Note: Many of the indigenous also here in Belize were sold to slave owners in Georgia, as well as North and South Carolina.

Lets get back to the matter at hand....

Many ones are unaware that each December 21st the Earth and Sun align at the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence. However the Planetary Alignment of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Venus all aligned on January 20-February 20, 2016 for 31-days was a once in a 5,125-year event. This astronomical phenomenon was then followed by the Planetary Retrograde in late April and then transit of Mercury on May 9, 2016. You can say a lot of heavenly signs are taken place for this year alone.


1. April 15, 2014: Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon 1 of 4)
2. October 8, 2014: Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon 2 of 4)
3. March 20, 2015: Solar Eclipse (1 of 2)
4. April 4, 2015: Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon 3 of 4)
5. September 27, 2015: Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon 4 of 4)
6. September 27, 2015: Fulfillment of Blood Moon Prophecy
7. January 20, 2016: Planetary Alignment Begins
8. January 20, 2016: Alleged Discovery of Planet 9 (i.e., Planet X)
9. February 20, 2016: Planetary Alignment Ends
10. March 9, 2016: Solar Eclipse (2 of 2)
11. March 9, 2016: Opening of Biblical 6th Seal (Solar Eclipse)
12. April 23, 2016: Earth’s Magnetic Field Allegedly Collapses
13. April 28, 2016: Planetary Retrograde

On Jan. 20, 2016, scientists announced the discovery of what could be a giant planet in the Kuiper Belt at the outer edge of our solar system. Nicknamed "Planet Nine," (Planet X?) the world is a behemoth - about 10 times the mass of the Earth. It would take the planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to orbit the sun.

Sitchin also said Nibiru has an orbital period of 3,600 years. Is Planet 9 a code for Nibiru?? Note Bob passed on at age 36 and the date of his transcendent is 5/11/1981, and when multiple in the science of numerology has the numerical significance of 360 (5x1x1x1x9x8x1), representing one complete revolution of the precessional cycle (25,920 years) of 360 degrees.

Rasta Goddess can you make this vid visible for me? Here is the link:

Oh, its also a wonderful and Humid day here in Belize, Heart land of the Maya.


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/21/2016 9:28:56 PM

Over the years, I have had several powerful dreams about Belize, yet haven't physically visited...yet. anyhow, too long to get into here...I'll leave it for a different time...

Here's the video

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/21/2016 9:47:22 PM

The father of all men is 340,000 years old
By Colin Barras

Dwarfed by the X chromosome, the Y seems more ancient than we thought
Dwarfed by the X chromosome, the Y seems more ancient than we thought

Albert Perry carried a secret in his DNA: a Y chromosome so distinctive that it reveals new information about the origin of our species. It shows that the last common male ancestor down the paternal line of our species is over twice as old as we thought.

One possible explanation is that hundreds of thousands of years ago, modern and archaic humans in central Africa interbred, adding to known examples of interbreeding – with Neanderthals in the Middle East, and with the enigmatic Denisovans somewhere in southeast Asia.

Perry, recently deceased, was an African-American who lived in South Carolina. A few years ago, one of his female relatives submitted a sample of his DNA to a company called Family Tree DNA for genealogical analysis.

Geneticists can use such samples to work out how we are related to one another. Hundreds of thousands of people have now had their DNA tested. The data from these tests had shown that all men gained their Y chromosome from a common male ancestor. This genetic “Adam” lived between 60,000 and 140,000 years ago.

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/23/2016 11:02:04 AM

Goddess I would really love to hear some of your dreams about my beloved Belize. Please share?????

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/23/2016 6:17:26 PM

You’ll have to bear with I dear bredren, as I haven’t attempted to put these dreams into words before. They are seemingly random, although the central figure is always the same. It’s been over 25 years, so some of the details escape I.

First one was happened when I was quite young. In the dream, I was sitting by a river, with my feet in the water. Next thing I know, a very ancient man is sitting next to me. I know it’s a man from the voice (very old) and from his legs. I never see his face, or even his upper body, just the legs, from the knees down. Very very old feet. Very black. An accent that I can’t place. He speaks to me and tells me his name is “Nagu”, and that I will meet him again when I’m older.

The next dream happens when I’m living in Peru, South America. Again, I am at a river, and I see his feet walking to me. He sits down and puts his feet in the water, next to mine. I remember a sense of familiarity about him, then I hear his voice/accent, and I remember this is the same elder. I say “hello Negu” (shocked that I remembered his name) and he proceeds to hand me what appears to be books, or maybe tablets. One has a Serpent on the cover. The Serpent is in the shape of the Ouroboros Snake. The second book cover, hieroglyph or tablet has a Mayan pyramid and a rainbow behind it. He tells me that these represent my journey and to guard them well. Before I can say thank you, he tells me “you have gone too far south, you must go central”. I had no idea what he meant.

The last dream I had was when I returned State side. He appeared again, just the legs/feet, walking down a hill towards me. He asks if I have the tablets he gave me years ago, I tell him I do not have them on me. He says they should not be “on me” but “in me”, and that now I have journeyed “too far north, you must go central”

It was only years later, after I had met some Belizians, that I immediately recognized the accent! I KNEW then that the elder was from Belize. 1) the accent, 2) his name is “Nagu” , and come to find out, the Garifuna as also known as “GariNAGU”. As soon as I came across this, I KNEW it, it confirmed he was from Belize, and 3) when I was in Peru, he said I was “too far south”, and when I was in the states, I was “too far north”. I feel that the “central” location he was asking me to come back to, was and is Belize.

I know it seems random and probably doesn’t make sense to others. All I can say is that I have had an inexplicable pull towards Belize for years, looked into the reality of moving there many times, and this Belizian elder that has appeared to I several times..

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/23/2016 6:46:46 PM

Another thing I forgot to mention, at every visit, the elder would share this HUGE nut with me. I had never seen such a nut until my Belizean friend showed me some pictures of Belize and I noticed this same huge nut, which, come to find out, is a cashew nut! Looking exactly like the nuts the elder shared.

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/23/2016 8:25:21 PM

This Dream is very symbolic indeed but as it is said, only the dreamer can truly interpret his or her dream. I can only point out the obvious.

Garinagu (Garifuna is the culture and language) or Black Caribs are descendants of two ethnic groups, Carib Indians and Black Africans, that lived on the island of St. Vincent.

However, you can say they're a mixture of Kalipuna Indians who came from the mainland South America (you were in Peru for awhile), Arawak Indians of the Caribbean islands (Kalipuna & Arawak then mixed and became the Carib) and West/Central African. This miscegenation bring about the people called Garinagu.

Strangely, in your dream the old man Nagu gave you books of serpent, mayan pyramid and Rainbow.

Nagu means District in Sumerian, maybe Belize or Stan Creek District.

Also “Ngu” meaning “king” and “Nga” meaning queen. It is cognate to the Ethiopian “Negus” (king). It is also cognate to “nkosi” which means king in various Bantu languages. By semantic drift, it came to mean also “black” in the European languages (Latin: niger; Spanish: negro). Hence Nagu leg was black. Note: The original Afrikan-Kemetic word or title for Pharaoh is "Ngu" (Nagu) as well.

The Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl is also called Rainbow (feather) serpent. Even the Goddess Ixchel name means "Lady Rainbow" and they represent the Jaguar Gods or Olmec (Jaguar People).

Marley said "I'm a rainbow too," just like Ankhaten before him.

One thing though, most of the Garinagu here in Belize settled at Dangriga in Stan Creek District. My father's family is from that side and we use to go there a lot as children.

Your dream has a mixture of both Garinagu and Mayan for Belize is a melting pot of many cultures but those 2 dominate culturally over here.

Most people tend to seek outside there country for a Holy Land but I've been investigating Belize for awhile and its no mistake they call our country "The Jewel".

There is a festival where we celebrate the Cashew in Crooked Tree Village. Cashew are grown all over Belize in our front and back yard. Very easy to find

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