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The Oscars and PTAH

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/22/2016 4:30:56 PM


“Haile Selassie I Teachings is a major factor in I Iverstanding, and I prefer his Teachings over other people's, whether RastafarI people, Marcus Garvey or anybody else”



"Black is Supreme over all. Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation ever liveth, cannot die, Most High Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

Black People my people, Ethtiopians, sons and daughters: do you remember the days of slavery? I King Emmanuel the Black Christ in Flesh, the Holy Comforter am here to bring all things to your rememberance (St. John 14 vs. 26-27).

Who was in Africa, and got taken away in the slave trade? Who it was they took to Victoria Pier in shackles and chain? Who was it looking after the cotton fields? Who was it looking after the sugar cane plantation? Who broke the rock stones on the road side? Who was it they buried alive and let dogs eat off their heads? Whose finger nails they plucked out? Who they brand with hot iron? - Was it the China men? NO! Was it the white men? NO! Was it the Syrian? NO! Was it the Black man, the Black Ethiopian? YES! It was I and I Black Ethiopian sons and daughters, Gods and Goddesses of the earth. Queen Victoria and her hosts the white world took captive from the Golden shores of Black Ethiopia, Black Africa, in the slave trade."


RasTafari movemement is not only about recognizing the divinity of HIM, but ALL the sum parts that make up the whole. Try and try as one may, the truth remains unshakable, and that is the AFRIKAN BLACK ROOTS and EXPERIENCE of RasTafari children, in RESISTANCE to European colonialists and white supremacy. No matter which way you turn, you will buck up against this fact. Perhaps a non-African simply cannot FEEL this, out of lack of experience, history, and genetic/ancestral memories. Who knows?… but the argument is an old and tired one. Over and over we have to reiterate this point.

How do you dismiss the maroons? What about Queen Nanny? Marcus Garvey? All InI Afrikan warriors and revolutionaries that fought against western oppression?? How do you dismiss that His Majesty is the FATHER OF PAN AFRICANISM?

“We Africans will fight, if necessary, and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil..."

Has the days of equal rights and justice come? Are Black people recognized as first class citizens of this world, including Africa herself?

We will what? Fight?

This does not reflect a pacifistic approach to white supremacy. This is not a kumbaya one love statement. Let us not IGNORE this aspect of the LION OF JUDAH.



The Nyahbinghi Order is founded out of resistance to white supremacy. As is Bobo Shanti. The Holy Piby and the Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy are the two books that provide "the actual interpretative basis of Rastafari ideology”

“That Rastafari and Garveyism share many similarities is well known among their adherents, as well as among scholars who do research on these movements. Both movements are Afrocentric and unapologetically defend the beauty and dignity of Africa and people of African ancestry. While Garvey emphasized Africa's social and political redemption, Rastas include in that agenda a spiritual dimension…”

I am not here to sweetenen or make more palatable the Afrikan experience to non-Africans who have chosen to join a PAN AFRIKAN BLACK movement.

I remain a revolutionary Afrikan Rasta Queen Lioness. Without apology.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/22/2016 6:45:09 PM

So how does making racist and derogatory statements about all Europeans and their ancestors fit in with your cause?

Does insulting and putting down other people and speaking like they are subhuman make you feel higher or better about yourself?

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/22/2016 7:26:00 PM

Before flinging accusations, it is wise to consider and Iditate on what is being said.

InI have repeated MANY MANY times that we are not addressing ONE PARTICULAR European, but their COLLECTIVE deeds and history. I have also been very careful in adding "generally speaking" as a footnote when addressing these delicate issues, which are predictably offensive ONLY to those who have an issue with Black Supremacy, which is rather contractive as a Rasta within an Afrikan movement.

I have extended nuff RAspect unto di I and other non Afrikan Rastas on this board. No, I have not nor will not sugar coated Afrikan realities to suit your European sensitivities. But neither have I accepted di I's offer for InI Afrikans to SEPARATE ourselves, as I am not divisive by nature, nor in my reasonings.

There's a difference between accusing someone of being "subhuman" and doing a proper chronology/time line of mankind. Nowhere, at any time, in any way whatsoever have I defined anyone as "subhuman".

Why does the fact that the Afrikan Woman being the MOTHER of ALL offend you so? Why does the fact that Europeans were NOT created simultaneously as his Afrikan forefathers...bother you so? Why take that as a personal attack?

Why conveniently or selectively ignore the myriad of examples of HIM being the Father of Pan Africanism and the deeply AFRIKAN origins and ROOTS of RasTafari?

Iditate on that...before taking OURstory as a personal offence.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/22/2016 8:14:02 PM

Perhaps the following wordsound, written by a white Rasta, will be easier to swallow, coming from a fellow European. In this, she is addressing a next white Idren Ras Adam.

It would behoove ALL WHITE RASTAS to read this and Iditate deeply upon this CRUCIAL TRUTHS.

June 19, 2004

So here we have a pretty well-known and ostensibly serious and committed white Rasta giving his casual 'gee-whiz' prescription for the end of racism. Because whites do not acknowledge their privilege, they also do not acknowledge their power to do anything about it. Thus, racism is seen as one of those unfortunate problems that will always be with us, like the common cold. Maybe in a few hundred years it will be a little better...He is speaking here about color prejudice anyway, and not institutional racism, although he insists he understands the difference.

Privilege is about power solely, and white Rastas, in their desire to fit in, pretend, to themselves first of all, that they are powerless. They seem to think they can put on black oppression like they put on dreadlocks. While blacks suffer from their actual oppression, whites actually revel in their imagined oppression.

"I...won't apologize for voicing out against racial descrimination, racial bigotry, segregation, etc in the rastafari movement or anywhere else in the globe"

And where does Ras Adam voice out to? To blacks. Here is a statement that denies Rastafari as a black movement, that adheres to some naïve 'love sees no color' nonsense, and more, that suggests that the problem with the 'rastafari movement' is those darned blacks! Is it racist to accuse blacks of racial bigotry who get no consolation out of the idea of one big beautiful raceless world? As I and others here have said, there is no skipping steps. History must be acknowledged and accounted for, and then and only then can it be reconciled. It is a racist move to suggest that the only thing standing in the way of a perfect world is the stubborn insistence of blacks that whites face reality.

"Rasta doesnt deal with racism or any other ism" -- ras adam.

WELL YES that's the problem. Most White Rastas refuse to truly deal with the fact of race, let alone with racism.

These posts by Adam show the difficulties of whites aligning with Rasta.

While whites can't argue (unless they are fools) that Rasta is NOT a black movement about black liberation, they have a really hard time, because of the privilege they have and don't examine, dealing with the fact that all blacks are not going to be falling all over themselves to embrace them. Privileged whites are used to going where they go and doing what they do and saying what they say, assuming their presence and their voices are appropriate anywhere. When blacks take issue with this, whites who you think would know better, feeling to identify with Rasta, come back crying 'racist.' They are just not used to ANYBODY telling them they don't have a rightful claim to ANYTHING they feel like. They are deeply insulted, as we see here all the time.

This is the result of UNCONSCIOUS PRIVILEGE.

While some whites in Rasta find it completely okay to come to blacks talking about race-mixing, they never seem to take this issue OR ANY ISSUES OF RACE AND PRIVILEGE to other whites. They choose instead to use their privilege to be cool with blacks. What a waste, and what hypocrisy for white Rastas, who say they care so much about truth and rights and an end to racism, to deliberately marginalize themselves with all the outer shows of Rasta and FAILING to engage the fact that their countries are centers of White Supremacy and the source of most people's suffering in the whole world.

But this is privilege you see. We can play with ideas and be in some illusory one love with each other because we are NOT the victims, but live in the Babylon camp and benefit a million ways from that. So we don't HAVE to sacrifice or struggle; these issues are NOT life or death to us.

If we don't like being in the Babylon camp, the way out is NOT to affiliate with a black movement and think that's that. If we are truly trying to align with Rasta, we would be working hard among our own to bring this Babylon down. But that wouldn't be as much fun as doing Rasta things and feeling like we're making a profound statement to other whites with our dreads and black companions and counterculture lifestyle. It comes as a shock to white Rastas that some blacks find all of this highly insulting, an appropriation of the outward aspects of a culture with no true appreciation or understanding of it. How could whites understand? They are not black. If whites could accept this fact, they would be able to stand in solidarity with blacks and assume their proper role in relation to black movements. Because of the religious aspect of Rasta, whites who embrace it think to take very peculiar liberties with black culture. But that is for another article.

It is APPROPRIATE that white voices not be the primary voices in a black movement. Whites thinking to make their name as Rastas are not only pathetic and insecure, they SUPPORT the continuation of white supremacy.

As I said, Adam does what I see whites do all the time when black people speak their truth, which is to accuse blacks of race prejudice. It is disturbing because he portrays himself as one of the 'good whites' and clearly believes it. Adam takes it a step further however by again and again using loaded language in which he accuses blacks of hate speech, and compares them with Hitler and the Klan!

Perhaps a more self-reflective individual would wonder at the violence of his own reaction, rather than projecting 'racial bigotry' onto blacks. But this is the reaction of privilege to any challenge to it, and this attitude is so deeply ingrained that the individual does not realize he is speaking out of a set of unconscious assumptions which have entwined themselves around his personality like a poisonous vine. Adam mocks 'some conspiracy theory of a master plan to lighten the white race.' The theory of evolution and Einstein's theory of relativity are theories too. I sincerely hope he is not a history teacher. It reminds me of Ashcroft implying that the ones accusing the U.S. of a coup against Aristide were just a bunch of crazy black folks.

Ras Adam goes further here to accuse blacks of supremacist views if they don't agree that 'race-mixing' is a good thing. I think that in the end statements like this speak to the insecurity of whites, and in particular white Rastas, who seem to believe that it should be enough for blacks that they embrace an African messiah, and they should be welcomed unquestioningly into the fold. They are highly insulted if what they see as their unlimited right to express themselves in any way they feel like is challenged. Again, privilege. Whites will continue to feel insecure as long as they fail to gain insight into the role that privilege plays in so many of their assumptions.

If a white person is 'conscious' enough to declare him or herself a Rasta, he or she should have the personal integrity to understand that this dictates a lifelong effort to combat white supremacy, and that the work is not going to be done in a Nyahbinghi drum circle, but among other whites. Instead on these boards we see White Rastas who operate to a large degree out of white supremacy and their white privilege, and apparently feel no obligation to engage in any serious self-examination.

It is not surprising that Adam or any other white holds racist views, and speaking from experience I know that it takes a lifetime to root them out. Having embraced Rasta from an early age myself, I learned as a white to address my racism, and white supremacy as an institution. Observing the behavior of white Rastas, I see that most bring their unexamined privilege in with them, and proceed to scuffle with blacks about their right not only to be there, but to be spokesmen. It is educating to see that white Rastas are just as unwilling as other whites to deal in an honest and courageous manner with racism, and disgusting that they use the rhetoric and trappings of Rasta to differentiate themselves from other whites, while putting out none of the effort that would make this be so. As so many times in history, we see on display the deep-seated assumption that blacks should exists merely to serve whites' comfort.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/23/2016 2:34:33 AM

Most of the things you are talking about are not I disagreement.

I disagreement is this:

So how does making racist and derogatory statements about all Europeans and their ancestors fit in with your cause?

There were only a few things said in this Reasoning that apply to that disagreement. It is just the continuation of the many things said by some people Reasoning here that are the same kind of derogatory things that racist Europeans say about African or other non-European people. And the same kind of things that racist Indians or Asians say about African, European, or other people that are non-Indian or non-Asian.

Why is it not enough for RasTafarI people to speak against the wickedness done by the people that performed the wickedness, without the same kind of racist and derogatory statements that the colonizers and other racists say?

They don't add any substance to the Reasoning, but only detract from it.

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 1/23/2016 3:01:42 AM

Ark I what's wrong with you why u define yourself as subhuman or should I say what exactly did RastaGoddess say to MAKE you feel that way??..

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 1/23/2016 3:11:27 AM

"And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique and in South Africa in SUBHUMAN bondage have been toppled and destroyed"...Haile Selassie I the first... You should humble yourself with your European subhumanity. Until...

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/23/2016 8:38:57 AM

Greetings sistah Royal,

Just to clarify and give a proper chronology of where I believe the offence was taken:

* The intention of this thread was to highlight PTAH as the prototype of "oscar" in Hollywood, in lieu of the recent events calling for a boycott due to the academy's racist history.

* Considering the fact that babylon (the western world) has an inquestionable and proven record of plagerizing InI historical figures, I justifyably referred to this long time practice, and to their Oscar as "Johnny Come Lately", since PTAH of course, predates him by thousands of years.

* That term caused offence and was interpretated as me being racist, divisive and derogatory. I then proceeded to explain and used the term "last child of Creation" in reference to Europeans.

* The bredren apparently took offence to this too, and gave the following reactionary response:

"People from Europe have been on earth as long as any African, and have a history as long as any African"

* I then proceeded to explain that this is of course, historically and genetically incorrect. I referenced Lucy and ALL humanity as the CHILDREN of the original Afrikan man and woman.

* This was interpretated as me being racist, divisive and not Rasta, and somehow got twisted into me refering to europeans as "subhuman". The bredren then felt it necessary to post HIM speeches, in the effort to prove that InI Afrikan experience and reality doesn't fit in with RasTafari. And as usual...selectively and/or conveniently ignore the crucial "UNTIL THAT DAY" part.


* As I'm sure that every Afrikan Rasta here can attest to: this is a typical and predictable response by white Rastas. One that we have heard many many times. We have been countering this whitewashing of InI history and reality for far too long. And yet, we patiently explain...over and over and over and over and over again the same old thing, which frankly, had become terribly tiresome and frustrating. Even the most "black heart" white Rastas are blinded by white skin privilege and cannot, or will not, humble themselves in the face of Afrikan realities. THEY DO NOT HEAR US. They do not hear us!!! So I figured perhaps the SAME message, this time expressed by a next white Rasta would be essuer to accept and spark some much needed inner reflection.


"Here is a statement that denies Rastafari as a black movement, that adheres to some naïve 'love sees no color' nonsense, and more, that suggests that the problem with the 'rastafari movement' is those darned blacks! Is it racist to accuse blacks of racial bigotry who get no consolation out of the idea of one big beautiful raceless world? As I and others here have said, there is no skipping steps. History must be acknowledged and accounted for, and then and only then can it be reconciled. It is a racist move to suggest that the only thing standing in the way of a perfect world is the stubborn insistence by blacks that whites face reality...

...WELL YES that's the problem. Most White Rastas refuse to truly deal with the fact of race, let alone with racism. his is the result of UNCONSCIOUS PRIVILEGE.


InI extend much love and RAspect unto this conscious white sistren and her very clear and empathetic INNERstanding and word sound, JAH KNOW!

Aside from this exception to the rule...





Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/23/2016 10:00:33 AM

I'm going to be raw (not to be confused with "racist") in my response, as I've grown RIGHTFULLY weary of extending patience and diplomacy in the face of this "gee wiz" attitude towards the Black experience. Tired of us lion/esses having to pussy-foot around european sensitivities...tired of stroking white arrogance and ignorance....cha!

Do you realize what the reactions from many white rastas (GENERALLY SPEAKING) sounds like to InI? What InI REALLY hear?

"I can tell by all your African liberation talk, and Kemet stuff, your "scientific" melanin thing, and all your anti bible and anti jeeeezuz rants, that you really don't know HIM. Because I can quote His speeches and glorify in the same bible, I am now an authority on Rasta. All that other black stuff doesn't add any substance, is derogatory and a distraction"

"You pan africans are being reverse racists!"

"All that black talk is so angry and 'not Rasta'...coz HIM said loved all people and HIM said ..."

"Using the term 'Johnny come lately' or "last child of creation" in referring to europeans in human chronological terms is SAME levels of wickedness and RACISM as that of your colonizers"

"Ohhh...I'm not no! Not I! I've been to Jamaica and met some of the elders (some if my best friends are black!) now I can speak for Rasta and to Rasta about who HIM is and set those angry natives straight when they start gettin too angry...too black...coz hey, HIM said..."

"Can't we all just get along"

"You blacks can't blame ME for what white people did way back then! I wasn't there! I didn't own slaves and hey, my ancestors suffered too!"

"Even though I benefit from white skin privilege, now that I wear locs and praise HIM, I overstand discrimination, racism and the black experience. In fact, i can even teach you what Rasta is and blaze fiyah when you start all that black racist stuff"

"Now let's get back to what Rasta is really all about, let's all gey together and feel alright...sing One Love... forget all that African talk! Let us praise the Lord Jesus and glorify in the bible and be 'Real Rastas"

Ya nah see it? TA RHAATID!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/23/2016 10:19:07 PM

Again, your talking about things that I don't have an issue with.

I statement about Inity and Love amongst all people, was a direct response to Voodooruuts Reasoning. African people not wanting Inity with Europeans is not I issue. I issue is with the derogatory comments like caveman, barbarian, pale and sickly child, devil, evil, destroyer of life, mutant created by a mad scientist, genetically inferior, mentally inferior, murderous, violent by nature, genocidal by nature, anti-family, anti-community, incapable of spirituality, etc.

Regarding what I said about Inity amongst all people. Inity is something I agree with and I will Itinue to speak about the things I agree with, especially things that Haile Selassie I is also in agreement with.

Don't mistake I promotion of Inity amongst all people as a request or desire for anybody on the forum who doesn't want Inity to change their mind. I know enough African RasTafarI people who Trod in Inity with Righteous people of any race and don't look down on people of other races. I am well satisfied with the RasTafarI Idrens and Sistrens Haile Selassie I has introduced in I Life, and have no desire to persuade somebody to deal with Inity toward I. If a person is to Trod in Inity with I, then they will Trod in Inity with I, they won't need any persuasion.

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