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Inspiration from JAH hekau

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 5/2/2016 4:06:30 PM

Real Happiness to all.

As a Bredren of a lighter skin,
I was, some time ago Having dis-ease and unrest with I own Self Image as a RAS, being Born RastafarI and knowing the importance put on that issue. Looking again at that heated topic, brought up over and over on this forum only underlines I life experience that Some Ones say,not right or wrong, being of full African decent is a absolute necessity to feeling One is true RastafarI. And skin color should mean one is or is not to be considered Rasta in their own mind and words. I have come to terms with this Iself some time ago and do not look for approval whatsoever for, or from any Human. This is a personel opinion and should not be imposed on some One else. I am a lion when I need be and a Lamb when I can be.

(So please do not start that with I. And do NOT Question I Identity.)

I do not like the color blind approach either, thats just ignorance and white guilt talking that color blind stuff.
I have been reading all the posts from d I's such as strangers at the gate and "whites claiming RastafarI" and so on for years so do not suggest I go read them. In fact I mostly agree with these feelings and I completely Overstand that need for supreme caution when accepting ANY new One of ANY skin type. Closer scrutinization is to be expected and excepted as long as the chance to prove one self is given - such as in the case Bredren Ark I Describes at the Nyahbingi Toronto House He experienced. Showing and Proving His canvictions. I have looked deeply into the history and traditions of I mixed ance-story and I suppose that did not sway I feeling that IMan A rastaMan tru and tru.Accepting that RastafarI mean different things to differnt Ones is a ite of tolerance and acceptance that some cannot grasp as yet. I am fortunate to have Inna-courage-ment from InI Black African Elders in Jamrock Mobay, Kingston and St.Ann.

I believe actions, intentions, Spiritual belief, words and thoughts are the most imprtant things when self evaluating if RAS trod is the correct path for One Self. Can not Innerstand why One would try to change I mind.

When I and I KNOW I AM A RASTAMAN in I Heart of Hearts then that is all I need to be comfortable in I own skin. Validated or not by others.Overs?

I have noticed certain "white Rastas" are no longer posting lately like Humble One, Reasoning Time, and Breddah Ethan HempHill.
I Very much enjoyed and learned from some of the I's Posts, and I regret not reaching out earlier to give some support or interactions if wanted.
I suspect maybe still reading here tho sometimes, just not posting?
Whats up?

I intention here is NOT to start this debate AGAIN, prove I self or make Iself feel worthy - as I stated earlier that is NOT a issue for I and I.
I do on the other hand want to share these words from the Most High,
I Father JAH, with Ones and Ones who may be going through they own things now. This Inspired and very much helped I when I was questioning I self in the past and even though I know it was not intended for this I feel it does apply to this situation very well....

"Our task is now to prove Ourselves...
Capable of employing Our talents and resources in the cause of Africa and the African peoples. The way will be perilous, sacrifices will be demanded of Us, Our labours may go unobserved and Our triumphs unnoticed accept to Ourselves. And, in the ultimate sense, this is wholly as it should be, for We are Men, this is Man's lot. Let us work together, arm in arm as Brothers, that Our progeny may live in peace and well-being, that posterity will honour Our names and Our achievements. This will suffice. This will be Our victory."
- Haile I Selassie I

Give thankhs any I who read all a this

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Haile Selassie I