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When strangers come to our villages

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/22/2016 8:21:26 PM

When strangers come to our villages
by Ras Marcus
June 09, 2004

Greetings with much humble standing. There must be some kind of guide lines, as to who is qualified to be going around, calling themselves Ras this and Ras that, Empress this and Empress that, RAS and Empress are very dignified Titles, with great responsibilities and livity, for one to live up to, when one take on such title upon themselves.

The RASES AND EMPRESSES of the RASTAFARI movement, must work seriously to create social and economic advancement for the movement, so that the hungry can be fed, the sick nourished, the infants be cared for and the elders or aged be protected. This must be done so that we are self-sustained with the necessities of life, for to depend on the things produced by others, will not bring about self reliance and mental freeman.

When strangers come to our villages bearing gifts from time to time, these gifts may be accepted if our people are in desperate needs, and since gifts blind the eyes, the needs of our families may become the priorities, and very soon this stranger will be welcomed in our villages, and will also be smoking the peace pipe, and be talking the talk of RAstafari people, and before long, become the authority of the village, by using the regular tactics of divide and rule, it won't take long for there to be contention and division in the village.

The strangers whose fore fathers, raped, robbed and kidnapped our people from Mama Africa, can be useful in the great struggles for the liberation of African people, but they must be told what is their place in the struggle, their place in the struggle, is to accept the genuine truth, that their ancestors did and still is committing a grievous and criminal act against African humanity, and then they must work to correct this act as they live from day today. They cannot expect to come to our villages, and influence our sons and daughters to go to bed with them, which will eventually make them a part of our villages, the elders of our villages, should have the spiritual fore sight, to see when things are going in that direction and apply preventative measures, but if the elders of our villages, are living in poverty and needs, their eyes may very well be blinded, by the gifts which they continue to receive from these strangers, elders are human beings and they do make mistakes.

The point which I am trying to make, is that the Rastafari Movement has become a multicultural religious movement, instead of the African liberation movement which it use to be in the early days, and some of our own people are to be blamed for this international disaster. When strangers come to our villages, we must tell them what crimes their fathers committed against our people, and let them know that it is a serious violation, for them to even think of going to bed with our African man are woman.

It has been said that each nation upon this earth, must stay under their own vine and fig tree, if this is true, then India is for the Indians China for the Chinese, Europe for the Europeans and Africa for the Africans those at home and those abroad.

Finally, each of us as a person within the movement must create employment for ourselves and our collective African families, so that we can have money, to help to take care of our mothers, children and the entire African family at home and abroad. People CAN ALWAYS BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL FLY AWAY HOME TO ZION, but while we are waiting to fly away over these many, many years, we will still have the great need for food, clothing and shelter and other vital necessities of life, we are living in a very practical world.

Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination.


Baba Ras Marcus.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 1/28/2016 1:26:58 PM

Blessed Word Sound & Power. Let de wise mind of de elders enlighten ones & ones to help regain & retain de forcus dat many Rastafarians seem to have lost. One Black Love

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