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The Art of Silence

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Messenger: DURU Sent: 3/3/2016 10:02:53 PM

The Art of Silence.

Before writing ,thinking or even exist ,silence already is ,
Between words and thoughts, birth and death Silence already is,
Before yesterday or after tomorrow silence will always be the present ,
Mind is the noise that appears on silence , while silence is the killer of time in the presence of life eternal,
Death is the silence in the language of the mind , while silence is the language of the wise that are alive ,
When a goal is achieved happiness is the celebration because of silence ,but goals are created by the mind to cover the truth of silence because the mind is not when silence is,
But silence is not the absence of words but the absence of thoughts, by watching the mind is to realize that mind is not conscious at all but a mechanism of thoughts ,doubt reveals the nature of mind as an illusion while belief prevent it , meditation is the art of silence while concentration is the failure of it, silence is the absence of me but the presence of I , I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA such is Silence .


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