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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 5/2/2016 5:06:20 PM

Blessed love Kween Kali,

as for the I question regarding the mansions, the I could just search this forum for EABIC / Bobo Shanti, Nyahbinghi and 12 tribe.. I think there's plenty of information on this site.

And for more information about the Black Christ and Bobo Shanti the I could check out this site, written by a honourable priest of the EABIC.

Heart of Love.

Messenger: KweenKali Sent: 5/2/2016 9:16:45 PM

This is true about people up here, I was born and raised in NJ, and I'm glad you are able to see the goodness in it.

I understand what you mean by superficial differences, but do you think there a common thread or belief that unites all Rastas?

Thank you for the link to E.A.B.I.C. I've been looking into Bobo Shanti, Nyabingi and 12 Tribes. Are there different names for each of the 12 tribes or is that the name for everyone?

I've been reading some of the posts on this forum and have found them very enlightening and interesting. I realize now that a lot of my friends in college were influenced by Rastafari beliefs. For myself, I agree with many things but I wonder is there a common belief in God and is it rooted in the Bible?

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 5/2/2016 9:50:17 PM

Yes Iyah KweenKali, Do the I still reside in NJ?
I was trying to say what the things are that are Iniversal with all
InI Jah People in I humble Overstanding =

"Works for liberation of all downpressed and fights injustice anywhere, Hails Emperor and Empress, strives to live ina right way - peace full livity, having Humbleness, having glory in JAH, naturality and such, We are - all the same. ALL THE SAME.
That is the culture, that is the Life.ALL THE SAME!
TRUE LOVE and ONENESS for all "
Along with some degree of Ital Livity for most. Ones agree?

The name 12 Tribes name implies all the names of the 12 sons of Jacob
the 12 tribes of Israel.
The 12 names are =
Zebulan,Simeon,Naphtali,Asher,Judah,Gad,Joseph,Levi,Benjamin,Isaacar,Ruben and InI stand Tribe of Dann.

Yes I take a certain glory ina d Ible lessons. Ible has good and evil, teaching I to discern and balance. Most Rasta I know go beyond Ible only .

As I Sistren Jah child said =
"This is also where some Rasta move beyond bible theology, seeking instead the foundational Afrikan spiritual truths that were "borrowed" at the very least in the writing of that text."
Does this help?

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/3/2016 8:55:35 AM

Honor and Love Lords and Empresses
Give thankhs for the reasoning.

Matafale I can see what the I is trying to say about Oneness, but I also disagree that all are the same, in the true sense of the word "same". One special aspect of RastafarI as a movement is that there is no defined doctrine, no institutionalized religion to follow. There are groups of individuals who meet together and reason together, and some of them agree and some don't. The common thread is loving Selassie I and Africa, and resisting babylon. Yes I would say there is a common idea of seeing "God" as Black... although some Rasta have moved beyond only Selassie I as the Black Male God, accepting a view of a divine Black Female Goddess also (contrary to seeing "Eve" as the mother of all evil). RastafarI is always thinking forward and learning even more as this age of information makes it much more accessible. For that reason even the doctrines of some of the Idren + Istren in the established houses and mansions of RastafarI have changed, for example fyah burning "paganism" in Kemet compared to viewing spirituality from the eyes of an ancient Afrikan.

The Idren have given some good answers about the houses, but also true is the fact that there have been houses outside of these main three we always learn about (Bobo, Nyah, and 12 Tribe), such as Youth Black Faith, and also that many blackhearted Idren + Istren are simply RasTafarI, not seeking membership in any specific house. Everyone is free to manifest the Most I power and will. Each one teach one, but also each one Know JAH and Know Thyself.

Referring to the 12 Tribes of Israel, in this house, people are identified with the tribe of the month that they were born in. I am not sure about the specifics though, and neither am I sure where the teachings about the month and tribe correspondence, colors, personality attributes, and body parts associated to each tribe come from. I am guessing Prophet Gad, but if that is the case, where did he come up with the teachings? If anyone can clarify, I have been interested to know (12 Tribe is the most popular in Shashemane so now I am hearing more about it, but no one yet answered that question).

Ises + Love Iverytime

Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 5/3/2016 11:00:28 PM



Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 5/4/2016 10:15:41 AM

Family I give thanks for D eyes sharing some feelings on dis matter.
I send sincere unconditional LOVE to ALL

Some of the following words I uncovered on D net and some I wrote Iself,
I feel it describes well the thing...

"Mansions of Rastafari is an umbrella term for the various groups of the Rastafari movement. Such groups include the Bobo Ashanti, the Niyabinghi, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and several smaller groups, including African Unity, Covenant Rastafari, Messianic Dreads, and the Selassian Church. The term is taken from the Biblical verse in John 14:2,
"In my Father's house are many mansions."

So I suppose InI JAH People may accept fully or are only loosely associated with these divisions, or not at all, like I self Evison at this point in I trod I keep up the principle of Inity, freedom of conscience, a general distrust of any isms shared by many, and the teachings of I Emperor that "faith is private" and a direct relationship dat need no councilers. Beliefs differ slightly between the groups, with varying views on the Ible, d locks, Food, and Herbs etc.

12 Tribes.....

"The Twelve Tribes of Israel is a Rastafari religious group and one of the Mansions of Rastafari. The group was formed in 1968 by Vernon Carrington. The twelve tribes are based on the twelve astrological zodiacal and the teachings of The Holy Bible signs. It is the most liberal, open and accepting of the Rastafari orders and members are free to worship in a church of their choosing. Each member of this sect belongs to one of the 12 Tribes (or Houses), which is determined by Gregorian birth month and is represented by a colour, a part of the body and a character trait often called a faculty. The Standard Israelite calendar begins in April, the 12 tribes being Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph and Benjamin. Although the 12 representations apply to male and female alike, Dinah, although not considered a tribe, is representative of the feminine. Members of this order are not required to be turbaned. However their do wear Red Gold and Green Banners that are worn at meetings and can be worn by male members during prayer and Bible readings as it's seen as a Holy Garment and it represents The Tribes Of Israel (Numbers 2). Twelve Tribes of Israel Function internationally and have Churches in many different countries."
It cansiders multiple elements including D cycle of the moon on D day of D I's Birth aswell.

I was told on the fone bi I lil Brother who is a member and personel Bredren of the already transitioned Prophet Vernon Carrington Gad, It is best to travel to the Twelve Tribes Of Israel's headquarters, 81-83 Hope Road in Kingston, if possible, to uncover the I's faculties and tribe with the help of the Blessed Elders there...
Although, I am quite sure this is totally doable elsewhere or alone
and not required of course.

The first tex with the Traits and faculties I find are described ina D Ible when Jacob Blesses his Sons Individually on his death bed,
Genesis CHAP XLIX beginning Verse:3. Included here is the comment from Jacob about his son Joseph whose tribe it is said the Prophet Bob Marley was associated, described as "a fruitfull bough, whose branches runne over the wall."

Other artists associated with the group include Sangie Davis, Fred Locks, Little Roy, and Pablove Black. The group had an association with the Jah Love sound system in the 1970s.

I have a Great book that I feel accurately explains the teachings of Father Gad very well. It was written by his student a Man named
Brother Karl Phillpotts Naphtali and is called:
The testimony of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I Defender of the Faith.
Published by Zewd publishers 1999.

Peace InI wellbeloved

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/5/2016 5:25:21 AM

Give thankhs for that Ixplanation bredren Evison. I was also looking through some reasonings and I found this one:
Prophet Gad/TTI
And there Ras Jesse P shares an interview with Prophet Gad... In this interview the I shares the answer, albeit vaguely, to that question I was asking about where the tribes and their associated body parts come from: the bible.
I was looking for the scripture but so far I am only seeing chapter 49 of Genesis, where Israel (Jacob) gives the prophetic inheritance for his twelve sons (but this only explains personality traits, not body parts or colors).
Any other information would be Ippreciloved...
Bless All + And Fqr

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